Episode five.

Miriam Edem

“Oh no! What have you done Silvia! Franca cried as she was taken into an ambulance and rushed to the hospital on her wedding dress.

There at the hospital her parents, Frederick and her friends were outside waiting for the doctor anxiously but Frederick was totally lost in thoughts,

“When did this happen? He asked the ladies.
“About two weeks ago, she complained of seeing a figure in her house, Eunice replied.

“And no one bothered to tell me? Are you aware of this ma? He asked Silvia mother.
“She kept it away from everyone please don’t blame her, I told her to open up and I suggested a church for her but she ran away, Franca replied instead.

“This is not necessary now, instead of talking we have to pray for her and not this! Her mother shouted and sniffed.
“And not this? I just had the biggest embarrassment of my life and do you know how much I’ve spent for this day? Frederick asked.

“What are you talking about? Is your so called money more important than my daughter life! Her mother shouted.
“Oh my money is so important because I worked hard for it but she refused to understand that with me. Look at everything is a mess up yet she had such a problem and kept it away from me, what was she thinking? Frederick asked.

“Please my son take it easy, Silvia father spoke up.
“No let him say trash, suddenly his filthy money is more important than my daughter life, I wish she is here to hear this rubbish he is spitting out! Silvia mother shouted.

“Please my friend doesn’t need this now, shouting at each other won’t help, Eunice came in.

“What is going to help? You tell me then what is haunting her, Frederick said pacing around rubbing his head and the doctor came out.

They ran to him as he tried closing the door behind,
“Its alright everything is fine, she broke her hand and I was scared with the hit on her head there will be an internal bleeding but she’s fine. We will be watching her though but for now she’s okay, she only needs rest, the doctor said to them.
“Can we see her please? Her mother asked.

“Uhmmm give us some minutes please, the doctor replied and left and Frederick breathed out as Silvia mother angrily looked at him………….


Minutes later they were allowed to see Silvia as she laid with her eyes closed,
“Look at you my dear, you looked forward to this day with all happiness who did this to you my daughter? Her mother asked touching her forehead crying.

“Its alright, the doctor said she’s fine, her husband said holding her while Frederick weakly looked at her and left the room saying nothing and Franca met him outside.

“Hey what’s going on with you? Franca asked.
“I don’t know what to feel anymore, I think she’s hiding something, He replied.

“Are you thinking about her now but her health? Franca asked.
“You think I’m not concerned about her health? What’s the need to worry when the problem is still hanging, she has to tell us what is haunting her, he replied and Franca heaved.

“When she slept at my place, I heard her screaming and sprinkling salt all over the house, Franca said.
“What for? He asked.

“To chase evil spirit, but after that day she was good and refused to talk about what happened and I didn’t hear her complain about the stuff again. Do you know it even attacked at her work? It embarrassed her when she was in a meeting with her manager and colleague, am so surprised she could let such a situation go that way without looking for help, Franca narrated.
“Are you kidding me? Frederick asked surprised.

“Yea, remember when she totally ignored your calls through out the day? That was when it happened, Franca replied and Frederick breathed out but they heard noises inside the room and they ran in to see Silvia awake very terrified.
“Calm down Silvia stop this, what is it? Her father asked and she saw Frederick.

“Love, love please help me, Silvia said stretching her hand and Fred slowly took it.
“I’m sorry, it was not intentional, Silvia said.

“You said same thing in the church before you ran out, what exactly is going on and why did you keep it away from me? Frederick asked and she tearfully looked at her mother.
“It was……. “This is not good for you now, with what just happened you need rest and we should not be asking you all this terrifying questions. Please you all should leave, Her mother cuts in.

“Have your rest okay, I’ll just be here, Frederick said giving her a peck and slowly left the room with her friends.
“Why are you asking us to leave the room? Silvia father asked.

“Because its very necessary. You also should go and have your rest, its not good for your health, his wife replied.
“But I am not complaining, her father said.

“When you fall sick now it will be on my shoulders so go rest, don’t worry I’ll be here, Her mother insisted.
“Don’t worry papa I’ll be fine, Silvia said.

“Take care of yourself okay, her father said touching her.
“Bye, his wife said and he left the room and Silvia mother breathed out and looked at Silvia.

“What were you about to do? She asked Silvia.
“Can’t you see I almost lost my life? I may not be lucky next time so please let me confess, Silova replied.

“Are you stupid? Do you know what that confession will lead you into? Can you bear it? Her mother asked.
“Should I die then? Look at what happened, she ruined everything, Silvia replied.

“Were you with the charm I gave to you? She asked.
“I was with it and she has been appearing from time to time, you need to see her at the church, she was so fearful, she replied.

“Alice can’t kill you don’t be scared, she’s doing all of this to scare you, her mother said.
“Oh mommy just stop, you think she can’t kill me? She just showed me what she is capable of doing but all she wants is for me to confess else she will keep haunting me this way and make my life miserable. I’m so hurt right now, who knows what she will do next? Silvia asked.

“You are a daughter to a Lion, stop being this weak! Calm down and relax I gat this okay, Her mother said and a nurse entered the room………………


“Why are you angry with your wife? Eunice asked Frederick as they left the room.
“Why did she keep such a thing from me? I have the right to know, He replied.

“She didn’t want you to worry, you know Silvia thinks about you a lot, Eunice replied.
“And she ended up making me look stupid, what will i tell the guests? And by the way, What happened in there? He asked.

“She woke up shaking saying please please don’t kill me with her eyes closed, Eunice replied.
“Meaning whatever that is haunting her has not stopped, what should we do? Franca asked.

“What should we do? She has to tell us what she did so we can know what to do, Frederick replied..

“Do you think she did something wrong to warrant this? Anyone can do this to hurt her and shame her big day, people are wicked you know, Eunice said.

“If that is so she was suppose to look for help but she remained relax like it was nothing to her. Oh God this is not happening! Frederick replied and his mother call came on phone…………..


That night her mother asked to stay with Silvia for the night and the ladies had to go but promised to return the next day. Frederick wanted staying behind also after his parents met with him in the hospital, but Silvia mother insisted she can take care of her daughter.
“You can come back in the morning please, my daughter will be fine, Silvia mother said.

“But you can’t stay alone with her, what if it comes back? Frederick asked.
“Then let it come back, I will be waiting for it, God will help me conquer it and the devil will be put to shame! Her mother shouted and Frederick mother touched him.

“Dear let’s go, she will be fine and we will come back in the morning okay, His mother said and he slowly kissed the sleeping Silvia on her forehead and left with his parents.

After the nurse checked on Silvia, her mother was sure they won’t return until morning, she quickly brought out an oil from her bag and dropped it on Silvia eyes and on her forehead and rounded a red cloth on her head incanting words in an unknown language and sprinkled the oil all over the room.

“Let’s see how you will return, you’ll be trapped, Her mother boasfully said satisfied with her works and relaxed to sleep.

At exactly 12am, Silvia eyes opened and she saw the room very dark,
“Mommy, Silvia slowly called out but she felt a strong wind taking her away from the bed.
“No mommy! Silvia shouted holding on the bed as she could and her mother woke up.

“Alice! Her mother shouted and the wind released Silvia and she fell heavily on the floor………


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