Episode seven

Miriam Edem

At that point Frederick didn’t know what to do anymore,
“She was with you right? Where was she going to? A nurse asked Frederick.
“Huh? I don’t know, but is she okay? Frederick asked.

“I can’t tell you that now, The nurse replied and walked away and the doctor who was attending to Silvia came out,
‘Hey what happened? The doctor asked seeing Silvia mother.

“I am still asking the question but how is my wife? Is she okay? Frederick asked back.
“Yea I was able to arrest the situation and she is resting now, but what the hell is going on? How did your wife get to that state after the accident? What did her that way? The doctor asked.

“Doctor I am equally confused as you are but can I see her? Frederick asked back.
“No no not now I’ll be back, the doctor replied and hurried away and Frederick rubbed his head and called up his father in-law on phone.

“Hello my son how are you? Silvia father picked up.
“Good morning sir, where are you please? Frederick asked.

“Is anything the matter? He asked.
“Sir can you come down to the hospital? Fredrick asked back.

“What happened? Did anything happened to Silvia because I called my wife some minutes ago and she told me everything is fine, what’s wrong? He asked.
“Sir please don’t panic just come down please, thanks, Frederick replied and dropped the call and called up his mother on phone telling her the developments in the hospital.

“Jesus Christ! Son are you sure you are safe there? And how is she? His mother asked.
“Honestly mom no one has said anything about her condition and I can’t see my wife, this is so crazy, Fredrick replied.

“I’ll be coming there right away, his mother said and dropped the call.
While Frederick was still waiting the doctors came out looking at him with a face that didn’t look good,
“What happened? She’s good right? Fredrick asked.

“She has an internal bIeeding, a doctor replied.
“Okay what is going to happen now? Something can be done about it right? Fredrick anxiously asked.

“She has to go for an operation, whatever we have done she won’t hold on for too long and I am not giving you that 100% guarantee that She will survive this, the doctor replied and her husband hurriedly approached them.

“What happened son? Silvia father asked and he weakly looked at him.

“Papa welcome, just take your rest, Frederick replied.
“What do you mean by rest? Where’s my wife and daughter? I want to see them, the man said.

“She was involved in an accident this morning and she has to undergo an operation, the doctor replied.
“Who? Silvia father asked.

“Your wife sir, she left this morning to go look for solution concerning Silvia problems but she had an accident on the way, Frederick replied rather.
“Can I see my wife? Silvia father asked.

“You can’t now, her condition is critical and she really needs an operation, I’m sorry, the doctor replied and walked away and Frederick touched his father in-law who grew so weak.
“What’s happening to us, who wants to ruin my family? he asked.

“This is getting serious than I thought, whatever spirit that is haunting them really means business and we have to know what the spirit wants from us, Frederick said.
“What spirit? Silvia father asked totally lost.

“You didn’t know? Frederick asked and told him everything.
“It came last night also? Silvia father asked and he nodded.

“This is surprising, How am I not aware such thing is happening and they have been keeping it away from me, Silvia father replied and Frederick heaved.

“I cant explain why they are hiding it, Frederick replied.
“What did they do to deserve this? What does the spirit wants? Until it gets what it wants it won’t stop haunting, Silvia father said and Frederick mother approached them. They greeted each other and she sat beside him,
“What did the doctor say? She asked.

“She needs an operation, Fredrick replied.
“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go for it, Fredrick mother said and Silvia father breathed out thinking hard.

“I can’t believe this is happening, he said.
“Its okay sir, we will surely do something about it. Let me go ask the doctor what we are expected to do so they can begin the operation, Frederick said and left them together.

“What do you think sir? Can’t we bring a pastor into this case? Frederick mother asked.
“Even if i want to my wife will not accept, he replied.

“Now I think she does, and besides you are the head and you should take decision in such a time, we don’t even know who we are fighting with to begin with, we really need help else we don’t know who will be attacked next.

I don’t want my son to be wrapped up in this, all he did was to love and marry your daughter, that shouldn’t be a crime for my innocent son, Fredrick mother said and he nodded.

“Do whatever you want to do you’re free, he weakly said and she nodded.

“I’ll hurry up to church now and have a word with the pastor after the service. Tell Fredrick I’ll be back soon, Frederick mother said.
“Drive well, Silvia father said and she hurried off.

Fredrick returned and told his father in-law just what the doctors said.
“Okay I’ll go get the money so I can deposit for the operation, Silvia father said getting up.
“Okay sir I’ll also do same for Silvia, but where’s my mother? Fredrick asked.

“Oh she left to church to have a word with a pastor concerning this ghost case, He replied.
“Oh that’s better, okay sir see you soon, Fredrick said and Silvia father slowly left the hospital…………..


That afternoon Silvia friends came to check on her but got shocked with the news they got instead.
“We can’t see any of them? Franca asked.
“Not until Silvia wakes up, Fredrick replied and a nurse approached them.

‘She’s awake, the nurse said and at once they ran to see Silvia with fresh bandages on her body,
“Love, she whispered and Fredrick held her hand.

“What’s going on? Tell me Silvia because I am losing it already. What are you hiding from me? Fredrick asked.
“Where’s my mother? Silvia asked and Frederick breathed out.

“Why? What’s wrong? Silvia asked.
“Not now Silvia, Franca replied.

“What do you mean by that? What’s going on? I want to see my mother, Silvia said.
“You can’t okay, but she will be fine, Frederick said.

“She will be fine? Silvia asked looking at them and Frederick touched her chin.
“Don’t panic okay, your mom had an accident but she will be fine, He calmly replied.

“Did the spirit do this? Silvia asked shaking.
“How are we suppose to know? Eunice asked.

“No she did this, Silvia replied.
“She? Is the spirit a she? Franca asked and Silvia began to cry.

‘Hey! If there’s anyway you know we can help you out you better spit it now! Who is this spirit and what does she want! Franca shouted.
“Calm down will you, Eunice said.

“What do you expect me to do? Obviously she’s hiding something from us and the more she keeps the truth the more the matter gets worst and its equally affecting us. Yesterday it was you, today its your mother, tomorrow might be your husband and is that what you want? Franca asked.

“No! No never! Do you think this is easy for me? Silvia shouted.
“Do you think its easy for me also? Just look at me Silvia, how do i look? Frederick asked and Silvia closed her eyes.

“How can I say this to you all I don’t know where to start please believe me. I want this to stop but I don’t know how, Silvia said crying.

‘Then just start anywhere my dear, a voice said going in and they turned to see Frederick mother with a man they know must be a pastor.


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