SHE’S THE ONE : Episode 11 – 20

Episode 12???

Steve rushed out of his room only to find his father standing by his door post with Jenifer behind him.
“Son, this is your wife “Mr Williams said facing Steve.
Steve was more than angry to hear that.
“Dad, if this is a joke you better stop it now.
“When did I say that I needed a wife? He asked
“And when did you start having the guts to talk to me in a disrespectful manner? Mr Williams retorted.
“You want to bring a poor class girl to this house so that you will drag my name in the mud?
“Never. Whether you like it or not, this is your wife and you must marry her that’s final” Mr Williams said and left leaving Jenifer behind with Steve.
“You better start going too because if I show you my real self, this house won’t contain you “He said angrily.
“Calm down baby”Jenny said and tried to touch Steve.
Steve gave her a very sound slap that echoed in the room and she held her cheek.
“That’s for calling me baby and trying to touch me” he said angrily
“You slapped me? She asked
“And I can slap you again. Steve said and raise up his hand.
Jenny ran out of the house taking the stair case down to the parlour and then left.
“What nonsense “Steve said and left after calling Alex on phone to inform him that he’s coming.

Bella was tied down this time around with five men guarding her including Arrow who kept glancing at her and admiring her.
She waited for the right time so as to carry on her next plan and saw that Arrow and others were backing her.
She pulled up her gown a little bit high in a way her laps were exposed.
She started to cry which gained Arrow attention, he looked back and saw her crying.
“How could you guys harass me in this manner?
“you’ve seen my n@kedness “she cried
Alex looked down and saw that it was true, he looked at others in a way that says “get out of here”.
“Let’s give her a little privacy “Arrow said
“But boss said…..
“No buts, I’m the next in command I say let everyone give her privacy” he said and they kept quiet while Bella smiled knowing fully well that her plan would work.
The guys took in turn to leave the room and Arrow was the one to leave last.
“Arrow! “Bella called and he turned back looking at her.
“I want you to stay behind”
“But you needed privacy?
“Yes, but you have to stay let others go”
Arrow smiled and turned back and then closed the door.
Bella grab him on his collar and drag him close to herself and then k!ss him so tenderly on the lips closing her eyes while Arrow was surprised for the sudden k!ss.
He had no option than to reciprocate. Meanwhile Bella was praying deep in her heart for her plans to work out for her.
She stopped the k!ss and stared at Arrow with her lovely eyes which melted his eyes.
“Arrow, from the start that you admired me and wanted me to yourself but you were shy to make the move and I’ve been noticing you”
Arrow was stunned, he opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out and he closed it back.
She looked straight into his eyes and swallowed the lump in her throat knowing what she was about to say to Arrow.
“I love you too Arrow but….
Arrow couldn’t believe his ears. so she knew all this while that he was crushing on her but she pretended.
“But what Bella?
“I can only give you a chance if you only promise me one thing”
“And what could that be?
“Say it I’m ready to do anything just to make you mine ”
“Promise me that you will do it? Bella asked
“Okay, it’s a promise I will”
“okay. Help me to escape from here please, if you can do only that then am all yours “Bella said and looked into his eyes.
The word caught Arrow unexpectedly and the expression on his face showed it all.
Bella knew that if she didn’t react now that he would say no.
She grabbed him forcefully again and making her lips on his,k!ssing him very hot, praying in her heart for him to accept.
She broke the k!ss again.
“But, the mission is impossible “Arrow finally said looking at Bella to see her reaction.
Bella started crying thereby making him to feel uncomfortable.
“Fine, I will help “he said
‘What? Bella questioned
“I will help you escape ”
Bella hug him so tight
“Thank you.

Jenifer reported to Mr Williams how Steve slapped her and push her out of his presence.
Mr Williams was so angry at that particular time.
“You mean Steve my son slapped you and pushed you away? he asked.
Jenifer nod her head in a yes gesture.
“I think it’s time to let Steve know that I’m his father.
“He has crossed his limits by laying his hands on you “he said and brought out his phone, dialed a number and placed it on his ears.
The phone was picked on second beep.
“Hello, Poison kill that poor thing immediately and leave no trace “he said in the phone angrily without waiting for any response he ended the call.
“What nonsense? let’s see who is going to save her now”.
My dear don’t worry Steve will be all yours soon.

Poison the leader of the gang came back to where Bella was held.
“Bring that poor rat, it’s time “he said to his men who left immediately to the room Bella was.
To their greatest surprise, they saw the chain they used in to tie her on the floor and Bella was nowhere to be found.
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