” What’s a minor doing in a club? ” Arnold scolded

” Minor?” Vespertine grimaced, shaking his head

He found himself a seat while the others stare at him in confusion

” Cerlia, I think you should go now.. we need to attend to this kid..” Arnold said pulling Cerlia out of the club

He ( Arnold ) walked back into the club with the hope that Raphael would have been sitting and talking business with Vespertine but to his surprise, Raphael didn’t leave where he stood at the counter


” He’s strong headed, no one can convince him ” he muttered staring at Raphael before turning to vespertine

” Anyway, I’m vespertine Moreno a student of VICK’S HIGH and the only brother to Godiva Moreno, the psychó” he introduced himself again and Arnold gasped

” Godiva? Wow !!” He smiled

He has been hearing of Godiva but he couldn’t believe he was seeing her favorite brother face to face

” Anyway I’m Arnold and my best friend there is Raphael..” pepper said and vespertine nodded, turning to Raphael

” Will you keep pretending I don’t exist ? I’m invisible? ” He asked

Raphael stopped what he was doing and stared at him shortly

” You should be in school kid..” he said

” I’m not a kid.. I’m 18!!!!” He screamed mentally but suddenly burst into laughter

” Gawd, he’s getting on my nerves ” he said beneath his breath as he laughed

He needed to make Raphael agree so he didn’t want to say things that’ll make him mad

” Yeah, I know I’m supposed to be in school but I came here because I really need your help” he said calmly

” Please Arnold, can I talk to him alone ?” He asked

” Yeah, no pro…

” I’m done pepper, see you in the evening.. ” Raphael cut in then stare at vespertine

” You should go to school cos there’s nothing you’re gonna tell me that will make me change my mind..” he said and made his way out of the Club

Vespertine followed behind and pulled him back swiftly

He has become so cold after his breakup with Cerlia

” Should I go on my knees for you to know how serious I am?” Vespertine asked

” Is there something you both are planning? Why can’t you just employ someone else? Why should it be someone who isn’t interested in the job?” Raphael asked

” I know it might sound stupid but you alone is fit for the job..” he replied and Raphael raised a brow at him

” I’m dead serious here, I can explain if you want an explanation..” he added

Raphael sighed and started walking away

” Hey, I’m serious dude” Vespertine said, going after him


” Will you keep ignoring me?” Vespertine ranted as they got to Raphael’s home

” Aren’t you tired kid?”

” I am but I really need you to do me this favor.. ” vespertine replied, entering the house with Raphael.

Raphael entered his room to change his clothes and he (Vespertine) followed behind. He entered the bathroom and Vespertine followed. He left the room minutes later and Vespertine followed still

” Are you seriously gonna keep following me about?” Raphael asked and he nodded

He shook his head at Vespertine’s childishness before settling on the dinning and Vespertine did same

” Wanna join me??” Raphael asked and he nodded..

” I don’t mind, if it’s gonna change your mind.. ” he said and made to take the plate of food but Raphael pulled it away from him

” Don’t eat because you want a favor from me cos I’m not gonna give in, eat because you came here uninvited, eat because you’re a stranger I don’t know..” Raphael said

” Wow.. ” Vespertine exclaimed already angry

” How can a guy like him cure her? ” He scoffed

“I should eat first” he said taking the food from Raphael and eating from it..

Raphael shook his head at him but didn’t say anything else




Godiva made to enter the huge building when someone suddenly grabbed her hands from behind. She turned around only to see Davis

” Davis?” She called removing her hands from his.

” I told you not to show me your face didn’t I?” She asked, her hands at akimbo

” I’m sorry diva, sorry about that day..” he said and she laughed

” You’re sorry? Why are you sorry? Why are you apologizing to me when I don’t even know you or have any relationship with you? Are you perhaps drunk?” She asked

” I..

” If you’re truly sorry, then go beg the guy whom you hurt.. and know this, I really don’t care about how you live your life, so stop coming here if you don’t want me to push you down this building..” she said meanly and walked away



Vespertine burped loudly after gulping down the glass of fruit juice

” Fk, that was good..” he smiled, dropping the glass before turning to Raphael

” So as we were sayi….. Raphael walked out on him before he could complete his statement

He stood up too and followed him to the kitchen

” Why are strange people coming to me this days? First it was Alora and then, what’s the psychó’s name again?… he trailed off

” Wait, Lora was here? Did she come to talk to you about diva too?” Vespertine asked but he didn’t reply

” Anyway, please think about what I just said, my sister really needs you in her life..” he added

” Why would she need me in her life? ” Raphael asked leaving the kitchen and he followed too

Vespertine kept mute for a while before heaving a sigh

” The truth is my sister Godiva , is suffering from an ailment which I think you’ve seen while in the woods with her”

” Yeah and I got sI.apped for being of help..” Raphael said

” I apologise.. she’s kinda sick in the head most time but I really need you to help her cure her ailment”

” Do I look like a physician? You should take her to the hospital if you need help”

” Can you just stop interrupting and let me finish” Vespertine said already frustrated

” She’s allergic to perfume though she’s a master perfumer. It happens that she returned back to her normal self without her syringe when you were with her back in that abandoned house..”

” She should close down her companies then.. who plays with their lives ? See boy, I’ve heard you well but I don’t agree to this..”

” Then I’m not leaving ”

” You’re free to stay ” Raphael said and walked into the room while Vespertine walked to the small couch in his sitting room and laid on it.

He was not gonna leave if he didn’t accept his offer..


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