SCARLETS SEASON 2: Episode 11-20


(Surely you can’t be mine)



Season two episode 13

?Aurora’s POV?

He doesn’t mean that did he?
I mean why do I feel similar to the person he just described?

It just feel familiar.
Anyways I don’t know because this person he just described ain’t Mabel but an unknown secret lover.

So there us someone else?

“Hmm…..I don’t really know. I think yours is somehow complicated because she loves someone else. Damn what am I even saying? I muttered to myself.

“Yea,it’s alright I just wanted to let it out though, not a big deal.” He said and stood up from the bed.
He glance on his watch and chuckled.

“We’ve been talking for the past half hour, its really funny.” He said and chuckled again.
“Oh my g0sh! We’re late for breakfast.” I shouts and grab his hand before I could stop myself and drag him out if the room.

“Let me catch my breath young lady.” He said and I suddenly miss a step at the stairs.

“Careful.” I hear him saw as he grab my waist tightly to himself.
My hand was place around his neck, while my mouth was near the crook of his neck.

My breath itched at the close contact we are having throughout today.

“You should be careful Miss.” He said and I couldn’t help it but smile.
He has been my hero throughout the day.
I feel loved.

“Thank you.” I muttered. I feel his body tense but he release himself.
I stand me on my feet and smile.
He held my hand and drag me downstairs.

We got to the dinning table and the boys were done with breakfast.

“What took you so long Aurora? Min ho asked.

“Just had a small talk with her.” Dian said calmly and walk to his seat.
“I guess it’s just the two of us now.” He whispered to me as the boys stood up from their seat.

“We’re heading to the company, you are coming? Asher asked Dian.

“Yea, I’ll be there after breakfast.” He said and dig in his bacon.

The boys left leaving me alone with Dian. I started feeling uneasy, I don’t really know why I was so nervous when I knew that nothing can happen between us.

“You have been staring for too long? You like what you see? He asked and I glance around in embarrament.

How did he know? He wasn’t even looking.

I cleared my throat and blushed before digging on my bacon too.

He drop his fork and rub his hands together.
“You are going to school today? He asked and I nodded.

“I’m not like you guys, I need to pass my papers this senior year.” I said and he chuckled.

“Passing papers is not by going to school everyday.” He said and look into a space.
“It is whatever.” He added and cracked.

“You haven’t tell me about your parents really, we haven’t talk lots but at least.” He said and I shrugged.

Not now, I’m not going to say anything.

“Let just say my life is complicated just like my family.” I said in a final tone.
I don’t need a long talk about that shit.

He stopped eating and bring out his phone.

“Oh sht.” He muttered and I look in Hus way.

Why is he swearing?

I put some eggs inside his plate and he look up and smile at me before putting back his phone.

“You look beautiful today.” He said and I choked on my food.
I coughs profusely as he gave m water to drink.

He rub my back soothingly.

“What got you choking? He asked and I shook my head.

“Just choke.” I said.

?Dian’s POV?

That cough just got me thinking.
Did she just choke on her food leisurely.

I stood up and walk inside the kitchen, I open the fridge and pour juice in two glasses.

I carried it back to the dinning table.

“Thanks for the juice.” She said and I chuckled.

“It’s nothing.” I replied.

“It is, you are my boss I’m supposed to be serving you instead.” She argue.
I’m not in for arguing this morning.

“Oh yes, whatever.” I said and hear her chuckled.
It sounds like a song to my hearing.

Why is she so intoxicating?
When I grab her at the stairs I barely hold myself back.
Her scent was something that makes me numb for some seconds, I couldn’t think.

The way her breath hit my neck when she thanked me is cr@zy.
All I wanted to do that moment us just to kss her, to sniff I her intoxicating scent.

To tell her how beautiful she is.
How can she have so much power on me?

D@mn it, her laugh does incredible things to me, I can’t stand it anymore.

After eating the food she stood up and started packing the plates.
She got to my seat and started packing mine too.

That scent again!
This is stupid but I don’t think I have any other fk to give.

I grab her hand and drag her down making her seat on my l@p.
She gasp at my act and look shock.

I bring my face near her neck and sniff I her scent.

“Beautiful.” I muttered and smirk.
She must wondering what is going on.

“What….what are you doing? She asked more like a whisper.
How can someone sound so captivating?

“Nothing.” I said and release my grip from her. She stood up and I did the same.

She made to pass but I grab her hand and slammed her back on the nearest wall.

I bring my face near to hers and could hear her breathing heavily.

“Can I kss you? I asked and she stood shock.

“Can’t I even kss you? When you love someone? Sorry but I don’t really care because I want this kss because I love you Aurora, just get that.” I said and slowly bring my lips to hers in a slow passionate kss.

He mouth taste like strawberry. That must be the juice we just drank.

“Dian.” She called in between ksses

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