Episode 3.

Miriam Edem

“No we should ask you that Silvia, what just happened here? What did you see that made you scream that way? The manager asked but she only rubbed her forehead crying.
“Do you need help or something? Her colleague asked but Silvia took her bag and ran out of the hall.

Franca was at home when she heard a hit on the door continuously,
“Who wants to break my door! She shouted and opened up but got pushed in by Silvia.

“Jesus Christ! Franca shouted and Silvia locked the door herself breathing hard.
“Is someone pursuing you? Let’s call the police then, Franca said but Silvia breathed out and sat down covering her head.

“Hey talk to me! What’s wrong with you? Franca asked.
“It came again, this time at work embarrassing me, Silvia replied.

“It came again who? Is there something you’re not telling me? Franca asked.
“What? Silvia asked.

“What? What is this something that is haunting you this way? What did you do! Franca shouted.
“You think I did anything? Don’t you know me by now? Silvia asked.

“I thought I did, but with what am seeing I am beginning to doubt that. I have a friend now who sees unseen things and you want me to be comfortable with that? Franca asked.
“take that as one of my talents, Silvia replied cleaning her face and Franca scoffed.

“Can I sleep here tonight? Silvia asked.
“Hell no! I want a peaceful sleep this night and not some kind of horror movie, Franca replied.

“Franca its me Silvia, if I need you at this time then you should know its very important. There’s something in that house, Silvia said.
“Also in the office? Dear God! I hope it didn’t follow you here also? Franca asked alarmed.

“Why will you say such a thing? Silvia asked.
“Why won’t I? If you know you did something you better start apologizing now, Franca replied and Silvia was busy taking her heels off.

“I want to shower please, Silvia said and left to the washroom…………


That evening, Silvia carefully told Franca all that happened at home last night,
“Whatever is haunting you, i dont think it wants to kill you, maybe not yet. But babe can you remember anything you must have done or anyone you must have wronged or something? Nothing can just haunt you like that nau, Franca asked.
“Babe am just confused right now, my job is at risk with this mess and my manager is not taking it funny, this is frustrating, Silvia replied.

“You have to think hard about this or better still go to a church. I know they can help you, maybe its an attack, Franca said and Silvia smirked.
“Why? You don’t believe that? Franca asked.

“The church can help what? Girl am feeling sleepy already I have to go in, Silvia replied and her phone began to ring and it was Frederick calling. Silvia ignored the call and Franca looked at her,
“Frederick has been constantly calling and you kept ignoring, did you two have a fight or something? Franca asked.

“No I just feel I should not talk to him, I mean am not in a good state of mind right now and he should not know about this, She replied.
“You not picking his calls is complicating issues more, you can pretend to be okay on phone and don’t forget your big day is just by the corner! Franca shouted.

“And you think I don’t know that huh! Silvia shouted back.
“Oh you do? I don’t think you do else you would have seek solution to your problem and not play around, but Suit yourself, Franca said and left the compound leaving her outside where they sat while Silvia breathed out rubbing her head……….


That night Silvia was just with her phone lying on the floor while Franca laid on the bed,
“Aren’t you sleeping now? Franca asked.
“I will but not now, Silvia replied.

“I’ll be sleeping now then, good night, Franca said and adjusted on the bed creating a space for her.
“Yea good night, Silvia said and heaved when Frederick call came again but she ignored.

“Uhmmm Franca? Silvia called out.
“Yes, She replied.

“Do you have enough salt at home? Silvia asked.
“Check the kitchen, she replied and Silvia left to the kitchen looking for the salt but heard whispering coming from the sitting room.

“Franca? Silvia called out but got no reply and she hurriedly took the salt container and packed a handful of salt on her palm coming out scared.
There was no one in the sitting room as she looked around, and as she wanted going to the room the television turned on on its own.

She stopped and looked back and saw the volume increasing so loud as if someone was operating the remote and her legs shook.

“Please please don’t do this, Silvia whispered scared as a shadow passed.
“Silvia! The voice echoed.

“No no! She began screaming sprinkling the salt around her.
“Stay clear from me! She kept shouting as the voice kept calling her name and Franca ran out from the room.

“Jesus Christ do you want to wake the neighborhood? Franca asked turning off the television.
“I didn’t do that, Silvia shakily said.

“I did? Franca asked and saw salt littered every where.
“Holy Christ, what’s this? Franca asked.

“Sorry, I made a research that salt chases out evil spirits, Silvia replied and Franca weakly robbed her forehead and sat down.
“Look you have to help me please, Silvia said holding her.

“Because I have some kind of superman powers or what? Look Silvia, what did you do? Only that can help you! Franca said.
“I didn’t do anything! Can’t you see someone is trying to destroy me can’t you see that! Silvia shouted shaking her.

“What do you want me to do for you now because I am equally confused. Okay let’s go to the church, agreed? Franca asked and Silvia scratched her head looking at her.

“That’s the only remedy I know because I don’t know of any fetish place I can take you to since you claim that you don’t know anything, Franca said when Silvia was reluctant to oblige.

“I don’t think it will work out, Silvia said.
“Gosh Silvia how did you know when you’ve not tried? You’re hiding from your family and rejecting their calls same with Frederick, how do Yuh want to be helped tell me? Franca shouted.

“Okay okay fine, we’ll go tomorrow right? I just want this done and over with and lets hope it works, Silvia said.

“Good, is it possible to have a good sleep this night? Franca asked and Silvia looked around scared……………


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