Title : DAWN



Episode 4

“He started with some silly questions which I also found weird that made me uncomfortable. I decided to leave his office.. Walking to the door he dragged me back by my wrist forcefully. He began trailing his fingers down my cheek bones to my jaw ”
…End of flashback..

The warm water suddenly felt hot but I wasn’t concerned. The pain I feel is hotter than fire itself.

He trailed kisses down my neck speaking rubbish into my ears. I struggled out of his tight hold and jumped down the desk but once again I was held back of my free will.

I kicked his groins to freed myself, he held me by my arms and sent me a thunderous slap. He pinned me to the desk with his pressed against me down, he covered my mouth with his huge hard hands when I tried to call for help.

He tore my dress and fondled painful on my tender chest, I screamed at the locks against me. I poured out strength and pushed him off, he punched me on my stomach and I fell weak, I screamed with little strength but still he slapped blood out of me.

Hot tears, I looked around for something to hit him with but I found none. I placed my teeth on his hand against me and gave him a hard bite, he winced and punched the hell out of me. I couldn’t struggle no more, my dignity was forcefully taken away from me.

I felt my legs widened and a sharp piercing pain followed. I screamed out my heart hoping to be rescued from the hands of this demon but no. He murdered my being and tore my soul apart leaving me to my flesh, he walked out the door.

I was shattered, my stomach and hurt but I was left in my blood and pains. I crawled out the door to the gate, it was night already and the school was empty just a security guard who helped me home.

Please help me make him pay for ruining the dreams of this teenage girl, please! ”
….End of Flashback..

Tears didn’t fall, I didn’t cry anymore..i guess the tears bank is completely empty now. The final court hearing is tomorrow and I will watch him go to jail and rot in there.

He will finally pay for all the wrongs he did to be. I came out of the bathroom, peeled off my clothes and changed into my pyjamas. I laid on my bed and closed my eyes to sleep.

My eyes fluttered open to the sound of singing birds of the morning, I turned my eyes to the direction of the window covered in blinds..it was bright and the sun had set already.

. And just then realization stuck on me, it is today. I will have the justice that I deserve but the pains I feel will never go away, I want him to feel just the way I feel.

I took off the blanket and looked at my hand wrapped in bandage, courtesy mum. I struggled off the bed covered in white sheets and slipped my feet into my flip flops then headed for the bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror and realized my lips hasn’t curved in a smile for long. I had my shower and got clad in a black dress, I picked a pair of sandals and slide my feet into them then sat on my bed to buckle.

The door opened and my parents walked in

“Good morning dear, how was your night? ” mum asked, I nodded and buckled up. I stood up and looked at them, Dad walked closer to me and arranged my hair

“You’re going to get justice today ” he said. Mum held my hand and led me to sit on the dressing table, she picked a brush and brushed my hair slowly

“Be strong dear, Whatever happens today, stay confident ” she picked an hairband and held the plaits she did.

We had breakfast and headed for the hearing in court. Dad pulled over and we were crowded by a group of disturbing journalists taking pictures, videos and asking questions.

The cops helped us escape them into the filled up court room. It started, I sat right next to my lawyer and gazed at the devil in the suspect box, all that was in my head was him rotting in hell where he belongs.

The last witness was called and it happened to be the security man that helped me. He was asked several questions and he lied about all of it, he denied even seeing me that night.

My fist balled and I felt my knuckles reddened, the devil and his angels, he bribed them all. I turned to look at him trying to hide his smile, you devil! You’ll pay for this.

It was time for the judge to give the final statement, I held the chair tightly and closed my eyes so tight I felt it will burst.

“With all the evidence gathered and witness provided on the allegations of sexual assault on miss Dawn Scott by Mr Jones Walters, I hereby find Mr Jones Walters…. ” the judge paused. Come on! Come on!.

“Not guilty ” .

My pains doubled but my anger kept boiling, I felt it steaming, a pour out of sweat covered my whole body. I opened my eyes slowly and turned to see him smiling and hugging some idiots.

He can’t go Scot free, I won’t let this happen I can’t let this happen. I stood up from the chair and walked ignoring the voices I hear that call the name ‘Dawn’.

I walked slowly, then increased my pace, I got closer to him and stared at him for a long time. I was standing right before him, staring deep into his dark eyes still all I could see was DAWN.

The Dawn he took away from me, my bright DAWN with sunshine itself. His disgusting lips curved in a devilish smile.

“I hate you! I hate you! You ruined my life and took away my dawn” I said lowly and movered closer to him.

“I HATE YOU!!! ”

I screamed at the top of my voice with a knife pierced into his heart, his mouth opened in shock, gush of blood flowing out.

“that’s just how deep you pierced into my soul and took my life. This isn’t DAWN! You killed her long ago” I whispered into his eyes ignoring the people around me,

I watched him fall down and die.

Curse me! Say all kinds of things about me but that won’t hurt one bit cause the pains of a shattered teenage girl will come to murder when she isn’t given what she deserves.

Don’t hurt us, don’t ruin our lives, don’t make us end up as murderers, don’t make the gift of our womanhood be a curse, don’t make us regret our being, please don’t leave us shattered and don’t take away our dignity!.


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