By Authoress Succy

Chapter 141

“Just do as I say or else your loved ones will be in trouble, and I give you five hours to do what I have told you, and don’t involve the police.

I have my men watching you right now,” He said, and the call ended immediately.

He yelled angrily and roughly ran his hand through his hair.

“You are going to pay for this, you son of a j.erk,” He yelled.


“Stop the car,” He yelled, and immediately the car stopped. He walked out of the car while the driver just looked at him confused.

“Sir, is anything wrong?” His guards came out of the car, following him.

He looked around trying to see if there was anyone staring at them.

He knew his men were behind, so he was going to try to be careful.

“Hmmm, Matt, go to the police station and report that there are hostages in Mr. Parker’s house. I will deal with this myself. Okay,” He said, and walked away.

“Let’s go,” They entered the car and drove off.

Evelyn grabbed hold of Charlotte’s hand, and they both leaned on each other in fear.

“How dare you come into my home and point a gun at my head. Do you know who I am?” Mr. Parker yelled.

Tom smirked and sat on the chair with his legs placed on the table.

“You are just like your son. So proud, stubborn, and refuse to accept defeat.

Now I know where your son gets those bad characteristics from. Huh?” Mr. Tom said, and Mr. Parker glared at him.

He turned to Evelyn, who was shivering in fear. He walked towards her and grabbed hold of her hair.

“Let me go,” Evelyn yelled in pain, trying to break free from his hold.

“Let her go. You are hurting her,” Charlotte said.

“Shut your mouth,” one of the men yelled.

“You know you are the reason why we are here,” He pulled her to the ground, making her groan in pain.

“I don’t know what that man sees in you, but seriously, you are damn lucky to meet such a good girl, but your dad will never make it out of prison,” Tom said, and Evelyn frowned, not understanding what he meant.

Or could it be that was what Martin was hiding from me? She thought, glaring at him.

“Just so you know, I am the man who framed your dad.,” He said, and Evelyn’s eyes widened.

“What…what,” She stuttered.

“Oh yeah. Your boyfriend knew about it. He was trying to help your dad out of prison.

He is such a sweet boyfriend, huh? He said walking towards her, and she gulped down in fear.

“Such a scared puppy. I am not going touch you now, but those men will if your boyfriend doesn’t do as I told him,”

“Oh really now. So you think Martin is going to let you control him.

I am sure he is finding a way to bring you down,” Evelyn yelled, and Tom frowned angrily.

“You have such hope in your boyfriend. Then keep hoping,” He said.

“Boss, Martin is here,” One of his men said, running toward him.

“Walk him in, and make sure he is unarmed,” Tom said.

Almost immediately, the door opened, and Martin walked in.

“Oh well, well, here comes Martin,” Tom said as he walked in, and they both glared at each other.


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