Tim keeps on blowing the horn, he can’t wait to come home and talk to Kira. He has a lot of things to say to her. He wants to apologize to her.

Tim stepped on the accelerator and overtakes the car ahead of him.

In just thirty minutes, he arrived at the Villa. He parked his car, he got down and hurriedly headed inside the house.


“Kira!” Tim called Kira’s name as he headed upstairs.

“Kira!” Tim went straight to the master’s bedroom, he opened the door but he did not see Kira.

“Kira!” Tim entered the room and checked the bathroom but Kira wasn’t there!

Tim’s anxiousness grow!

“Was she hurt because I treated her coldly?”
“Did she already leave me because I ignored her?”

With that thought, Tim took big strides to the closet and he hurriedly opened it to check for Kira’s things and he felt relieved as he saw her dresses inside the closet. He closed the closet, he hurriedly gets out of the bedroom and went back downstairs.

There, he met the two servants, ” Have you seen the Missus?” He asked the two servants.

“Kira left about two hours ago.” Helena was the one to answer.

Tim turned his head to Helena’s direction.

“Auntie…” He blurted out.

Helena took a step closer to Tim, “She was looking for you.” she said..

“Oh!” He blurted out again as he lowered his head.
He felt so guilty but he doesn’t want to wait until she comes back.

With that thought, Tim lifted his head and spoke, “I’ll search for her.” He said and then he headed outside the house, but his footsteps automatically stopped when he saw who had just arrived.



Kira parked in the garage, she seemed sad, but her sadness faded when she saw Tim’s car parked in the villa’s garage!

“He’s home” Kira hurriedly walks towards the house, but her footsteps came to a stop when she saw Tim getting out of the house.

‘Is he going to leave again?’ Kira asked her self.

The two of them stared at each other for a moment, ” Tim…” Kira opened her mouth to speak and tell Tim to talk to her, but Tim suddenly took big strides towards her and without saying a word, he embraced her tightly.

“Thank God you came back!” Tim blurted out as he embraced Kira.

“T-Tim…” Kira doesn’t know what to say.
She thought he was mad at her.

Tim let go of Kira, “Are you alright, sweetheart? Are you hurt?” He asked worriedly while checking her body.

Kira looks at Tim as he checked her body, “Tim, I’m alright. Nothing happens to me” she said.

“Oh, I’m so sorry sweetheart” Tim said and his eyes turned red as if he was about to cry.

He cupped Kira’s little face with his palm, he closed his eyes and he pressed his forehead against her, “I should have not doubted you…” He said.
“I’m sorry…” he added.

Kira blinks her eyes a few times, ‘What is he saying? I should be the one apologizing to him’ Kira thought

“Tim, what are you saying?” Kira asked with her puzzled look.



Inside the study room…

Kira and Tim are sitting on the couch, Tim put down the envelope at the top of the table.

“What is it?” Kira asked while looking at the envelope.

“Those are photos of you with another man…” Tim replied in a calm voice.

“With another man?” Kira knitted her brows, she picked up the envelope and took the photos inside it.
Kira gasped and her eyes went wide opened as she takes a look at the photos one by one.

Kira looks at Tim, “Tim, these—”

“I know, I know…” Tim interrupted Kira.
“And I’m sorry if I doubted you.” He said and then he holds Kira’s hand.

“Tim, is this the reason why you are avoiding me?” Kira asked.

Tim stared at Kira before he nodded his head lightly.

“Oh!” Kira can’t help but feel pained.

“Tim, you know that I couldn’t do such a thing,” Kira said in a sulky voice.

Tim lowered his head, “I’m sorry,” He said.

“I can’t help but felt insecure, I knew that you just marry me for your auntie’s sake, I knew that you like Alex, so, I couldn’t help but —”

“But think that I cheat on you?” Kira finished Tim’s word with bitterness.

“I’m sorry, sweetheart.” Tim apologized again.

“You don’t trust me,” Kira ignored Tim’s apology.

“Kira, I feel insecure because I know that I just forced you into this marriage” Tim said honestly.

Kira tightened her grip on the photo.

“Yes, I was forced to marry you,But it never came in my head to cheat on you”
After saying her word, Kira get up from her seat and walks towards the door.

