(Be Careful With My Heart…)


” I need to go somewhere so please you need to leave..” Raphael said, standing from the bed

” And… where is that?” Alora asked and he exhaled

” To see my girlfriend, she sounded sick yesterday. If you wanna take your bath, just enter there everything is set already ” he pointed at the bathroom

” And about your clothes…. ” he trailed off

” you and Cerlia should be of the same stature so you can just wear one of her clothes in the wardrobe cos I’m sure you wouldn’t wanna wear the same clothes after ruining it with alcohol ”

” I’ll excuse myself..” Raphael said and with that he left the room.

” He’s cute ” Alora chuckled at his attitude before proceeding to the bathroom

She was done minutes later and got the dress from the wardrobe


” Wow, it fits perfectly. It looks new too ” she smiled again checking herself out for the last time before walking out of the room.

She meet Raphael already setting the table for breakfast and a smile escaped her lips

” You made all this?” She asked while he nodded

” Wow, I’m salivating!! ” she exclaimed sitting down

” You…. Raphael’s phone beeped before he could complete his words

He picked up his phone and his eyes went wide when he read the message


It was a message from Cerlia

? What are you talking about? He asked over the phone while Alora just stare at him confused

? I don’t know raph, I fell from the stairs this morning and was bI.eeding profusely… The doctor said, I lost our child Raphael..” she cried loudly

? You know what? Don’t worry, I’ll get to you right away..

He ended the call and turned to Alora

” Your car is at mola club, my friend got it for you…. Just eat and leave okay? ” He said and rushed out of the house

” He must really care for his girlfriend.. ” Alora sighed, picking on her food


Raphael pulled Cerlia into a tight hug as she wept on his shoulder. She couldn’t bring herself to tell him the truth and that hurts her alot

” It’s fine love, I understand and I’m not blaming you okay? I just want you to be okay and healthy.. ” he stroked her hair gently.

She pulled out of the hug and stared at him

” Thanks for being there for me even when I’m not a perfect girlfriend..” she smiled sadly at him

” Stop saying that, I’m the lucky one here. I’m lucky I have you” he replied, hugging her again.

” I’ll get you something to eat” he said but she shook her head

” I’m fine, let’s stay this way ” She said, snuggling closer to him while he held her to himself




Trisha walked into the class with a small bag in her hands. She brushed a strand of her hair behind her ears before walking over to Vespertine who was busy playing games on his phone

” Your eyes, they are swollen..” she said sitting next to him

” Yeah, I couldn’t get enough sleep last night” he sighed, stopping the game he was playing

” You have something to tell me?” He asked, looking at her

” I got you this..” she stretched the small bag towards him while he stared at her.

” What’s this? ” He asked with narrowed brows

” Let’s say it’s a gift..” she smiled and he collected it.

He opened it and his eyes met with a note. Trisha made to stand but he held her back

He opened the note and glanced through it

” Trisha.. ” he called after a while

” I think I should tell you this now. I don’t mean to make you feel heartbroken but I can’t reciprocate this feeling you have for me, they aren’t mutual. Please don’t ask me why cos I can’t even start explaining, I’m sorry ” he said and she blinked, trying to stop her tears from falling

” Gosh Vesper, you should have at least said this tommorow and not instantly..” She laughed instead as she stood up on her feet

” Just pretend this didn’t happen ” she sniffed before walking to her seat.

Jerry just stared at Vespertine even though he didn’t hear them but he could tell what happened

” You’re just too dumb, I told you he was never gonna fall for you..” Hannah scoffed at Trisha before going to her seat

” Will he do the same to me?” She wondered staring at Vespertine who kept the small bag in his locker



” Sister!!” Alora called, entering the house with a broad smile

” SISTER!!” She called again, taking the stairs

She entered Godiva’s room and….

” ARGHH!!! ” she screamed after seeing the bedspread and that woke Godiva from her beauty sleep

” Who is that abandoned dog?” Godiva yelled staring at Lora who still look scared

” Fk Lora, what is it? It’s just 11am so why are you disturbing my sleep? ” She grumbled, trying to sleep some more

” I thought I was gonna be spending my time in your room but h’ll NO !! ” Alora said, glaring at the bedspread

” Then I should be glad I got the bedspread, I don’t want pest like you in my room ”

” What? Me? Pest? ” Alora asked unbelievably

” How is the company over there in Mexico?” Godiva asked

” If you really wanna know maybe you should go there yourself, I’m out of here ” Alora snapped before walking out of the room

” Another pest. No one from my family is normal ” Godiva sigh stepping out of bed.

” She ruined my sleep ” She stretched, leaving her room to the sitting room

She wasn’t going to work since it was her day off.

She looked around the sitting room but couldn’t find Lora

” Was she serious? ” She wondered.

” Good morning Diva..” Lydia greeted

” Yeah, morning. Alora, did she leave already?” She asked and Lydia shook her head

” She’s in the guest room..” Lydia replied

” Thanks ” Godiva said, going back to her room

” That crazy bch, I thought she really left..” She sighed, entering her bathroom

Alora couldn’t stop smiling as she rolled on the bed. Thinking about Raphael made her happy but she immediately frown when she remembered Mike

” That id!ot..” she cvrsed balling her fist


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