I wasn’t sure of how to feel about it. I was in my third year, first semester and this could affect my education.
Although Captain had joked about something like this before but there was no way to tell what his reaction would be. Even if he was happy about it and wanted me to have the baby, how would my family take it?
They didn’t even know I was seeing anyone.
Captain called on our way back from the hospital but I told him everything was fine. I didn’t want to say much because of the person driving me but I sent Deola a text
“Hey girlfriend, there is fire on the mountain o. Call me later in the day”.

She called almost immediately but I told her we would have to talk later.
Captain got home about 30 minutes after us; he said he had to leave work because I wasn’t sounding too good over the phone.

“So what exactly did the Doctor diagnose?
I hope it’s not typhoid Fever? I’ve always warned you about that liquid-death-in-a-sachet that you guys call “pure water”
Did he run a Widal test?
Did he prescribe antibiotics?”
“No sir, he prescribed antenatal care” I answered, as I handed him the test result.
He smiled and pulled me closer
“So that’s why you are acting like the world is about to end?
Do I look like one of those boys in your school that such news would give a cardiac arrest?

So you are pregnant? Great…am I denying responsibility? Unless you want to tell me the baby is not mine”
The look on my face definitely passed the message that I didn’t find the last statement funny
“I’m sorry I was just kidding…I wanted to lighten the mood a little bit
Don’t worry your pretty head, I’ll take care of you and the baby” Captain said as he hugged me
“But…” I tried to interject
“No buts, there’s nothing that bothers you that I can’t handle.
I got you. Now let’s celebrate”Captain said, with his right index finger on my lips, like he was trying to shush me.


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