SCARLETS SEASON 2: Episode 11-20


(Surely you can’t be mine)


(Jealous girlfriend)

Season two episode 20

?Aurora’s POV?


Oh my g0sh!
Valentina and Dian? I don’t really know what to think anymore.

D@mn that peck, I walk towards a waiter and grab a glass of wine from the roller.

“Are you okay? Bobby asked as he took the glass from me.

“Yea, I’m good when is it starting? I asked as he sip his drink.
“Let’s go and sit with the boys, Dian will be performing his solo song soon.” He said and dragged me to the extreme.
There are lots of celebrities here tonight, lots of them that I feel really nervous to be here.

I feel like I shouldnt be here.

“Aurora how is it going for you? Min ho asked.

“Good Oppa, I’m enjoying myself really.”(no I’m not!)

He nodded and we concentrate on the stage.
The light goes off and Dian enters the stage with some dancers that I’ve never see before.
I guess we never really talk more about his family. I font know anything about his mom or dad nor Hazel.

I feel like I don’t know him at all, all I know is his Dian the leader of Scarlets and a popular celebrity. My boyfriend, secret one really.

I’ve never ask him all that instead I let my jealousy take the best part of me and soon when he sees me as a clingy girlfriend he will leave me right?

The thought of that send goosebumps on my body.
I can’t bear it if Dian leaves me,no I can’t I will…. I’ll just lose it.

I look over at his moving figure on the stage and smile, he look like a human god up there.
I can’t just believe that this man is mine.

“Are you okay? Bobby whispered into my ear and I nodded.
My concentration went back to the stage and my heart skipped when he started searching around the crowd.

Who is he looking for?

His eyes met mine and I’ve never felt that confident before.
All I see in his eyes are reassurance, he is reassuring me that he’s mine and I can’t be more happier.

After gracing the stage for the night the main occasion started.

“Hmm, I’ll be back I need to use the ladies room.” I whispered to Bobby and he nodded.

I find my way around the crowd and successfully got out.
I walk along the corridor and started searching for the bathroom.

“Are you okay? A voice asked behind me and I swiftly turned.
It was Dian, he is already wearing a completely different cloth.

“Yea, I’m fine just having difficulties on finding the bathroom.” I said and tear my eyes away from his eyes.

“You know that she’s my childhood friend right? He asked.
Who is he talking about?

“Who? I asked before remembering Valentina.
“Oh yea I know.” I replied flatly.

“You don’t have to feel insecure about her, she is cra.zy and doesn’t care to show it if you’re her fan you must know this.” He said and I nods.

He is right.
Valentina is one cr.azy actress and she doesn’t forget to show it in her interviews or acting.

I look at him and chuckled.
“So she does that in front of Mabel every time? I asked bitterly. My jealous spirit is showing again.

“I told you before babe, she is crazy, stop thinking about her okay? He said as he c@ress my cheek softly.
I closed my eyes and lean into his touch.

“Why don’t you go ahead while I dort myself out? You might miss something important.” I suggested while looking down at my toes.

“You’re one of the most important person in my life babe, every other thing can wait ” he said and I giggled.

That is sweet right? I feel loved.

After much pestering he left and I also locate the bathroom.
After using the bathroom I walk along the corridor down to the hall.

“Well, here you are Aurora.” Nora said as we bumped into each other.

“Oh hi Nora.” I greeted calmly.
She look so beautiful, dark curly hair pack in a ponytail, a black pencil long gown with a little opening at the front and also a opening at the right kneel downwards.

With her high stiletto heels. She look absolutely beautiful.

“Okay now stop checking me out.” He said and giggled.

“You look beautiful Nora, I love your outfit.” I sincerely said.

“Awwn, thank you Aurora so what are you doing here? She asked closing our formal topic.
“Went to the bathroom real quick ” I said and chuckled at the way I said it.

“So you’re coming to school tomorrow? Final exam starts tomorrow.” She said and I nodded.
Haven’t read my books though, God this guys are corrupting my mind.

“It was so nice to see you here sweetheart, but sadly I’ve got to go before my crews started getting worried.” She said and peck my cheek.

“See you at school tomorrow.” She added and turned on her heels as she walk away.

How can someone be rich, successful and popular still nice?
I’ve never thought that a celebrity can just take a likeness on me without any reason, female celebrities to be precise.

She is a darling.

I keep smiling to myself as I find my way towards the boys.

“What took you so long? Bobby asked.

“Ran into a friend.” I said and they all turn to look at me including Mabel and Dian.

“A friend? In this hall? What a joke ” she said mockingly.

“Nora if sweet dreamers is my friend.” I said and the guys eyes widen.


“What is what? I asked confused at their outburst while Mabel just glare at me.

“Cool it guys, concentrate we will sort them is out later Aurora.” Dian said calmly and face the award chairman.

What idle going on with them? Can’t I be friends with Nora because of there silly excuses that I don’t even know?



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