He feels so happy right now, at least he’s not impotent like everyone has been saying.

He’s a man, and she’s just a proof that he is.

He showered and came out, she’s still sitting on the bed, and the bandage on her wounded stomach is stained with blood already.

Maybe the wound got scratched as a result of the sx pressure.

She shoved her face in the ground immediately, and he got himself something to wear from the closet, he threw her a yellow hood.

She took it and managed to look at him.

He has finished putting on a sweatshirt and black pants, his hair is still sticky wet, falling sxily on his face.

He doesn’t have numerous tattoos like Romanio, only the falcon tattoo at the back of his neck, then a crescent moon tattoo at the back of his right hand.

His abs and biceps are so sxy!

She swallowed hard before looking away quickly.

He came to her and got a medicine tray containing her treatments from the stand.

“Lay on your back” he said, and she went down on her back immediately.

He covered her thing with the duvet, then he unwrapped the bIoody bandage.

The wound really got scratched, so he applied all the mild treatments before wrapping another bandage on it, then she sat up and put on the hoodie.

It reached the middle of her thighs, and he felt it’s not covering her enough.

He called a guard, and he met him in the living room.

“Get me a skirt from Cat” he ordered, and the guard rushed out

He came back after a while, holding a wide free yard skirt… just what he wants.

He went back in and gave it to her, she put it on and he inhaled.

It’s weird that she even looks sxy in that.

‘Gawd’ he thought, walking to the window.

He feels lightheaded tonight, so he tried smoking again.

He has decided to keep trying till he’ll be able to do it.

Mary kept standing, watching as he lightened the cigar

He leaned on his window and took a long puff, but immediately he blew out the smoke, he started coughing.

“My Lord!” Mary rushed to him.

She’s not tolerant to the smoke too cos she started coughing immediately she got close, but that didn’t stop her from rubbing his back.

She started rubbing his back gently, trying to calm him down.

“Where are your parents?” He suddenly asked, and she stopped rubbing.

“Keep rubbing” he said, and she resumed rubbing his back.

She’s much shorter, so she had to stand on her toes.

“They’re dead” she replied slowly.

“You said your little sis once got poisoned with wash essence, where’s she?” He asked, finally looking at her.

“She died with my parents, same day, car accident” she replied with a sad look.

“Full name” he said.

“Mary Castillo” she replied.

“Face me” he said, and she looked at him.

He scanned her face and she kept blinking, taking in her lower lip.

Immediately his eyes caught her little lips, he looked away.

“Go back to your apartment” he said.

“Yes Lord” she said gently, walking out

He turned back and watched her till she went out of sight.


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