SCARLETS SEASON 2: Episode 11-20


(Surely you can’t be mine)


(Red carpet)

Season two episode 16

?Aurora’s POV?

When I saw her coming i knew things will turn out like this.
She kssed him, she touched him, I don’t really know how it all felt because Dian just let her.

He didn’t say shit, i quickly left the balcony and bump into Liam.
“Are you okay Aurora? He asked and I nodded.

I made to pass him but he grabbed me by my wrist and pull me back into his che$t.
My tears flow freely on him.

“If it is what I’m thinking then you should have known by now that Dian doesn’t love her.” He muttered as he stroke my hair.

“What…do you mean? I asked as I stood up straight.

“I’m not a fool Aurora, I knew that something is going on between you two but when will you both tell us about it? He asked with all seriousness.

“I’m sorry Liam, I knew that what were doing is wrong and that is why I couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone about it.” I said and look at my slippers.

“He have a fiance Liam, what were doing is so wrong but feels right at the same time.” I muttered and he chuckled.

“That shows how much in love you both are with each other.” He said and I glance at him.

“I support your relationship, seeing Dian happy again after Hazel’s death has been my wish for so long.” He said and I shifted a little.

“Who is Hazel? I asked.
Oh I know she is Dian’s sister but why isn’t anyone saying what happened to her?

“Dian sister, his only sister actually. He loved her with everything. He cherished her. She was Asher’s girlfriend before she died.” He said and chuckled sadly.

“Dian will kick me in my balls if he find out that I even mention her to you, I guess I’ve said more than enough already.” He said and smile at me before walking pass me.

I left him at the balcony and headed inside the house, I saw Mabel placing her legs on Dian’s lap.

Since he have a visitor I should go check if he need anything, he looks unconcerned about it anyways.

“Excuse me Sir, I just came to ask if you need anything else.” I said calmly.

Mabel looked at me with disgust, I’m like a piece of shit in front of her.
She is beautiful, rich and popular what else could she ask for with a popular fiance.

But I am nothing compare to her.

“You’re still here? She is still here? She Asked Dian.

“Well, it is her job anyway.” He said nonchalantly.
Why do I feel hurt by what he said?

“There is no way I’ll let her stay here babe, come on she us a girl who pretended to be a guy for a purpose best known to her.” She said angrily.

“If you don’t want to fire her, I’ll have to ask for Director Chu’s help.” She added and sat back in her seat.

“You can go now Aurora, please tell Mrs Russell to make chocolate chip cookies for me.” He said and I nodded.
I took a quick glance at him when Mabel look away and he mouthed.

“I’ll be in your room.”

I quickly left the place and walk back inside the house.

How can we be in a relationship but scared to voice it out?
I don’t think I can do this.

“Hey Mrs Russell, sir Dian said you should make him chocolate chip cookies.”I said to her before climbing upstairs to my room.

I bring put my phone from my pocket and try calling Arielle but she wasn’t picking up.

Where could she be?
Work, damn it I forgot.

Dian’s POV

I watch as Aurora left me with Mabel.
She was sad, I can see it in her eyes even though she tried to hide it but I did told her that something of such will happen sooner or later.

I just want her to be patient with me, I want her to be happy because I love her to wanna hurt her.

I just want to take things slow.

“I’ll be back.” I said and stood up.
I walk inside the house and climb up the stairs.
I walk along the long hallway and stopped at Aurora’s door.

It was slightly open so I just it gently be for going in.

She was sitting down on her bed with her phone in her hand as she scroll through it.

“Baby.” I called but there was no response.
I walk closer to her and sat down beside her.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered.
“No you’re not, I don’t know what to do or think Dian, you just let her kss you.” She said angrily.

So my girlfriend is jealous!

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