SHE’S THE ONE : Episode 11 – 20


Episode 15

Bella disengaged from Steve looking straight into his eyes and seeing the sincerity in them, she turned and backed him .
“Bella, try and understand me. I love you with the whole of my heart. I want you by my side Bella.
“You are my inspiration
“You are my life and joy Bella
“I can’t breath without you ” he said and kneel down before her.
Bella was out of words, though she has started feeling the same for him too but she wanted to torture him first before accepting his proposal.
“Stand up I’ve heard you but……
“Please don’t say no “Steve added looking at her in the eyes.
Bella sigh and faced him seeing the expression on his face, she smiled which Steve also smile in return.
“I’m sorry Steve, we can’t be together “she said and pretended to be crying
“But…. b… u… t.. why? Steve asked stammering.
“Because I’m in love with your friend Alex, I can’t betray him. He loves me so much “she said and looked down on the floor.
Immediately she said that, Steve eyes turned red instantly like the devil himself, he looked at Bella in the eyes she can’t even understand.
“All this while you kept this a secret?
“How could you? I suffered just to make you mine, my father would have disowned me because of that but you betray my love for you why?
“I’m sorry Steve ”
Steve ran out immediately from the house,entered his car and zoomed off to Alex residence.

Bella was thinking really fast on what to do so as to save Alex from Steve wrath.
Alex was sitting with his father Mr Charles when Steve banged into the house in furry without even greeting the man of the house .
“Hey dude welcome “Alex said welcoming him because that’s the way he normally behaves sometimes not knowing that all was not well.
“Save the greetings to yourself b@stard, Alex why?
“I trusted you bro, I took you as my brother but you end up betraying me and my trust for you “he said almost crying.
Alex didn’t understand a single bit of what he was saying, meanwhile Mr Charles stood up in an angry mode.
“How dare you barge into my house without greeting me? Is that how you were raised up?
That was when Steve noticed Mr Charles angry mode but still paid deaf ear to his words and faced Alex again.
“Why bro?
“You should have told me that she’s yours and I wouldn’t have gone after her ”
“Bro I don’t understand anything you are saying here.
“Who are we talking about here? Alex asked
“Don’t pretend here.
“Don’t play tricks with me Alex, I’m talking about Bella your girlfriend.
“How could you allow me to suffer for that girl without telling me that she’s your girlfriend.
Immediately Alex heard that, his eyes widen in shock meanwhile his father had sat down listening to both of them.
“Who feed you with such lies?
“She’s not my girlfriend bro, I beg of you, remember I stood with you all this while and make sure she’s all yours then how can I betray you? Alex asked.
The word made Steve to go out of his normal self hearing that Alex is denying the fact that he’s dating Bella.
“Who are we talking about here?
“And what’s happening here? Mr Charles finally spoke.
“Her name is Bella sir, and I love her very much but your son here had something in common with her but hid it from me and still made me suffer. Steve blurted out.
Alex opened his mouth to talk but nothing came out and he closed it back.
“Alex, how could you betray your best friend?
“By the way who are we talking about here “Mr Charles asked.
“Dad, you should trust me I can’t……
“Shut up bro, answer your father first don’t lie to me “Steve said still standing.
“Dad, remember the girl yesterday when we came back from the airport and that you showed me? Alex
“Oh I remember, you mean that one that resembles my daughter? The one I called your kid sister? Mr Charles said
“Oh forget it dad, she’s not your daughter and not my sister.
“That’s who he’s referring to.
“But you called Steve that same moment and informed him of her whereabouts?
“Exactly dad, that’s what happened. But I wondered what happening now.
Steve stood up and walked towards Alex, he grabbed him on the collar, just then his phone rang.
He didn’t want to pick the call. He ignored it still looking at Steve as an angry lion.
The phone rang again, he took the phone out and looked at the screen, the number appeared to be unknown, he picked it and placed on his ears still holding Steve on the collar.
“I hope you are not torturing the innocent guy “the voice sounded on the phone so lovely.
“Who’s this? Steve asked
“I can’t explain myself to you but I didn’t know that you don’t trust people that have been with you for a very long time” Bella said on phone
“You better end this call now if you can’t tell me who you are “he said angrily.
“I wanted to put you in a test and see how much you know and trust your friend, but I’ve come to discover that you don’t value your friendship.
“Steve, you won’t find me again but leave Alex alone he’s innocent I just wanted to give you a test before accepting to see if you will pass.
“But you have failed. If you can’t trust your long time friend then am afraid you can’t trust me too, bye bye “Bella said and hung up the call.
Immediately Steve recognized Bella’s voice
“No please where are you?
“Wait for me “he said but Bella had already hung up.
“Please Alex am sorry, I have to go now we will talk later.
“It was a set up “he said immediately and dashed off like a flash.

Alex shook his head pitifully and looked at his father who in turn looked at him in surprise.

On getting to Bella’s house she was nowhere to be found.
“Bella! he shouted on top of his voice and scanned the whole room but Bella was not there.
He tried calling the number she used in calling him but it was switched off.
Steve wandered in the room not knowing what next to do.
Steve sat down on the floor regretting ever believing a stranger he barely know than believing his best friend.
The incident flashed back again how he abused Alex in their own house.
The situation became complicated as Bella was nowhere to be found.
He stayed there for 30 minutes hoping that Bella would return but she was not there.
He decided to leave, he turned on his car engine and then rest on the car steering facing the floor.
A knock sounded on his car window and he looked up to see Bella stairing at him, he immediately wind down the glass and step down but Bella was nowhere to be found.
“Am I hallucinating? he asked himself.

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