Episode one

Miriam Edem

“Hey baby girl congratulations! Came flying at all angles and Silvia was feeling fly as she gathered with her friends.
“Thank you girls. Guess what, I just paid for the latest wedding gown and it will shipped in two days time, Silvia said smiling broadly and the girls gasped.

“That very gown you showed us that day? One asked.
“Of course, i told you didn’t I? You’ll see it soon babes, Silvia proudly said as the girls cheered at her but her smiles faded when she saw a faceless figure just standing by the door. She quickly threw what she held screaming and jumped on the sofa very terrified as her friends confusedly looked at her.

“What is it? Her friends asked holding her.
“Can’t you see that? Can’t you see? Silvia replied pointing at the door and they looked but saw nothing.


“Stop making us scared or is this some kind of prank? That’s not funny, Franca angrily replied and the figure disappeared and Silvia screamed out about to run out but they held her as she struggled with them.
“Silvia stop there’s nothing here calm down okay! Eunice shouted holding her down.

“But I saw something, Silvia said shaking and they made her to sit.
“Is this some kind of stress? I heard stress sometimes makes people see things, Franca said.

“Girls you’re not believing me? I know what I saw, Silvia said.
“Its alright just calm down, I’ll get you water to drink, Eunice said and left to get a glass of water while her friends looked at Silvia and breathed out.

When they wanted leaving, Silvia decided to go out with them.
“You’re still scared? Franca asked.
“No I just want to clear my head that’s all, she replied.

“Okay why not spend the night at your parents place? Esther asked.
“No its fine, I’m good, Silvia replied.

“Alright if you say so, Eunice said and they left the house together.
Dropping her friends off, Silvia decided to cool her head off in a bar with some drinks as she thought about what she saw in her house. She heaved knowing she really saw something and wondered what that could be, but a call came on her phone and she smiled seeing it was her boo calling.

“Hello love, she picked up.
“Hey babe, are you okay? Frederick asked.

“Yap, just stressed out, she replied.
“I told you to take it easy on yourself didn’t I? He asked.

“I know but the day is fast approaching right? And there is no one that will plan this day great the way I want apart from myself and when are you coming down? Silvia asked.
“Soon love soon, I just have to clear some stuff here and I’ll come down, he replied.

“Okay, and love I found a beautiful hall for the reception and I think we should pay for it before it will be taken, she said.
“Don’t tell me you’re asking for money again when I just sent you money 2 days ago, Frederick said.

“I know but I used that to order for my dream gown, you know I wanted that right? She asked.
“But babe I’m trying and working hard here to send you all that money and it went for just a gown? He asked.

“Not just for a gown, the whole accessories like the jewelries, shoes and bouquet, she replied.
“Still, that’s too expensive but anyway I’ve heard you, I’ll see what I can do, he said.

“Awwwn thanks love, and hope you’re not angry? She asked.
“Nah just tired with work, and where are you? He asked.

“Oh just sitting somewhere to rest, I’ll head back home soon, she replied.
“Alright, take good care of yourself okay, he said.

“I will and you too, love you, she said.
“Love you too, talk to you later, Frederick said and dropped the call and in that excitement she hurried home forgetting about everything.

Silvia decided to cook for dinner, and in the kitchen she noticed the door opened and closed almost immediately.
“Is there a wind outside? Silvia asked looking at the door and ignored but she heard the door at the sitting room opening. It always gives a sound whenever it opens and she wondered who opened the door when she locked it before entering the kitchen. With the knife in her hand she left the kitchen to check it out but saw the door closed,
“Where is the sound coming from? She asked checking the handle of the door but saw it was locked, then she heard a breaking sound coming from the kitchen.

Great fear gripped her and she tightly held the knife in her hand breathing hard as she slowly approached the kitchen.
She saw a broken plate with the pieces scattered on the floor and she looked round the kitchen but saw nothing,
“What’s going on? She asked and ran out again, opened the door but the outside was clear. She locked the door again and breathed out,
“This is not happening right? She told herself closing her eyes and returned to the kitchen to continue with her cooking.


That night after talking with her boo she decided to have some sleep, she properly locked up everywhere and turned off the lights and laid down.
Few minutes later she heard a dripping sound in her room and she opened her eyes, the sound continued and she wondered if she washed any cloth that should drip water in her room.

She turned on the flashlight of her phone and sat up pointing around her room and the sound stopped, then she left the bed but slipped on something and fell.
“Ouch! She screamed out holding her leg and pointed the light to where she fell but was surprised to see drops of blood there.
“My God! How come bIood? She shouted and quickly turned on the lights to see clearly but nothing was there.

“No no I saw bIood just now where did it go to? She asked and ran out of the room.
“Who’s there! Show your face! Silvia screamed out but the house was dead silent.

She turned on the lights of the sitting room and sat down touching her leg where she fell but she heard the door of her room opening which she quickly stood up,
“Look here Alice, if you think you can scare me then you’re wrong. You’re dead right? Why not stay where you belong! She shouted and the lights went off…….


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