15 DAYS WITH MR ARROGANT: Episode 1-10

? 15 Days With
Mr Arrogant ??

Episode 1
Day one

Desha’s POV
Ahh!! I screamed when I stared at the clock….. I couldn’t believe am late to work again

Oh God!

I didn’t bother taking my bath I just put on my clothes… Brush my teeth and rush out of the house

I boarded a cab and soon we arrived at “Golden Pride” where I walked as a waitress

I walked in and meet Mrs Scake’s angry eyes

“Am sorry ma…. I over slept please forgive me”I said to her and rushed inside the kitchen where I changed my clothes

Vivian walked in….. She is my work mate and also my friend

“Hey”she greeted and I turned

“You scared me Vin”I said and she smiled

“Am sorry… Why are you late? She asked and I sighed

“I overslept Vin! I said and she burst into laughter which I totally ignored

Vivian is the most annoying being I have ever seen

Vivian!! Desha!! Can you two quit your morning gossip and walk over here for some minutes please”Mrs Scake voice was heard

Let’s go Vin”I said dragging her outside the kitchen

“Awwuch you are hurting me desha… Your hand is as strong as rock! She cried out

Get lost! I said releasing her and walking over to where Mrs Scake stood

She giggled and followed behind

Ma”we both greeted bowing

Desha.. Vivian come to work earlier tomorrow……. We are expecting Mister Theo tomorrow”She said as I rolled my eyes

“That Arrogant fool”I mumbled under my breath

“Did you said anything desha?

No ma”I replied immediately

You can all go”she dismissed while I walked out to attend to customers


My name is Desha…. 23years old with no family

My parents died so am living and working alone

I don’t know how I look but people do say am way very beautiful

Well am a bit troublesome too and I love it

I hate Mister Theo a 25years old superstar though he’s the city sweetheart buy I fucking don’t like him.

He’s Rude, Arrogant, bossy and grumpy

“Let’s see what I will do to him tomorrrow” I said smirking

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