By : Kebby NG

Have you ever heard of a groom who went missing on his wedding day?

You must, and your thought must have been that he eloped with someone else’s woman or because the marriage is an arranged one, but what actually transpired is the opposite of your thoughts.

In this story it happened, a groom went missing on his own wedding day, he didn’t try to elope with someone else’s woman or ditch his future wife, the fact is that he was k!dnapped by a lady.

UNFORSEEN LOVE : EPISODE 1 - 10. Thingscouplesdo

Who is this lady? And why on earth will he k!dnap a groom on the very day of his wedding?

Did she do it because she has feelings for him or because she has a grudge on him?

No! None of the above. She did it for something else, something you will never imagine.

The Lady who goes by the name Romina Zaragoza. She is the one who k!dnapped the groom for an unknown reason.

She believed her half brother is behind every misfortune that has befallen them, Neil Zaragoza.

They both want to have the company that their father used years to build. But to have the company, they need the will.

You know a will? A document someone writes before they die. It usually contains everything about his properties, who will take over and all.

But something strange happened to the will a day after their father wrote it an accident happened and the will went missing. But all this had nothing to do with our groom, so why did she k!dnap him?

So, Romina plans on doing whatever it takes to find the missing will, which she believes can prove that she is the rightful heiress to the company.

Neil is also heII bent on getting the will, not to prove him as the heir to the company but for an unknown reason.


Episode 1

By : Kebby NG

Tons of people both male and female, some dressed in a nurse’s uniform, doctor’s coat some on patient’s garments.

They all kept the corridor busy as they walked to and fro, each person with his/her own agenda.

A group of doctors walked out of the OR (operating room). They were dressed in surgery gowns.

“That was a good one doctor Elias” a junior doctor complimented him as they walked close.

He just saved a life again, he performed a very complicated surgery successfully, this is within a short period of time.

“Thanks guys but I would not have been able to do it if not for all of you” Doctor Elias replied.

“Ohh mine we didn’t do anything except watching you” One of the doctors said.

“Yeah, you did everything from the beginning to the end and for that we should drink” One of the friends replied.

“Have you forgotten doctor Elias doesn’t drink” Another said

“You should stop talking about useless things like drinking and learn from doctor Elias” The chief doctor who is in his late fifties said.

“Good afternoon chief” The junior doctors bowed

“Now go away” He said strictly

“Good job See you later doc, Congratulations on your wedding” They muttered as they walked away.

“Chief” James called as soon as they were gone

“Ohh mine” he sighed, “I feel like crying everytime I remember your wedding I feel like I am losing you” He said sadly

“Chief don’t be like that I am getting married am not dying, and I will still work in this hospital” He said.

“I know, but you don’t understand kid, getting married is like signing your su!cide note” by this time his hand was already wrapped around Elias’ shoulder while walking with him.

“You will no longer be free to do what you want, you have to take permission before you can make any decision and,”

“Chief” Elias interrupted him, “it’s not taking permission it’s asking for advice and giving your spouse a sense of belonging, I think you will only feel like signing your su!cide note if you get married to the wrong person, but to me Iris is just perfect” he smiled.

“Elias, you have been brainwashed” chief uttered h!tting his forehead with his palm.

He turned him to face him, “Elias listen to me” before he could say something else Elias phone rang

“Excuse me chief” he said

“You can go” he muttered jesturing with his hand Elias bowed respectfully before walking away.

“That boy, he proves himself wise everytime. I wonder if his IQ is more than mine” Chief said before walking away in an opposite direction.

“Where have you been? I have been calling and sending texts messages but you ignored it all” Iris scolded over the phone

“I am sorry babe I was in the OR” he explained

“That’s fine at least you are not with some bch” she said

” Is that what you think of me? “He asked

” No! not you, I trust you but I just don’t trust those nurses in your hospital….. They are pro$t!tutes” she said

“Be mindful of your language Iris” he warned

“Fine can you come pick me up, I just met with the designer for my gown” she said

“I will be there text me the address” he said

“Thanks love” she muttered before ending the call.

Even though Iris and Elias are totally opposite, the saying implies on them opposite attracts.



“Mom! Mom!” Romina screamed trying to hold her mother down, she was shaking vigorously on the bed.

She was having an attack again, the computer kept beeping loudly indicating her unstable heartbeat.

“Where is that doctor?!” She asked no one as she tried to do CPR on her mother.

