Written by Ibrahim Gift



Have you ever being in a situation whereby you are a single parent and yet a very busy person?

Well that is just the life of Finn Carter, a successful billionaire in the country and he is quite popular too but he’s a single dad.

He doesn’t hide the fact that he’s a single dad and he isn’t ashamed either.

Though he is always busy and Max being a stubborn and rude child of 8 years, always causes trouble anywhere he goes.

He always engaged in a fight and always does things that makes his dad very mad.

Finn and Max rarely got along, they were always arguing and fighting.

Finn has tried many times to look for a nanny who can handle Max but they all end up being handled by him.

Even in the office, no one can handle him and they must always do what he says without complaining but what happens if a particular lady on the day of her interview did what no one has ever done to Max, making everyone surprised?


What do you think the lady did to Max?

Who do you think the lady is?

Will Max and the lady get along?

What do you think will happen in this Story?

And what do you think about this story?

Find out !!!



Written by Ibrahim Gift

Chapter 1



“You didn’t get the job?”, Kady asked and Daria shook her head as she fell on the sofa.

Kady is Daria’s best friend, they have been close friends for years now and they live together since Daria began to have financial problems.

“I’m tired a searching for a job, it’s looks like I am so unlucky.”, She replied frustrated.

“You really don’t have to look for a job, you know. I am not complaining.”, Kady said.

“I know but it’s not proper, you are not even earning anything much and yet Leo and I are depending on you and besides, I have to take care of Leo’s school fees.”, Daria said.

“Why aren’t you at work today? Is today your day off?”, She asked and kady nodded.

“I have a good news for you.”, Kady scream as she saw something from her phone.

“What?”, Daria screamed as she rushed to sit beside her.

“There will be an interview for secretary tomorrow, hurry and apply. This might be your last chance.”, She said and Daria jumped excited.

“Really? I will take you out once I get this job.”, Daria said and they smiled.

“What’s the occasion? Which of you is getting married?”, Leo asked as she entered the house and the glared at him.

Leo is Daria’s younger brother and he is a high school kid.

“Why must you bring marriage into this? Are you in a rush to see us get married?”, Daria asked and Leo nodded.

“You are so mean Leo.”, Kady said and Leo smiled.

“You brat!”, She growled as she threw the pillow at him.

“You are 25 years and yet you haven’t dated before, I can’t believe that my only sister is that ugly. Change your attitude and suitors will come.”, Leo said and kady just laughed.

“Say that again and consider yourself dead.”, Daria said shooting deadly glares at him.

“I won’t say anything but you should try to put on some make-up, you scare boys away with your bare face and i am no exception.”, Leo said and Daria chased him around the house.


Finn’s office

“I want to talk to dad right now Micheal, let me go!!!”, Max yelled.

“Max you know I can’t let you go now, your dad has a meeting and he will fire me if I go against his word.”, Micheal replied.

“You are just useless, you will end up getting fired if you don’t let me go see my dad, I will make sure he fires you.”, Max threatened but Micheal still ready to let him go.

Finn already ordered him that no matter whatever max does or says, he shouldn’t be allowed to go out of the office.

“I hate you all, I hate you all.”, Max screamed as he began to scatter his dad’s files that he arranged on the table.

“Max please stop this or we will both get into trouble.”, Micheal pleaded but Max being the stubborn child that he is didn’t listen.

“Dad is treating like a prisoner, he values his work more than his own son. I hate him so much, I hate everyone.”, He yelled as he continued scattering his office.

Micheal ran after him and Max kept making him run futility.

“What exactly is happening here max?”, Finn yelled and max stopped immediately and glared at Micheal.

“Dad Micheal wasn’t allowing me to leave the office, you should fire him dad, he disobeyed me.”, He said and Finn sigh.

“No one is getting fired here, you didn’t employ him, I did.”, Finn said and max looked at his dad surprised.