“Kira!” Tim held Kira’s arm and prevents her from walking out.

“I’m sorry,” Tim stood up from his seat.

“You think I will cheat on you because I don’t love you, isn’t it?” Kira asked without turning back to Tim.

Tim was not able to answer Kira’s question.

She turned to Tim, “Do you know how dumb you are?!”

“W-What?!” Tim blurted out as he looked up at Kira.

“Do you think I would give my self to you if I don’t love you? Do you think I would get jealous of Ella if I don’t love you? Do you think I would get affected when you ignore me if I don’t love you? Isn’t it clear, Tim?. I gave my whole self to you because I love you. I get jealous because I love you and I got so affected when you ignore me because I love you. And I couldn’t dare to cheat on you because I love you”

Kira did not give Tim a chance to speak, she wanted to speak out everything in her mind to him.

Tim just looked at Kira as she spoke and he blinks his eyes after hearing her confession.

“R-Really?” He asked in an unbelievable expression.
“Y-You love me?”

Kira looks at Tim straight to his eyes, “Yes!” she said without a doubt.

“K-Kira!” Tim blurted out and then he embraced Kira so tightly.

She confessed to him!
She said she love him!
Yes, she love him too!

Tim let go of Kira and he looked at her with his teary eyes. He felt like he was about to cry due to happiness.

Kira knitted her brows as she saw Tim’s reddened eyes, “Are you crying?” she asked.

Tim froze, “W-What?” he blurted out and then he revealed a forced smile, “O-Of course not” He denied as he rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand.

“Really?” Kira asked doubtfully.

“Ah, This is just tears of joy!” He said.

“Oh!” Kira smiled and then she looked at Tim.

“I’m sorry, ” She suddenly said.

“Why?” Tim asked.

“I’m sorry if I did not tell you about what happened at the school.”

Tim caress Kira’s hair, “I don’t want this to happen again, I don’t want to create any misunderstandings anymore,” He said.

“How did you know about it, anyway?” Kira asked curiously.

“Ah,” Tim scratched his head, “I went to Alex to confront him about the photo,”.

“What?” Kira blurted out with her eyes wide opened.

” I thought he was the one who sent those photos to me,” Tim reasoned.

“Oh, Tim,” Kira looked at Tim helplessly.

“He was the one who told me about what happened at the school,” Tim said.

“Oh!” Kira blurted out and then she looked up at Tim, but then her gaze unintentionally fell into Tim’s red lips and she can’t help but gulp!

“Why?” Tim throws her a meaningful look.

“Oh, I suddenly want to punish you for doubting me” Kira said.

Tim revealed his flirty smile, “What kind of punishment do you want to give me, sweetheart?” he asked fIirtatiously.

“Like this!” Kira suddenly pushed Tim which made him slumped on his swivel chair.

“Oh!” Tim was startled by Kira’s action and what made him stunned is when Kira suddenly seat on his Iap in the opposite direction.

She is now facing him and his Iegs are in between her Iegs.
Tim gulped.

“S-Swee—” Tim was not able to finish his word as Kira suddenly kssed him.

He was stunned for a moment. His wife has gone wild and daring. It took a few seconds before Tim snapped back to his senses. He wrapped his arms around Kira’s waist and he kssed her back.

Tim got up from his seat while carrying Kira and he let her seat on his table, he stopped kssing Kira and he looks at her.

“Do you want to do it?” Tim asked.

Kira bit her lip and nodded her head, “But I want to be the one in charge!” She said.

“Do you know how?” Tim asked again se…ductively.

Kira froze, “I… I am not an expert, but I’m sure you’ll guide me” she said.

Tim can’t help but grin which revealed his white teeth, “Of course, I am an expert and a good coach!” He whispered.

The two of them continued on what they are doing and they started to un..dress each other. Their dresses scattered on the floor, they satisfied themselves and let each other feel their love for each other.

Tim embraced Kira and lifted her, Kira wrapped her arms and legs on Tim’s body, Tim slumped his body on the swivel chair with Kira still on to p of him.

The whole room was cold due to the air condition, both of them are nked but they still feel warm as they embraced each other.

“I love you…” Tim whispers.

“I love you too Tim,” Kira replied.


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