Episode four

Miiam Edem

The next morning Franca woke up and noticed Silvia was not in bed with her.

“Silvia? She called out and came down leaving the room and checked the kitchen but she was not there.
“Silvia! She shouted and saw the door opened and she quickly called her on phone.
After two rings Silvia picked up,

“Where are you? Franca asked.
“Sorry I left, she replied.

“You left? And why? I thought we wanted seeing the pastor today? Franca asked.
“Just forget about it I’ll solve it myself, Silvia replied.

“I don’t understand you anymore, and how do you plan to solve this huh? Franca asked.
“Babe just forget it, I can handle it okay, don’t worry, Silvia replied.

“I see, so will the wedding still hold? Franca asked.
“Why will you ask such a question? Nothing is going to change it and in fact Frederick is coming down in two days time and I’ll be fine, Silvia replied.

“Good to hear that, bye, Franca said and dropped the call and immediately called up Eunice,
“Hey what’s up? Good morning, Eunice picked up.

“Good morning, heard from Silvia? Franca asked.
“No why? She asked back and Franca told her everything that happened.

“Are you serious? And where is she now? Eunice asked.
“No one knows, she’s hiding it even from her own family, Franca replied.

“What if we tell her family about this? What if it affects her on her wedding day? Eunice asked.
“Don’t meddle with it, Silvia said she can handle it so let’s watch and see, Franca replied.

“Okay if you say so but will the wedding still hold? Eunice asked.
“I asked the same question but she said it will, all the same let’s watch and see. Alright see you soon, Franca replied.

“Okay girlfriend bye, Eunice said and Franca dropped the call and saw the salt still littered on the floor and she heaved.
“I don’t trust you Silvia, Franca said………


A week later Silvia looked fine and refused to talk about what happened and planned for a bridal shower with her friends.
“Aren’t you spending enough? Your husband to be is beginning to complain, Franca said.
“Excuse me, I am using my money on this and that shouldn’t be your problem because I am paying for everything, Silvia said.

“Oh that’s great, because girl I am broke to tell you the truth, Franca said with a frown.
“Good for you, Silvia said and threw on her the attire for the bridal shower.

“Hmmmm thanks, so will it be at your place? Franca asked.
“No, Silvia replied and Franca rolled her eyes.

“So it will be at a hotel right? Franca asked shaking her head……………


That night of the bridal shower Silvia was beautiful dressed with her friends having all the fun and suddenly got pressed. She excused herself to the washroom and as she looked on the mirror Alice appeared on it.

“Silvia! You can’t hold me for long, Alice voice echoed as Silvia went backwards.
“What do you want? Silvia asked.

“Tell them what you did, Alice replied and Silvia scoffed.
“Oh sweetheart, What exactly did you think I did? Its over and you’re dead, accept that fact, Silvia said.

“I am not weak Silvia, don’t mistake my quietness for weakness, Alice said.
“Then you haven’t changed, that has always been your problem and there’s nothing I can do for you, bye, Silvia said and blew a powder on the mirror and left immediately smiling.

“Pictures please! Silvia shouted happily……………..


The big day finally came and at the hotel where she was dressed, Silvia was feeling very uncomfortable. Franca who was her maid of honor noticed the discomfort and the makeup artist complained of her excessive sweating despite the air conditioner on.
“Hey what’s the problem? Franca asked.
“I can’t explain, I feel so weird, Silvia replied shaking.

“What are you saying? Its your wedding day and you can’t mess this up, Franca whispered.
“Do you think I want this also? Just tell the makeup artist to do what she can I’ll be fine, there’s no more time to waste, Silvia replied and Franca called back the lady.

There at the altar when it was time to exchange vows, the atmosphere changed for Silvia and she looked down to see herself standing in a pool of bIood. She screamed out raising her gown as everyone looked at her confused,
“Hey Love what’s wrong? Frederick asked holding her but Alice appeared more fearful than she has ever been and Silvia gasped seeing her.

“No, no please not today I beg you, Silvia kept saying going backwards..
“You were my friend! Alice shouted slowly going to her.

“Yes and am sorry please, its not what you think I can explain, it was not intentional, Silvia said.
“There’s nothing for you to explain Silvia! Tell them what you did! Alice shouted.

“No please! Someone please stop her! Silvia screamed pointing at Alice.
“What are you talking about You’re embarrasing me! Frederick shouted.

“She’s going to kill me, someone stop her please! Silvia screamed and ran out of the church. Despite people tried holding her down, she had the power of ten men to resist them,
“Silvia! Her mother screamed and she crossed the road without looking and got hit by a car.

“Silvia! Everyone shouted and ran to her raising her up but saw her bleeding………..


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