SHE’S THE ONE : Episode 11 – 20


Episode 20

Alex and Jenny had been hanging out for long now, she grew fond of him but the hurtful part was that Alex didn’t even said anything to her concerning any relationship stuff.

Bella was so happy that her dream was coming true, though she lost her family but Steve had given her the love she missed for some years back.

Jenny Adams on the other end had been busy planning and calculating on how to execute her plans without being known.
She was now Bella’s best friend who always came visiting Bella without knowing that she had something hidden.

Mr Williams hasd been waiting to see his son new girlfriend for long but Steve has been dodging to bring her home.
Nevertheless, his father started seeing him being so close to Jenny and always visiting him so he thought that Steve has finally agreed to take Jenny which made a smile to cross on his lips.

Jenny Adams had already planned on how to execute her plans so as to do it clean without any trace.

Meanwhile Steve has started suspecting that she’s up to something, but he didn’t show her any sign but later planned on how to get her red handed.

Jenny Adams called Bella on phone and told her that they were going to a party in the town, due to how close they had become Bella quickly dressed up and in no time was set looking expensively hot.

Jenny arrived few minutes later looking cool too, they left for the party.

Bella and Jenny got to the party, Jenny led the way while Bella followed behind.
“Here is my friend, please do meet him “Jenny said pointing to a young expensive guy standing next to them.
Bella oblige the idea but later agreed.
“Hi “Bella greeted
“Hi miss, I’m Jerald “He said extending a handshake for her.
Bella took the hand smiling and unknown to her, someone was from afar taking her picture with the guy and Jenny smiled to her satisfactory.
“Let’s go get some drinks ”
“No I’m okay Jenny, I think we should be on our way already “Bella said and Jenny frowned.
“Why going so soon? Jenny asked
“I’m not feeling good”
“Okay then you can go I will join you later “Jenny said and Bella said without saying any other word.
Bella got home and placed a call to Steve telling him of how much she missed him and Steve promised to visit her soon.

Alex called Jenny and invited her to their house but she had no interest any longer in visiting him because she had been waiting for him to make a move for long but it seemed as if he wantef to use and dump her.
The thought made her not to agree to Alex request.
Alex noticed it from the sound of her voice but he couldn’t do nothing than to allow her rest for the mean time.

Steve was still working on how to catch Jenny Adams if she messed up.
He got a tracking device which would be hidden anywhere in her without her knowledge.

He called her over and she was excited that Steve is falling into her traps slowly not knowing that she’s the one falling into Steve’s trap.

Steve and Jenny could be found in Steve’s room and Jenny was lying on his laps while he caressed her hairs r0mantically and without her knowledge put the tiny device that looks so tiny in her hairs.
Jenny couldn’t help than to smile not knowing that Steve is more dangerous than her.

Bella wanted to surprise Steve.
Steve was in his office attending to people when Bella’s call came in, he didn’t want to pick at first but later picked it up smiling.
“Hello my princess?
“Hello baby, please…. I’m… in… trouble “she said stammering just then Steve blood rose in an unexplainable way and his eyes was red thinking that Jenny had attacked Bella.
But how could that be possible when she’s with the tracking device and I hadn’t gotten any signal.
He stood up and within a twinkle of an eye he was out of his office taking the elevator down, he picked his car and zoomed off.

He got to Bella house without even locking the car he left it opened like that and rushed inside the house.
On getting inside, behold what he saw was the most shocking sight.

To be continued

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