Episode six

Miriam Edem

A howling sound was heard as Silvia whimpered on the floor trying to get up where she was thrown,
“Face me dear, why troubling Silvia? What did she do to you? Or do you take pleasure troubling the weak? Silvia mother asked holding an object boldly.
“So you know? Alice asked.

“I know? Wrong question, I thought you were smart but even in the grave you’re still daft, her mother replied and Alice shadow passed on the wall.
“What did you do? Alice asked.

“What you think Silver did, you’re troubling a wrong person, Her mother replied and the shadow disappeared.
“No don’t go, let’s settle this out stop running! Her mother shouted but suddenly Silvia was raised up by an unknown force and flung on the wall and her mother screamed.

“Alice I said face me! She shouted.
“Sure and I’ll use her and make you suffer until you too confess and tell the world what you did, I’ll surely make you pay! Alice voice echoed that the room shook and Silvia mother ran out calling for help.

“Please help me, my daughter is dying! She shouting hitting the doors of any room she saw and the nurses on duty came running out.

“What happened! A nurse shouted but she simply dragged the nurse hand to the room and they tried turning on the lights but they noticed the bulb was broken.

“What in God name did this? What happened here! A nurse shouted and ran out to bring a torch light and they met Silvia unconscious bleeding on her head again.
“Jesus! Doctor! A nurse screamed out………………


Silvia could not be attended to that night because the doctors were not around, the nurses tried to stop the bleeding and the next morning the doctors arrived very early and Silvia mother held them for a fight,
“You all want to kill my daughter, shouldn’t there be a doctor left to take Care of the patient! You all are very careless! She screamed at him and Frederick arrived immediately.
“What happened? What happened to Silvia? He asked seeing the tension.

“Will you just let me attend to her or you may lost her, the doctor said trying to free himself from her grip.
“If anything happens to my daughter you all will pay! She shouted letting the doctor go and he hurried away.

“Can someone talk to me what happened to her? Frederick asked.
“What do you think happened to her? The ghost of a thing came again and almost killed her if not I was there, if I was not there she would have killed my daughter but thank God her mother was there to protect her! She shouted.

“Now its a ghost? I thought it was an evil spirit, Fredrick said.
“What are you saying? Ghost and evil spirit are they different? She asked.

“What are we going to do about this? What does the spirit says it wants? Let me call my pastor, Frederick said taking his phone but she snatched it away from him.
“What are you doing? You want to expose my daughter to hungry people who will come here spreading lies huh? She asked.

“What are you saying? My pastor is not a hungry man if you’ve not been feeding yours and he can do something about this. I won’t watch my wife die slowly while I do nothing to safe her, he replied.
“And she is my daughter! You think you love her more than I do! She shouted.

“What exactly is your problem ma? I thought we are looking for solution to help Silvia out? Frederick asked.
“Then let me do it, I’ll be back, she replied taking her bag to leave but stopped and faced Frederick who weakly looked at her.

“Stop spreading fears around, nothing is wrong with my daughter and she will be fine, she sternly said and left and Frederick shook his head and sat down not understanding what is going on.

Going out of the hospital she remembered her husband took the car they came with last night and immediately his call came on phone and she picked up,

“Hello good morning, she greeted.
‘Good morning my dear, how’s my daughter? He asked.

“She’s sleeping, I came out to get good for us so dont worry, she replied.
“That’s good, I’ll go to church then and thank God for this good news, the man innocently said and She rolled her eyes.

“Okay bye, she said and dropped the call and quickly stopped an empty cab and told him where she was going to.
“Its a drop because am in a hurry, she said going in.

‘Ahh it will be expensive o, the man said..
“Drive you think I don’t know before? She asked checking her hand bag as the car took off.

As she sat the back, she decided to look at the mirror to adjust her head tie when she saw a different face staring at her. She blinked her eyes and looked around her and looked again in the mirror but saw Alice fiercely looking at her and she screamed and opened the door without thinking and threw herself out on the road as the cab man immediately stopped the car in the middle of the road and ran out.

With the speed the car was driving, she fell and rolled continuously on the road as all the cars suddenly held their brakes trying to dodge her until she hit her head heavily on a stone and laid flat.

“What happened? Everyone asked the driver who stood confused
“I don’t know, I swear I don’t know o, see me o! The driver replied as they quickly took her into the cab and rushed her back to the hospital she was carried from.

Fredrick who was waiting to hear from the doctor concerning Silvia stood up in shock as he saw her mother rolled in a hurry,
“Her pulse is getting weaker, A nurse said as she was hurried in and he stood speechless looking at them.

“Hey what happened! He held a man who happened to be the driver,
“She was in a car with me, but she just opened the door and jumped out just like that, the man replied.

“What do you mean by that? How is that possible? Frederick asked.

“Shey you ask me question I reply you? Me sef dey ask myself how I take enter this kind wahala this early morning, the man angrily replied and Frederick left him and ran after the nurses to know the room she will be taken to…………….


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