Kira was in her deep thoughts.
If Gaile is already dead, then she can’t consider her as a suspect for bribing someone to attack her!

About Madame Gezel?
Kira sighs as she remembered what Tim said to her earlier.

Tim’s word echoed in Kira’s mind.
“Auntie is already out of the country, and as of what I know with her attitude? I know, that she is not that kind of person who would do this sort of thing,” Tim said.

Kira snapped back to her senses.

‘If it wasn’t also Madame Gezel, then, who?’ Kira asked her self. She is so confused. Is there anyone else out there who holds a grudge on her, secretly?
Who is the person?
Does he or she hate her that much to hire someone to ruin her?
What did she do to make that person hate her?

Kira has a lot of questions in her mind, but she doesn’t know the answers.



Meanwhile, Tim was in his study room, sitting in his swivel chair while in deep thoughts. Leonard’s report to him earlier this morning flash into his mind.

“Chase is not only a gangster. He is also a loan shark and, they target those people who are in the casino, Chase also does dirty jobs in exchange for money,”.

Tim straightened his body as he rubbed his chin. He then took his phone and make a call to someone. He put his phone to his ear and waited for the other line to ring.

The other line rings and, the voice of a young lady answered.


“Ella?” Tim answered.

“Yes, Mr. Tan, speaking,” Ella replied.

“Could you come to Tan Corporation this afternoon? I want to ask you something,” he said.

“Yes, Mr. Tan, I will!” Ella instantly replied.

“Thank you,” Tim said before he ended the call.

He then picked up the photo of the man that Leonard gave him.



In the afternoon at Tan Corporation,

Ella knocked on the door a few times before she opened it.

She saw Tim in front of his table reading some documents.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Tan,” Ella greeted Tim which caught his attention.

Tim stopped reading the documents and he looked at the door when he heard someone greeted him.

“Oh, Ella, come in and have a seat” Tim invited her.

Ella got inside the office, ” Thank you,” she said as she sat on the chair in front of Tim’s table.

“Why did you ask me to come, Mr. Tan?” Ella asked.

“Oh, I want to ask you something,” he said and then he took something in his drawer.

Ella watched Tim as he took an envelope from his drawer.

Tim shoved his hand inside the envelope. He pulls something from the inside and put it on the top of the table.

“Kindly take a look at this?” Tan said.

Ella took the thing and realized it was a photo of a man.

“Can you recognize him?” Tim asked.

Ella looked at the photo, but then, she shook her head.


“Is he not one of the loan sharks who chased you when you were still at C Province?” Tim makes it sure.

He thought that the loan sharks that were chasing Ella before was the one to attack Kira.
He thought, they already found out that he was the one who help, Ella, to escape and now they’re having revenge through Kira.

Ella shook her head again, “No,”

“He is not one of them,” She added.

Tim fell in deep thoughts.
If it wasn’t them, who else?

Tim and Ella’s conversation was interrupted when they heard a knock on the door. The two of them turned their heads on the door’s direction.

“Come in,” Tim said.

Just then, the door opened and, Coby entered with files in his hand.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Tan,” Coby said as he bowed his head.

“Good afternoon Coby, is there anything you need?” Tim asked.

“Uhm, ” Coby seems like he is having second thoughts as he looked at Ella.

“Oh,” Ella seems to understand Coby’s look towards her.

“I guess I have to go now Mr Ta,” She said as she got up from her seat.

“Ennn…” Tim nodded his head.

“Thank you for coming to answer my questions,” He said.

“You’re welcome, Mr. Tan!” Ella replied before she turned her back away from Tim and Coby, and she walked out of the office.

Tim looked at Coby again, “is there anything you want to say?” He asked again.

“Yes, Mr. Tan.”

“I guess you need to take a look at the investigation result about the missing money from the company’s account.” Coby said as he put down the files that he was holding.

Tim looked at the files at the top of the table before he picked it up.

“What took them so long to finish the investigation?” Tim questioned.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Tan. The investigating team has to verify every bank accounts of the employees that were under investigation,” Coby replied.

Tim opened the files and started reading its content. His expression slowly changed as he reads the result.

