“How was it?” Aaron asked when Mary came in with the tray.

“I bumped into Lord Romanio” she whispered, and his eyes widened.

“What part of your body did he shoot?”

“Shoot?, He didn’t” she replied, and his eyes widened again.

“What!, He didn’t?, Wait….how is that even possible” he said.

“What do you mean?”

“Anyone who bumps into Lord Romanio bumped into death, he klls whoever makes that mistake” Aaron replied

“Then I must be really lucky” she smiled, dropping the tray.

“I was just about to go serve at the dinning, will you help me too?” He asked.

“Of course,let’s go” she replied cheerfully.

“Wait…” He said, picking a plate of brownies from the counter.

“Try it” he said, giving it to her.

She took it and plopped one into her mouth.

“Hmmn!, It’s tasty!”

“It’s all yours” he smiled

“I’ll eat it all after we finish serving, let’s go serve for now” she replied, dropping the plate, but some of the brownie syrup stained her lips already.

He went closer to her and held her shoulder before wiping her lips with his right thumb.

“I… it’s… dangerous to touch me, Lord Rosario will get angry” she said slowly, and Aaron smiled.

“He’s not here now anyways” he said, licking the thumb he wiped her lips with.

Mary pushed out the first food table and he smiled before pushing out the second one.

They got to the dinning hall shortly, everyone were already on seat, so they started serving immediately.

Clyde couldn’t take his eyes off her as she placed the dishes on the table.

Virus and Nightingale were shooting laser beams at her with their eyes.

Hellcat entered the hall last, and just when she was about to sit, Mary turned her elbows unknowingly, htting Hellcat’s shoulder with it.

“I’m so sorry…I…

Hellcat raised her hand on her, ready to sI.ap her… Mary closed her eyes, expecting it.

Aaron and Clyde were about to stand to her defence when Hellcat dropped her hand.

“I hate mistakes” she said before sitting.

“I’m really very sorry” Mary said again…

“And stop saying sorry” Hellcat interrupted.

“Yes ma’am” Mary replied, and Hellcat spranged up.

“Ma’am?, Do I look like a ma’am!”she yelled, and Mary shifted back fearfully.

She looks really scary right now.

“Cat stop, you’re scaring her” Clyde spoke up.

“Why are you being extra edgy and cranky to her?” Aaron said.

“For less problems, I should introduce us” Rapunzel stood and introduced everyone.

“I guess you know Aaron and Clyde already, so I’m done” Rapunzel said lastly and sat.

“Nice to…meet you…all” Mary said slowly.

“Serve already and get the fk out!” Virus and Nightingale said at a time, and Mary flinched.

“Aaron….can I….go?” She whispered.

“I’ll meet you in the kitchen” Aaron replied, and Mary left.


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