“Darn it! This is not going to work” she muttered reaching for her cell phone.

She tried to dial the doctor’s number when the door suddenly opened and the doctor walked in.

“I am really sorry Miss…” She didn’t let him finish his sentence.

“Apologise after you save her” she pointed at her mother.

“What happened to her?” He asked dropping his briefcase carelessly on the floor as he climbed on the bed, kneeling beside the woman.

“Maybe it would not have been like this if you had come earlier” she said folding her hands below her bbs.

He placed his stethoscope on her chest. Romima rolled her eyes before asking, sarcastically. “Is that necessary? Can’t you see she’s struggling to breathe even with the aid of a machine?”

“Will you Let me do my job?” He requested

“I will teach you if you are incapable” She mumbled below her breath feeling pissed at the fact that he came late and the thought of her losing her mother

He inject her with something and her heartbeat went back to normal immediately.

He opened her eyes with his hand point a light at it before closing it.

He sighed and turned to Romima, “she’s stable”

“I can see” she whispered staring at her mother

“Miss Zaragoza, your mama’s condition is not getting better and we need to act fast or we might lose her forever” He said

“I know” She mumbled,

“Have you thought about my suggestion?” He asked

“What should I do? Just give up on her? I can’t do that” She said walking closer to the bed.

She removed the strands of hair on her face and said, “she’s all I have I can’t just give up, she is counting on me not to give up”.

She turned to face the doctor, “I won’t neither will you, we are both going to save her at all cost, so get that fking thought out of your big head”

“I understand your feelings Miss Zaragoza but I don’t think I can save your mother” He blunted

“What are you talking about? Are you doubting your own ability? Who are you? An id!ot?”She asked “How did you get the certificate in the first place? Did you steal it?”

“I won’t accept those insults miss Zaragoza” He said with a slight frown

“Then don’t give me a reason to insult you” She said with a stern look.

“I am not saying I’m not capable…”

She cut him short. “Then what were you saying?”

“All I am saying is that we have specialist in this field” He paused and she took the opportunity to talk

“If you weren’t a specialist why did you take the job? Why say you can help when you don’t know how? I knew it from the very first day I saw you wearing that old rag you call a suit that you are nothing but a fraud. You were after the money weren’t you?” She asked

“Miss Zaragoza!” He yelled in his loudest voice

“Doctor Nathan!” She yelled in her loudest voice too. “One more thing, stop yelling my name as if this is the first time you will be hearing it”She said in a normal tone

He stared at her breathing heavily, he’s been working for her for a long time now and she does this whenever something goes wrong with her mother but no matter how much he tries to get use to it he just can’t, she’s too much.

“I can’t save your mom but I know a doctor who can save her” He said

“Why didn’t you start with that and make me waste my saliva?” She said

“I never asked you to interrupt me” He replied

“Geez look at this thing in a white clothe looking like a ghost that can’t save a life speaking back to me” She said not minding if what she said was rude or not

“Mind your choice of words miss Zaragoza” He said

“Whatever!” She rolled her eyes. “Are you going to give me the name of the doctor or not?” She asked

“If not for the old woman I..” she cut him short. “What would you have done? You won’t give me? Go ahead then I will sue you let’s see if you will still be able to wear a tie when you return from prison”

He gulp down as he is well aware of the fact that she can do it.

“You gonna give me the name or what?” She asked

“Doctor Elias De Vera” . He said.

“Such a boring name” she mumbled

Gosh! Her father’s $p.erm must be drunk when it fertilized this thing in front of him.

“His address and picture and his history, send them to my email” she said pressing something on her phone.

“History?” He asked staring at her confusly

“Yes the type of job he has done and the results, dummy” She said. “I don’t want to repeat the same mistake”

“I assure you that he’s the best in the state” He assured

“At least you know someone is better than you but I will see for myself to be convinced” She said

“Leave I have important things to do than to argue with you” She added

He shook his head briefly before picking up his briefcase.

He stopped when she said. “If I don’t get the email by midnight, you might lose that thing you call a license”

He stared at her before nodding his head as a sign that he understands.

“So annoying I wonder how I didn’t notice his incompetent” she said walking closer to her mom.

She covered her with the duvet as she said.

“I will make sure the next doctor will be a good one and not an id!ot like him, I promise to get you back on your feet mom”

She stood straight to check the IV when farmiliar voice called her.



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