THE DIAMONDS- By Faith Lucky: Episode 31-38

(She likes him,
but he’s cold-hearted?)

Episode 32

By: Faith Lucky

Cali’s Pov:
I released a light gasp as the thought niggled at me. Could this be a coincidence? It was actually a bridge.

And few days ago, that strange guy – Mykel – had drawn a bridge on my arm which made Miquel really angry.

First time a guy slapped me.

Why did he come here?

The bridge was dark, but gloom lights from the lampposts helped brighten it up a bit.

There weren’t much people around – just few lovers jittering.

I was still curious but couldn’t ask any questions as we faced the bridge and I looked at Miquel to see him staring intently at the waters.


What could be going through his mind? I thought.

Why did he come over here? What’re his reasons?

could this bridge be related to the same bridge that’d gotten him angry?

He didn’t say a word but only kept staring. And suddenly, I felt a rain drop on my head.


I looked at the sky and found it really cloudy.

Oh-oh. I knew It was gonna rain soon.

I looked at Miquel and didn’t know how to tell him about it. I didn’t want to do anything that’d get him upset.

The drops began to increase and the rest of the people on the bridge started dispersing.

Okay….I think it’s high time we left as well. Considering the fact we’d have to walk a long way before getting to the car.

“Sir….I think we have to leave now. Its….its about to rain” I turned to him and said but as expected, he didn’t say a word.

There was something else on his face – a streak of pain on his face. Pain and anguish.

I became calm and studied him.

Now, I know. Indeed, there was something about the bridge.

The rain drops started increasing rapidly until it made me feel I was taking a shower.

Miquel took in a deep breath before turning away from the waters.

“Let’s go” he mumbled and started walking away, while I followed.

I was so worried.
He walked slowly, his both hands in his trouser pockets.

G0sh; the rain was really telling on me.

He walked at such a slackened pace like he wasn’t bothered by the rain. And unfortunately, I couldn’t leave him either.

Suddenly, he stopped walking.


I also stopped walking to look at him and found a streak of blood rushing down his nostrils.


Is he angry???

“S…sir” I called in shock and he quickly turned around, backing me.


At that moment, I felt scared.
What’s going on?

“You should go to the car” he said gruffly, still backing me.

I should’ve been happy, right? I should’ve been happy he’d given me the go ahead to stay in the car so I could be away from him and the rain.

But at that moment, I couldn’t. I couldn’t explain it,,but I couldn’t leave him – despite the fact he was angry and being close to him at that moment was dangerous.

I stood behind him and thought of something soothing to say.

“S….Sir” i stuttered,,making sure my voice was calm enough.

I saw his hands go over his face, probably cleaning off the blood.

why’s he angry?

He lifted his head upto the sky before turning to look at me.

The blood stain was no longer there, but g0sh! His eyes were fierce.

He didn’t say a word, but started walking away and I followed him.

G0sh! What could be wrong?

We were already drenched by the rain but at that moment, it didn’t matter to me anymore.

All I cared about was Miquel. I could tell he was going through a lot of pains and the mere thought of it alone was driving me nuts. It gave me so much concern.

I walked behind him for a long time until we finally got to the car.

Sitting next to him, I could see how roughly he handled everything. He was so d@mn angry and was probably trying control himself.

He turned on the ignition and started driving.
The ride was long and broodily silent

Miquel kept hyperventilating in the car and I continued praying his anger doesn’t go beyond this stage.

After a while, we arrived at the institute and none of the guards at the gate dared to question us.

Gosh! So, Miquel can break the rules and without being questioned?

He didn’t drive to the garage, but parked in front of his block and without saying a word, he came out of the car.
And without being told, I stepped out as well, carrying the big bag along.

It was still raining and we hurried into the building where he opened the door to his apartment and we got in.

Finally. Sheltered from the rain.

I dropped the bag on the floor and turned to look at him as he started unbuttoning his shirt.

“You can leave” he said icily without looking at me.


He was facing the table, while he unbuttoned the shirt.

“Sir” I called calmly, clasping my palms together.

“Is….is there something bothering you? Is there a problem?” I asked but he didn’t reply.

Okay….another try.

“You can talk to me, sir. I…..I can be of help” I said again and slowly, he turned around to look at me.

Oh! Good Lord!!!

His shirt was halfly opened, exposing a bit of his killer tattooed chest.

Holy Molly!! I wasn’t expecting this.

“You want to be of help?” He asked and started walking towards me.


I gulped nervously and moved back, but he continued walking towards me and at some point, I felt the tone of my heartbeat change.

“If I tell you what I need” he said.
“Would you do it?”

I panicked as I finally got stuck to the wall, unable to move again.

Oh God!

“If….if it’s something I can do…..I will” I stuttered and swallowed hard.

He also stopped walking when stood very close to me and pinned his left hand on the wall over my head.

Our faces were almost touching as he bored his eyes into mine.

“It’s something you can do. Would you do it?” He asked coldly and I felt cold shivers run down my spine.

Oh! Cali, maybe I should’ve kept shut and left when he asked me.

Maybe I should’ve minded my own business.

“I’ll….I’ll….I’ll try my best” I faltered and took in another nervous gulp.

He used his other hand to touch the tip of my hair and slowly, he whispered into my ear:

“What if I tell you I needed s*x?”

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