He looked up to Coby, ” Mr. Fuente has involvement in the anomalies?” he asked with his knitted brows.

“He is not just involved, Mr. Tan. He is the mastermind,” Coby replied.

“There are a lot of overpricing transactions under Mr. Fuente. They tried to check his bank account, and they found out that he has three bank accounts in different names. There’s a big amount of money that was deposited in each account for the last quarter, and if we add all of the money, it has the same total of the money that was lost from the company’s account.”
Tim tightened his grip as he listened to Coby.

“How about the money? Is it still in his account?” Tim asked.

“Half of the amount was transferred to another account, sir,” Coby said.

“To whom?” Tim asked again.

“Its account name is Drake Alvinda,” Coby replied.

“Drake Alvinda?” Tim asked with his knitted brows.

“Who is that?”

“The investigation team is still doing the investigation about this Drake Alvinda, sir!” Coby replied.

“Seems like Mr. Fuente is doing something fishy!” Tim mumbled.

“Don’t let this news to spread, this news should not reach Mr. Fuente until we have all the evidence against him!” Tim said as his gaze sharpened. He won’t let that old man escape.

When Coby left, Tim took his phone to call someone.

“Come to my office, ” He said before he ended the call.



“Why did you make me come to your office, Mr. Tan?” Leonard asked as he looked at Tim sitting in his swivel chair.

Tim looked at Leonard.
“Why won’t you have a seat first?” he asked.

“Oh, sure!” Leonard said.
He pulled the chair in front of Tim’s desk before he sat on it.

Tim straightened his body as he spoke to Leonard.

“I have an important task for you,” he said.

Leonard looked at Tim, “What is it, Mr. Tan?” he asked.

“I want you to follow this person wherever he goes and tell me what’s his activities,” Tim said as he pushed a photo to Leonard’s direction.

Leonard picked up the photo and take a look at it, “Who is this?” he asked.

Tim leaned back to his swivel chair, “He is someone I know,” he replied.

“Alright!” Leonard did not ask too many questions.

” Is there anything else?” Leonard asked.

“Nothing more,” Tim replied.

“I shall take my leave now,” Leonard said, and then worked out of the office.



In the afternoon, during the coffee break, Jan (Mr. Fuente’s ȧssistant) went to the company’s cafeteria.

He searched for an available seat. He found a vacant seat on the corner part of the cafeteria.

Jan walked towards the available seat, but his footsteps automatically stopped when he overheard the two ladies from the auditing department talking about something interesting.

“Is it true that someone embezzled a big amount of money from the company?” The lady who looked like in her late twenties blurted out, with her eyes wide opened.

“Ennn…” The second lady nodded her head.

“Mr. Tan formed an investigating team to investigate the missing money from the company,” she added.

Jan turned his head to the two ladies who are sitting not far from where he is standing.

He knew these two ladies. They were from the auditing department!

The first lady is Grace, and the second lady is Alou.

Jan secretly gulped as he listened to the two ladies. He did not continue to walk to the available seat. Instead, he took a seat at the nearest table from the two ladies. He continued to listen to their conversation.

“Really?!” Grace covered her mouth.

“Who would dare to steal money from a big company like Tan Corporation?!”

“Girl,” Alou turned her head to Grace, “You don’t know what kind of temptation money can bring you.” She added.

“Is there already a result of the investigation?” Grace asked.

“I’m not sure, but I think they already know the identity of the thief,” Alou replied.

“Who do you think it is?” Grace asked again.

“Hey!” Alou turned her head to Grace and throws her a meaningful look.

“Why you seemed so interested?!”

Grace was speechless.

“H-Hey,” She reacted after a while.

“Don’t look at me like that!”

“I’m just curious” She defended herself.

“Let’s end this conversation here, there’s nothing we can get from it anyway!” Grace said and then she got up from her seat and walked away.


“I was just kidding!” Alou said, and she followed Grace.

Jan remain seated on his chair, with his head lowered. His hands are trembling and he felt anxious.

‘Mr. Tan has already found out about the missing money from the company?!’

‘What should I do?’
‘What should I do?’


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