Rosario stepped out of the lab with Mary and she kept following as he took her down the corridor.

His hand felt so cold on hers, and she loves how that feels too, so much that she smiled when she looked at the contact.

He suddenly let go of her hand, stopping to face her, she faced the ground.

“Why were you in there?” He questioned.

“I…I.. was helping Aaron” she replied slowly.

Rosario stepped closer, and she sucked a breath as he held up her chin.

“And what did I say about your body?” He said in a domineering voice.

“It belongs to you my Lord” she said firmly.

“Your movements should be limited to the kitchen or the computer lab, maybe serving at the dinning hall too” he said, letting go of her face.

“Yes Lord” she smiled freely and walked away.

Rosario made sure she went out of sight before returning to the lab.

Romanio was still standing by the door, thinking about why he actually stared at Mary for that long.

Rosario tapped him, and he woke up from his trance.

He glared at Rosario before going in completely.

“The shipments arrives tomorrow, 8pm” Hellcat said, and his lips curved into a thin smile.

“Lucifer….. let’s see how you’re gonna escape unscratched”

“And about the spy, shouldn’t we try the loyalty test right now?, The machine is ready” Hellcat said.

“Right” the twins said at a time, and they glared at each other.

“Isn’t it hightime you guys make up?, This is the longest flght you’ve ever had, and it’s dangerous” Hellcat said.

“The machine” Romanio said, ignoring her.

Lush and Pierce stood at a time, and Lush pressed a password on the wall buttons, a door opened and they all went into the tech room to behold the machine.

All the computer experts have been working on it non-stop since last year, and now it’s finally ready.

“Here’s the masterpiece, once the red light shines on your chest and detects any thoughts that’s toxic to this clan, the snlpper riffle will take care of the person” Pierce said, touching the red light bulb.

“So .. what if it’s malfunctioning?, How are we to know?” Hellcat asked.

“The red light won’t come on” Lush replied.

“Are we testing loyalty today?” Pierce said eagerly.

“Tommorow” Romanio replied, coming out of the room.

The others followed suit.

Rosario’s phone rang, and after picking the call, he faced Romanio.

“Dragonfly will arrive this afternoon, from USA” He said.

“Terrius and Pandora can take care of it” Romanio replied.


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