The lost kingdom
Episode 1

Written by Chichi Tonia
In a village named okiji, the land of fertile, and
blessings and is the the greatest among the other
Everything was going well for them and they live in
peace .
But they forbid twins in the village because to them
twins is a taboo, any woman that gave birth to twins in
the village they will bury that twins alive because that
is their tradition.
In the village there lived a couples married for 17yrs
without any child.
Nkiru: my husband we have been married for 17years
without any child to show for it or are you not bothered
about me not be able to give you a child?
Anayo: why will i be bothered when i know is the gods
that give children, we should have patient with time the
gods shall answer us. please my darling wife don’t
worry yourself too much with time we shall have our
own children
Nkiru: when? that was what you have been since all
these years, is it when we get old that the gods will
give us children, please i can’t take it anymore
everywhere i go people always mock me saying that
am a barren woman that i can’t even give my husband
one child not to talk of chilren.
I can’t take this anymore we need to do something
about this
Anayo: so what do you want us to do?
Nkiru: I suggest we should go to the neighbouring
village to seek help from the great priestess
Anayo: i think you have a point my darling wife, no
problem tomorrow early morning we shall go to the
neighbouring village to seek help from the prietess.
The next day
They went to see the priestess as they agreed.
priestess: what brought you two here?
Anayo: Great priestess of igala we came here to seek
for your help
priestess: And what help do you seek for?
Nkiru: please my great priestess we have been married
for 17years without any child and i will like to have my
own child so people will stop mocking me and my
husband, pls help us
priestess: you both came at the right place, and what
you seek for you shall have it but on one condition
nkiru & anayo: (both ask the same time) and what is
the condition my priestess?
priestess: A life must be involve i will give you
instructions on what to do, after that one month time
you shall conceive and your husband will die
Nkiru: Ah …. my priestess is there no other no other
way, i can’t bear to lose my husband please i beg of
priestess: There is no other way i will give you a child
in exchange of your husband’s life, better still both of
you should go home and think very well whether you
are ready for the task ahead.
Do you think is a right decision for them to take?

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