“Why is everyone scary?, Nightingale sounds like nightmare, Bullet sounds weird, and why would a human being bear Virus?, Then Hellcat?, A cat from h’ll?, Gosh!, I’m not understanding a thing!” Mary grunted as she stood behind the counter.

She has started eating the remaining brownies in the plate by now.

She remembered Aaron’s words.


She didn’t give him any answer, so he told her to think about it, but no matter how much she thinks, it’s not right.

If they get caught, that’ll be their last day on Earth.

“Hey baby Donna!” Lush rushed into the kitchen.

“Lush!, Thought you were busy!” She smiled.

“Yes, but I had to come see you, I wanna ask something” Lush drew closer

“I saw Lord Rosario staring at you the other time at the lab, did anything happen?, Like…” She asked, and Mary smiled shyly, biting her lip before talking.

“Yes….last night”

“Really?” Lush said shockingly.

Mary nodded.

“OMG!, So how was it!”

“Pleasuring” Mary replied shyly again.

“Gosh!, Can’t believe this!, But he deserves it….for sucking the kraits venom out of your body,he…

“Huh?” Mary said surprisingly.

“You don’t know?, Clyde brought you out of the valley but Lord Rosario sucked the venom out of your body, Hellcat ordered for you to be taken out of the ice cell, you sure have a lot of protectors but Lord Rosario’s involvement is shocking” Lush explained.

“He…he did?”

“Of course!, And if that’s the case, I want to turn what I’m suspecting to reality, you have to seduce him” Lush said, and Mary looks confused.

“$educe?, How?”

“Watch me” Lush replied and stepped back, then she started twisting and twerking, her small @ss shaking as she did, then she came to Mary and started caressing her like she’s a guy, digging her hands under her clothes.

Mary quickly stopped her.

“As you dance and twerk, you’ll take off your clothes till you’re stark nked, it’s called strlp dance, he dare not fall” Lush winked

“No no!, I don’t want to do that, it’s unholy” Mary said.

“Then is sx holy?, I’m sure he fingered you, is that holy?, He gave you tonguing too, is it holy?, You’d have given him BJ, is that holy?* Lush said flatly.

“Bye!” Mary said and rushed out of the kitchen, Lush laughed loudly.

“No…I won’t do it…. I won’t” Mary said as she walked down the corridor very fast.

She bumped into a familiar chest, and when she looked up and saw Romanio, her eyes widened.

“I’m so sorry my Lord!” She quickly bowed.

“Watch where you’re going and stop acting blind!” He barked.

She remained bowing till he walked away from her, then she ran out of the corridor.

Romanio turned back and sighed.

“I need to go to Lawrence for a brain test, when did all these start? I didn’t kll her for bumping?, I need test” he muttered to himself.

“Roma!, Godfather Escobar on screen!” Rosario said from the other end of the corridor, and Romanio quickly rushed to him.

They entered the lab together and the old man is truly on screen

He’s in his early fifties, he has a roll of weed between his lips, smoking like ceaser.

He’s the only friend of Smoke when he was still alive.

“Godfather!” Romanio said happily, smiling for the first time in years.

“Good to see you both, Smoke’s boys” Escobar smiled, and Rosario chuckled.

“Are you coming soon?” Rosario asked eagerly.

“Yes, pretty soon” Escobar replied.

“Can’t wait godfather” Romanio replied.

“You both are on the battlefield?” Escobar said, noticing the cold air surrounding them.

They looked at each other.

“No” they replied at a time.

“Then hug” Escobar said.

“What!” They both shouted.

“Right now” Escobar insisted, and they faced each other.

“Smile” Escobar said, and they smiled as they hugged tightly.

“I need to go now” Escobar went off screen, And they pushed each other away immediately.

“Nothing changed, I’m still so angry at you” Romanio said.

“Your choice” Rosario replied.

They both rolled eyes and left the lab at a time.



Two middle aged men who are obviously foreigners were already standing when a black Ferrari drove into the worksite, and Pandora came out of it.

A treacherous smile covered the faces of the men immediately.

She was holding a bag which she pointed at them immediately she got to them.

They pointed the bag with them at her too, and the exchange took place.

They opened the bag and found what’s supposed to be there, cool cash.

Pandora opened hers, but instead of dragonfly (heroin), she met dried leaves.

“Two can play the game, but it’s three this time” the first one smiled, drawing his gvn.

Pandora remained standing as he aimed for her head.

“I wasn’t expecting the great empire to send a frail bch like you, but it’s all cool” he said, and the second man started laughing as he made to pull the trlgger.

Immediately his hand touched it, a different gvnshot sounded, the bvllet rammed into his head, and he went down straight.


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