Episode two

Miriam Edem

With the way the lights went off, Silvia fell on the sofa struggling with her phone to turn on the flashlight but the curtains began raising up as if there was a great wind outside and the faceless figure appeared again.
“Who…wh…who are you? She stammered slowly climbing on the sofa.
“Do you remember? You should remember me, i should not be that easy to forget right? The figure asked with an echoing voice.

“No! No Leave me alone! I did nothing to you leave me alone, Silvia shouted.
“Silvia! Silvia! Silvia! The voice screamed out and disappeared and Silvia stormed out of the house that night to the street shouting.

The Vigilante on duty that night saw her and held her down,
“What’s wrong? They asked.
“There’s something in my house, please help me there’s something in my house, she shakily replied.

“Okay take us to it, one of the guys said.
“Please I can’t go, it wants to kill me, Silvia said.

“Don’t worry we are here, just take us to it, they said holding her and she slowly took them to her house and they got in but saw nothing.
“Who turned on the light? She asked.

“Was it off? The vigilante asked and she nodded.
“Something turned off the lights, the lights was off when I ran out, she replied.

“What is this something you saw? One asked making her to sit down.
“The person spoke to me but I could not see its face. It wants to kill me, she replied crying and one of the guys who went in to check all the rooms came out.

“There’s nothing inside this house, the guy said and they looked at her.
“I don’t know what you saw but I can assure you that the house is clear same with the environment. Just take your rest, the guy who checked the rooms said.

“Why can’t anyone believe me? there’s something in here! She shouted and bowed her head and the guys breathed out.
“Miss we have to go now, lock up your door and sleep, the guys said and she lifted her head.

“You can’t leave me here! She shouted when they got to the door but they closed it behind them and she stood up looking around touching her forehead, then locked the door.
A screeching sound was heard from outside and she covered her ears and ran to the room and went under the bed crying to herself…………….


The next day the constant ring from her phone woke her up. Silvia totally forget she was under the bed and as she lifted her head she heard a THUM!! sound that cleared the sleep from her eyes.

She hurriedly came out under the bed rubbing her head and wondered what she was doing there, then she picked up the phone that rang again.
“Hello, good morning love, she picked up.

“Hey I’ve been calling and you’re not picking up, are you just waking up? Frederick asked and she cleaned her face and saw the time.
“Its not past 9am right? She asked seeing the time.

“Of course it past 9am, he replied.
“Sht! I’ll call you back I have to hurry, she said dropping the call and ran to the bathroom to clean up but noticed there was no water.

“You must be kidding me! She shouted and ran out with a bucket to get water but noticed the door could not open. It was locked but she could not find the key,
“Where did I keep it? She asked looking around and tried to remember where she threw it last night after she locked up.


After some minutes she frustratedly ran to her room and called her boss and after 2 rings he picked up,
“I am sure you have a good excuse for your absence today. Do you realize its a Monday! Her boss shouted and she closed her eyes.
“I understand sir and I am very sorry. Something came up please pardon me, she replied.

“Pardon you? I need you here in the next ten minutes! Her boss shouted and dropped the call.
“10 minutes? Hey! Key where are you please? She cried and went down the bed to look for it but could not find it. She ran out again searching under the sofa, then ran to the kitchen looking for it there and ran back to the sitting room very confused but saw the key on the center table.

She cleaned her eyes and slowly picked it up with her mouth opened looking around and tried it on the door and it got open. She breathed out and ran back to her room pouring in all the sachet water that was at home into the bucket and ran in to shower and rushed out of the house tattered to work..

“Silvia are you okay? A colleague asked but she nodded as she hurried to go see her boss.
“But….. “Not now please, Silvia cuts in and knocked on her boss office and opened up.

“I told you 10 minutes and you gave yourself extra 30 minutes right? Her boss asked not looking at her.
“I am very sorry sir it was not intentional, she replied.

“Just go, and if this repeats itself again, you know what that means, her boss said.
“Thank you sir, thank you, she said bowing her head.

“And don’t forget the meeting we are having today, her boss added.
“Sure sir, she said and left his office to her seat and breathed out.

“Did you look at yourself before leaving the house? A different colleague asked but she could not answer.
“Babe you have two different colours of shoes on your legs, that’s a weird fashion you know, Another colleague said laughing and she looked down to see she wore different shoes and she heaved taking off her wig and called up Franca.

“Hey what’s up? Franca picked up.
“Not good, where are you? Silvia asked.

“Home why? Franca asked.
“Please can you bring your pair of shoes for me? I wore two different heels to work today and please bring a brush as you’re coming also, My wig is a big mess, Silvia replied and Franca scoffed.

“Wait girlfriend you did what? I can’t believe you, Franca said.
“Just stop okay, I’ll be waiting, Silvia said and dropped the call and breathed out covering her head on the table.

Minutes later Franca arrived outside and Silvia left to see her,
“You’re a life saver thank you, Silvia said taking off her heels to a bag.
“Did you really put this on before leaving the house? Franca asked surprised.

“Babe I can’t explain but I’ll tell you everything when I want to return this. Last night was hell for me, Silvia replied brushing her wig.
“Now you’re making me scared, you look horrible, Franca said and Silvia looked at her.

“Is that to make me feel better huh? Do I smell? Silvia asked checking her armpits.
“You didn’t take a bath too? Franca asked and Silvia rolled her eyes.

“Here take this, Franca said giving her a perfume.
“Thanks friend and when I get back I’ll surely return this to you, bye, Silvia said giving Franca the bag of shoe and hurried inside while Franca shook her head and left.


Minutes later the meeting began and everyone was seated in the hall hearing the manager speak, but Silvia attention was distracted.

Just at the door her eyes was fixed on it and suddenly the image appeared again and she screamed and fell off from the chair scaring the others.

“Silvia! The manager shouted but she didn’t notice what just happened.
She kept crawling backwards very terrified as her colleagues tried holding her down,
“Silvia its okay, hey its okay! A guy shouted tapping on her cheeks and she shook her head and saw herself on the floor with everyone looking at her.

“What just happened? She asked getting up immediately embarrassed……..


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