Raphael’s eyes almost left their socket, Alora wasn’t an exception too. The face she couldn’t forget at all, her worst nightmare!

Godiva found her face familiar but couldn’t remember where she had seen the face

” Wendy?” Raphael called shockingly and that seem to trigger Godiva’s memory

Wendy? The girl who loved bvllying her back in highschool?’

” It’s been a while Raph…” Wendy walked to him..

PSYCHÓ B£AUTY : CHAPTER 81 – THE END.Thingscouplesdo

She made to pull him into a hug but he pushed her off before she could come closer

” I’m used to this anyway.. ” She smiled and looked at Alora

” Sorry I got you involved but you deserve it though..” she laughed while Godiva walked to her and sI.ap her hard across the face

” I thought you changed all this while, no wonder you’re still being a loser.. ” Godiva said and a sI.ap landed on her cheek too sending her to the ground

” Change? You took Raphael from me you wtch! I was the one who sent Micheal to cerlia so he could separate them and he did a great job.. he liked you but you had to choose Raphael..” Wendy laughed..

” I can’t watch that happen so I needed to remove you from the way to have him”

” And that’s why I couldn’t continue dating you Wendy cos you refused to change!

You were being too toxic and wouldn’t listen to me no matter how I talk to you! I had to leave..

I had to let go of a girl who think too big of herself and wouldn’t want to be corrected!!” Raphael shouted and she laughed briefly

” Toxic? Did you forget? She’s toxic too, she has no manners but you could endure her and not me?” She laughed again like a mad person

” If I can’t get you then no one else will.. ” She laughed and Jerome entered the room..

Alora’s eyes almost fell to the ground when she saw him

” Mike? ” She called surprised

” Yes girlfriend..” he winked .

” Mike.. why? ” Lora cried

” Stop pretending to be a saint when you aren’t clean too” Wendy snapped and Alora’s heart skipped beats

” Boys.. ” Wendy called, ” tie them up ” she said and some group of boys walked in with metal rod in their hands.

” Wendy Stop this nonsense will you? You want me right? Then let them go.. ” Raphael said and she laughed

” It’s too late sweetheart, I can’t spare them and even if I do that, they won’t just leave cos I’m very sure they’ll come back to kll me, so it’s best I end everthing here my self.. ” she said

” Then you’ll have me to deal with first ” Raphael said and she frown for a while before smiling

” No problem Love ” She smiled, signaling to the boys to attack

Raphael started fghting the boys while Godiva ran over to Alora, helping her untie the ropes on her body..

A knlfe was thrown at Raphael but before he could duck it, it penetrated his stomach and he fell on a knee.

He groan as he managed to stand but one of the guys h!t the knlfe again making it go deeper into his stomach

He twisted the knlfe in Raphael’s belly and he groaned in pained

” Raphael..” Godiva ran to him and and pushed the guy off before holding him ( Raphael )

” You bs.tards..” she looked at the guys with deadly glares but a bottle of perfume was poured on her body instead and her eyes went wide.


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