SCARLETS SEASON 2: Episode 11-20


(Surely you can’t be mine)


(Just us?)

Season two episode 15

?Dian’s POV?

I was so happy when Aurora really said that she love me too, I was the guy she shed tears for.

The guy she love but doesn’t know if he does the same.
I chuckled remembering the way she described me when I asked her about whom she is in love with.

She sucks at descriptions really.
Then when she bring up Mabel I felt bad, really she have every right to ask that question because that is what I’ll do if I was to be in her shoes but the reverse is the case.

The only thing I want to know right now is that we are together and that is enough for me.

It has been a week really that we have been in this secret relationship, Mrs Russell I back and everything went to how it used to be.
The boys don’t even know about my relationship with her, it look weird that I’m dating her and those I consider my family don’t even know.

As much as I want to tell them about it I also don’t want to.
I have to be careful, I can’t risk things by moving too faster than my shadow.

I look behind me as I sat down on a chair beside the pool and saw Aurora looking at my direction but not exactly at me.

Who or what is she staring at?
I followed her gaze gland they landed on Mabel.
She was walking towards me, this is what I don’t want right now. I know that Aurora must be feeling sad.

“Hey babe.” Mabel said and kssed my lip.
I wanted to pish her away but I can’t, when it comes to the media she have the upper hand.

Even though I don’t care what people say but I do care about Aurora’s safety, which is my main priority.

“What are you doing here? I asked as I quickly take a glance at where I first saw Aurora but she was nowhere to be found.

“To see my soon to be husband of course.” She said and took seat beside me.
I scoffed at her blunt reply.

If only I can get rid of her right now I will do it.

Why is it so hard to be with someone I love peacefully?
I brought this upon myself anyway.
If only I didn’t accept to marry Mabel, if only I walk out of that meeting maybe, just maybe this wouldn’t be happening right now.

“You weren’t in school yesterday, dad told me to come prepare you for the red carpet tonight.” She said and my head snapped to her direction.
I totally forgot about tonight.

D@mn it.

“Did you prepare anything? I asked as I stood up from the chair and she did the same thing.
“Yea, I spoke withy designer and yours too so we are ready tonight.” She said and smile at me.

She c@ress my cheek and lean in to kss me again but I back off quickly.

“We are outside Mabel, have some respect for the workers here.” I said between gritted teeth.

“Oh whatever, we can continue inside right?


“Just go, it’s not yet time to dress up.” I said in a dismissal tone but she didn’t move.

“It doesn’t matter, I just want to keep you company. Remember when we went to Chicago for your first shot at our company fashion line? You told me to always keep you company.” She said and smiled to herself.

“That was my drunken self talking.” I sneered.
“Well whatever I have no fuck to give, now can we just sit quietly and discuss like adults? She asked calmly.

To be sincere I’m tired of arguing with her so I think to sit quietly is my best option for now.

I just hope that Aurora doesn’t misunderstand anything.

She place her leg on my l@p and place my hand on her th!gh.

“You know that I love you right? She asked staring at me.
“No you’re not.” I replied and she was a bit taken aback.

“For real? You just said that to me? Your fiance? You know that I fking love you with everything in me Dian.” She said in a hurtful voice.

“Mabel you know that you don’t love me, we both know that.” I said and she removed her legs from my laps.

“Dian…are you for real? You just said this to me?

“Sorry to disturb you Sir but I just want to ask if you need anything.” Aurora said and I stare at her.

She look off.

“You’re still here? Mabel asked her and later face me.
“Baby why is she here? She asked me.

Because she should be here, is that the best answer?
What the fk did I get myself into?

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