(Be Careful With My Heart… )


Godiva sat on the floor in the sitting room as she watched her favorite show- Horror movies

She made to laugh but someone covered her mouth from behind, before sitting next to her on the floor

She tilted her head to see who it was and she quickly slap his hands away

” What do you think you’re doing?” She frowned

“Trying to stop you from disturbing my sleep.. I’m sensitive to noise, hope you get my point?” Raphael said and stood up.

Alora sniffed as she watched them from the stairs


” So it’s her? I should be fine then..” She smiled painfully before walking to her room

“‘You shouldn’t be watching stuffs like this.. ” Raphael grimaced staring at the TV

” Our deal isn’t active yet so you can’t boss me around..” She replied nonchalantly and immediately, a loud laugh was heard from her..

Raphael didn’t expect it so he staggered, frightened

He stared at her with a frown before walking towards the TV and switching it off

” This isn’t ight, It’s midnight for heaven’s sake ”

“Screw the heavens.. ” she replied and stood on her feet..

She made to turn on the tv but he wouldn’t let her

” Outta my way, I need to turn that thing on..” she said but he didn’t budge

“Leave while I’m still being nice.. “she folded her hands but he still wouldn’t listen

She smirk and raised her Iegs up between his inguen, kcking his dk

” Oh, fk ” he groan painfully, holding his dk

“I told you to leave but you wouldn’t listen ” she said and walked into her room

“Dmn it..” he cvrsed lowly dragging his legs to his room




Vespertine sat down at the dining munching on his cereal and checking the time at intervals.. He didn’t want to go to school late cos he had promised to make Jerry cry

Raphael left his room all dressed too

” Going somewhere?” Vespertine asked

” Yeah, paying my grandparents a visit. It’s been a while..” he smiled

” Tell Godiva I’ll be meeting her at the company later and we’ll commence the deal” he added and left the house

” What deal? ” He Wondered

He was done with breakfast in no time and was ready to leave when Godiva left her room, all dressed for work

” Hey, Raphael left already. He said he’ll be coming over to the company for the deal.. ” Vespertine said and she scoffed

“Deal? Let’s see what he’s got.. ” She smirked walking to a couch and sitting down on it while the maids cleaned her room

Alora left her room too, smiling brightly

” What’s with the creepy smile?” Vespertine grimaced

“Anyway bye…” He waved and left the house

” I’ll be heading back to Mexico today, it’s been a while ” Alora said sitting next to Godiva on the couch

” Did something happened over there? Should I come along?” Godiva asked concernedly

“Why are you suddenly leaving? Did I make you mad somehow?” She asked and Alora chuckled

“The company might go bankrupt at this rate if I keep staying here..” She replied and Godiva gave her a confused look

” Then what about Raphael? Aren’t you gonna tell him how you feel?”

“I won’t.. I haven’t gotten over my last Break up with Mike and I guess he’s still isn’t over his either, I don’t want him to keep seeing me as a pest..” She smiled sadly and Godiva hugged her

” Hope you aren’t Leaving tomorrow or the day after?”

“I’m leaving now..” she said and Godiva broke the hug

“Now? Something isn’t right Lora.. talk to me, what happened?” She asked but all Alora did was smile

” I’ll miss you..” she said instead

” Are you crazy? you aren’t permitted to leave.. If you’re going because of the company then stay.. it can go bankrupt for all I care.

There are almost ten more with fifteen different branches all over right? So one company going bankrupt isn’t much of a loss” Godiva said and she smiled

She pulled Godiva into a hug again before standing.. she went into her room and got her luggages. She was fully prepared to leave

“Wait.. you’re leaving for real?” Godiva asked surprised and she nodded

” Then, go alone.. I’m not seeing you off.. ” she said angrily, walking into her room while Alora heave a sigh, yet she didn’t stop..

She dragged her luggage out of the house, entered her car and drove off

” She really left..” Godiva said lowly, watching from her window..




Vespertine alighted from his car and sticked his hands into his pocket

? Oh my.. it’s been three days I saw him

? Yeah, he’s still very much handsome gawd

The girls murmured as he walked..

He sighted gift and he smiled

” Gift.. ” he called and she stopped walking

She looked at his direction and a smile escaped her lips

” Hi..” She said, going to meet him

” Mind taking a walk with me?” He asked and she nodded with a smile..

He held her, pulling her into an unexpected hug and a gasp escape her mouth along with those watching

” I’ve missed you, can’t believe my heart kept beating fast at the thought of you..” he said and her heart skipped beats

She had liked him since her first arrival but he kept distancing himself from her which made her sad but hearing him right now, made her Happy somehow

Jerry walked to them then pulled Gift away from him

Vespertine smirked and leaned closer to Jerry

” Come to the class behind the lab during closing hours, I’ll show you something shocking ” he smirked but a pvnch landed on his face

He didn’t bother to return the pvnch, he just smiled

” I can see you’re scared already.. see you after school..” He smiled and turn to Gift.

He winked at her before walking to class

? Vesper really didn’t pvnch Jerry back?

? Why’s he a saint all of a sudden?

Jerry held Gift’s hands

” Let’s go to class..” he said and she nodded following him behind.


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