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Here is the deal. Ariel said as she crossed her leg she was sitting on the couch.

With the jewelries on her and her expensive outfit you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that’s she’s very rich.

She countined. You will pretend to be me while I travel out of the country, here. She threw a rubber face at her.

You are going to wear that whenever you are going out, that way you will have my face.

That means I will be living in the white house (president’s house)? She asked


Yes, you will do my duty you will have access to everything that belongs to me and have the same power as me. Ariel explained further

But why are you leaving? Grace asked

You don’t get to ask me questions. She snapped

Grace nodded as a sign that she understands.

Your elder sister and other siblings will be looked after, their tuition fees will be paid and you can visit them once in a while. But be careful, no one must know about this except those that are in this room. She warned and she nodded.

I will pretend to be the president’s wife. She said to herself out loud.

Yes you will pretend to be the president’s wife. Ariel nodded

Meet Grace Darwin who is asked to pretend to be the first lady for the meantime.

Why is the first lady leaving the country?

Why is she giving her position to someone else?

Will anyone find out about Grace not being the first lady?

If someone does who will that be?

Grab your pop corn because vintage is back with another amazing story.



By vintage library

Episode 1

Will you stop running around the house!? I yell as my twin younger sisters won’t stop fighting over their clothes

It’s mine! That was Monica’s voice

No it’s mine go search for yours somewhere else. Maria replied

Stop acting like ten year old kid you guys are sixteen for crying out loud! I scolded

What’s the issue this time? I asked with my hands on my waist

Monica took my school uniform. Maria answered

It’s mine. Monica defended holding the uniform so tight

No it isn’t I am sure you forgot to wash yours now you are after mine. She said

I forgot to tell you my sister’s are almost not totally but almost identical, their body shape, face and all is almost let’s say 80% identical.

Why won’t you guys let me sleep?! It’s still early. April our eldest sister complained as she walked out of her room.

It’s the twin. I said glaring at them.

It’s almost one in the afternoon and you are still sleeping. Monica said

Then you should be in school. April glared

Monica shook her head as she fold her arm on her chest

Give me my uniform I’m going to be late. Maria said reminding me of why we are standing here

Give me the uniform. I said immediately and Monica walk slowly to hand it over.

I smelt the uniform, they have different body scent so I do solve problem with that sometimes.

It’s Maria’s. I said before turning to Monica. Where’s your uniform?

I don’t know…. I guess I will go and search for it. She said before turning to her sister.

I’m sorry Maria. She apologized

It’s fine, we all make mistakes. Maria said

Now go and get dress while I go back to my beauty sleep. April said about to turn around but I stopped her

Come on April I need to go to work who’s going to take the twins to school? I asked

You can do that. She said

Really? You don’t cook, nor clean the house and you can’t take care of your younger siblings sometimes I wonder if you are my sister or our birth certificate was mixed up. I said

Speak directly so that I can $pank you. She said and I smile

I will set the table, go and get ready too. I said and literally push her back to her room.

Yeah this is the Darwin family, we do this almost everyday. Our parents died when the twin was just ten years old, you got it right it was six years ago.

I finished college on scholarship but my sister April is a dropout.

We aren’t poor neither are we rich, we live in our parents house so we don’t have to worry about rent and i work in an agency, I serve coffees and do any other available chores,I simply serve models and dancer’s.

I am a dancer too in my own world, I once took part in an audition but didn’t make it to finals not because I was not good but my background.

You know the saying, *money can do the impossible* enough about me I need to take my bath too.



Grace. Monica call as she ate her food

Yes. I answered

My shoe is not that good I’m afraid I will walk barefoot in few days, so I need money. She said

I couldn’t say anything when Maria started.

I need money too, my text books are outdated, I need to buy new ones.

I will meet your demands by tommorow. I said

Thanks sis. They chroused

Monica go and clean the plates, Maria go and get your things. April said since we are done eating.

Yes. They chroused standing up to do the duties assigned to them

Grace are you alright? She ask as soon as they were gone

Yes… Yes why won’t I be? I forced a smile.

She’s right I am not alright, getting money is hard my payment is delayed because of a missing jewelry.

A model lost her jewelry few days ago and I was the last in the room, they were contemplating on what to do with me but I’m grateful since I won’t lose my job.

You look….

I cut her short. I am getting late for work, see you at night. I peck her and rush out of the house.

The last thing I want is my sister’s worrying about me, I don’t like that look


White House

Tommy! Ariel yell as she saw the little boy eating chocolate, he rubbed it on his cheek making him look dirty.

Aunt Ariel. He called with fear as the chocolate fell from his hand

Didn’t I tell you to stop doing dirt things? Look at yourself you don’t even look like His Excellency younger brother. She spat

I’m sorry aunt Ariel. He said close to tears

This is how Ariel had been treating the poor boy, Tommy is His Excellency younger brother, half to be exact.

The present president is not suppose to be the president but his late father, few days to swear him in, he died with his wife by food poisioning.

So his first son was sworn in instead of him and his wife Ariel despise his half brother

Where is that pathetic nanny of yours? She asked no one in particular is she stared around

Tommy. A lady who should not be less than 30 jaw dropped as she stared at the boy in front of her.

she left him barely ten minutes and he’s already looking so unclean.

You! Ariel growled as she glared at the woman. What other job do you have except to look after this boy? Why did you leave him?

I’m sorry first lady I…. I went to get you a glass of juice. She said raising the cup

So? Look at him… just take a good look at him, does he look presentable? She ask and the nanny kept mute

Answer me does he? She yelled

No first lady…not at all. She shook her head as she answered

Take him to his room and you. She turned to Tommy. No chocolate for you in the next two weeks. With that she walked away angrily

Tommy. Julia call that’s the name of the Nanny.

I’m sorry Julia I was just craving for chocolate I had no idea she will pass by. He said innocently

I know… Let’s get you clean up. She said holding his arm as she help him to get back to his room.


In a conference Hall

Your Excellency the food scarcity is really a problem the people are complaining. The Senator Jasper said

They are currently having a meeting about the issue of food, China has refused to supply them food and Japan is finding it hard to harvest since they are currently in with the Palestine.

I know I am working on it in no time everything will be fine. Ethan said

But your Excellency the people.

Will you stop that? You are making it sound like it is his Excellency fault, he has no fault in this so stop pinning blames on him. The vice president Manuel

I am not pinning blames I am just reporting what I heard. Senator Jasper stated

Really? Are you sure? Because to me it sounds like you are accusing him…. You make it sound as if he doesn’t care about the people. Vice president Manuel said

No you are the one twisting my word.

Ohh I am, I think I am just saying what you wanted to say directly.

The argument went on as Ethan just stared at them lost in thought of how to make food available and how to make his vice president and Senator get along sometimes in the past they end the meeting early because their argument won’t let them discuss the real issue.

Seems like that is about to happen or not since speaker Antonio is interfering.

Will you stop it? At least keep your personal issues out of this council His Excellency is seated and you are still arguing.

Our apologies your Excellency. They bowed.

I think we should just stop here your argument just made me tired. He said and stood up while they stood up too as a respectf

Some police and soldiers follow Ethan as he walked to his car.


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