UNDERCOVER MAID : Episode 11 – The End


By Godsmercy

Episode 11

Kimberly’s pov

I honestly don’t know why Mr Bergson was rushing his drink.
In a swift moment he was out of sight as if he was flying.
I heaved a sigh of relief when he finally left.
I sat down on the sofa and thought for a while.
Why was his look strange? Does he suspect me to possess an evil spirit like his wife?
I wanted to go up to his room and tell him about all the nightmares I’ve had lately but I hesitated.
I’ll sleep here on the sofa just in case.

I didn’t know when I slept off but I must have slept for long despite the uncomfortable position.
Because when I opened my eyes and gazed at the wall clock, it was 5.36am.
I stretched on the sofa and got up. I went upstairs to my room.
I’ve noticed something, I didn’t have any scary dream while sleeping on the sofa in the living room downstairs.
I sighed and entered the bathroom.


Mr Bergson’s pov

Fay’s case is now settled with the police and it’s now in the court.
Momma Ella and her daughter are serving as eye witnesses and they are testifying incredibly in court.
The case has been adjourned till next month.
I can now focus on my business without distractions
Kimberly is taking good care of Bryan, my son and I’m trying all my best to avoid getting close to her.
Though my body has been betraying me lately, I have to compose and exercise the highest of self control.

Lisa’s pov

My husband has not done anything to get me out of here not even pushed further for bail
All he does is to rather intensify the issue.
He wouldn’t allow me see or talk to my son.
How does he expect me to trust that w!tch? Kimberly Jackson.
And one more thing, I hope she is not in any where trying to seduce my husband to sleep with her.
The thought of that killed me. I must go to that mansion today but first I must deal with that stupid spirit of Fay.

White Shadow’s _pov

I was still sitting in the garden area keeping watch on the mansion when I saw Lisa arriving in her usual thick black shadow form.
I sprung from my seat and followed her quietly.
She tried to enter into the mansion but I blocked her movement.
“Fay what’s your problem? This is my home” she blurted angrily.
“Lisa you don’t have a home. You should understand that this is my home and not yours” I responded calmly.
“Really Fay. You are so funny. You should be in the grave and not trying to interfere in other people’s matters” she yelled.
“So what do you want?” I asked ignoring her useless comment.
“I want to check how my son is faring and probably clear my doubt between my husband and Kimberly ”
I let out a hoarse laugh when she mention Kimberly and Ethan. she looked at me confused.
I furrowed my eyes and looked at her with a blank expression.
“You killed me and took Ethan from me and now you’re scared that someone else will take him from you. You’re such a clown Lisa Petkoff I remarked.
“Then watch me” she said breathlessly.

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