“I am not paying you just for my son to do whatever he wishes, you only had one job to do and that was to make sure max doesn’t do anything stupid and yet you failed to do this.”, Finn said facing Micheal.

“I’m sorry sir Finn, it won’t happen again.”, Michael said as he bowed.

“Dad but …!”

“I am not firing him and that is final.”, Finn said sternly.

“I hate you dad, i hate you so much.”, Max said with a teary eyes.

“I don’t care if you do, I’m still your dad and you have to respect whatever decision I make.”, He replied.

“You only care about yourself, you don’t care about me and you are forcing me to like someone who isn’t mom, I don’t like Andy. I will never accept her to be my second mom.”, He said and ran out.

“Max!!!”, Finn called but he already ran out.

“Take care of this mess.”, Finn said to Micheal and went after max.


Later that day**

“Don’t you think you are too harsh to Max? He is just a kid.”, Oliver, Finn’s best friend said.

“I’m not being too harsh, max is just being too stubborn. He literally complains about everything, he even blames me for Elise disappearance and now he is complaining about Andy.”, Finn said frustrated as he emptied the content in glass.

“You know that he is just being bitter because he grew up without a mom.”, Oliver said.

“Well I also grew up without my parents but I wasn’t this stubborn to my elder sister.”, Finn said as he emptied another glass.

“What are you going to do with Andy?”, Oliver asked and just as Finn was about reply, a young lady quickly hugged Finn from behind.

“Finn I missed you so much, you have been so busy these days.”, She said still hugging him tightly.

“Oliver!”, She called and Oliver faked a smile.

“Hi.”, He replied.

“Andy!!!”, Finn called but she still didn’t release him from the hug.

“Have you missed me so much also?”

“Let’s break up!!!”, He blurted and Andy released him immediately.

“What are you talking about Finn?”, She asked.

“Did I do something wrong?”, She asked and looked at Oliver and Oliver only looked away, scratching his head.

“Let’s stop all these, this relationship isn’t helping any one of us. I don’t have time for a relationship, this was a bad idea from the beginning.”, Finn replied and Andy was already in tears.

“But I love you Finn and I’m not complaining.”, She replied.

“I know and I appreciate that but that is not what I want for you, max … He isn’t ready to give you a chance and I think it’s best we go our separate ways.”, He said.

“I think I should excuse you both.”, Oliver said but Finn pinned him down.

“She is about to leave anyway.”, He said and tears just rolled down.

“But Finn ….!”

“I didn’t love you, I never loved you Andy, I was just trying to distract myself and I guess it didn’t work.”, He said and she sI.apped him very hard and ran out.

“The last part isn’t true right? You did love Andy, didn’t you?”, Oliver asked and Finn just shrugged.

“I do but if I didn’t add that part, she wouldn’t want to give up. I will just have to move on and concentrate on work and max.”, He said.

“Was the break-up really necessary? I really felt bad for her, all she did was too try to impress Max but he didn’t even give her any chance.”, Oliver said.

“I think it’s better I stay single, relationships isn’t my thing. Handling max is enough headache for me already.”, Finn said as he yawned.

“I feel so much better breaking up with Andy.”, He admitted.

“Who feels better breaking up with someone else they like?”, Oliver said and shook his head.

“You are weird and hard to understand, you are just like your son.”, Oliver added.

“I have to go now, max must have made a total mess at home.”, He said checking his wrist watch.

“And I have to interview people who will apply for secretary job tomorrow.”, He added.

“Why don’t you just look for a nanny for max? You also need to take care of yourself, you don’t look fine.”, Oliver said.

“Max fired some and most of them quit, anyways I have to go.”, He said as he tap Oliver’s shoulder.

“Should I come to see you tomorrow, you just became single, I want to comfort you.”, Oliver said.

“I don’t have time to sulk over relationship, I will rather use it to work.”, He replied and Oliver just shook his head playfully.

“Workaholic.”, He called and Finn just rolled his eyes.


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