Episode 9

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How is he going to convince her to let him go? She looks pretty scary. “I have a plan,” Elias said as he stood up.

‘I will have to se..duce her, I know she has feelings for me. I have to use my manly charm,’ he thought.

What if she doesn’t fall for him? Or get to know her plans immediately? He still needs to try, it is better to make an attempt and fail than sit and do nothing.

He won’t be stuck in there for long, he will figure out her weakness and use it against her, everyone has a weakness.

But he has never seduced anyone, how is he going to do it without looking like an amateur?

He walked closer to the table Romina placed the food, and he pulled the chair beside it for himself.

Romina watched him from the hidden CCTV camera in the room, she smiled as she watched him eat.

She was still watching when she heard a knock on the door, she closed her laptop and rushed towards the door to meet her nanny who was waiting for her.

“You have a document sent from the office,” she informed and handed her an envelope. “Thanks,” Romina appreciated and she nodded before closing the door.

She sat on her bed as she went through the documents, it was the same thing she has been reading for years, sales of the company’s product.

It made her sad that nothing seems to be working in her favor, it has always been her dream to launch a new model but everything just seems too much for her.

She sighed and closed the envelope, she walked back to her computer and stopped watching Elias. She went to some saved documents on her laptop, which contains the information about the new robot she is hoping to launch.

She went through it with a sad smile and said, “you weren’t given a chance to do this for you guys.”

It was an unsuccessful project of her parents, it’s her responsibility to complete it now.



“Why do we have kid’s favorites?” Iris asked her mom as she set the table. They are about to have dinner, and most of the foods on the table are kids’ favorites.

“It’s for the twins, this is their first time eating here I want them to feel comfortable,” she replied. “Comfortable? Who gives a damn if they are not?” She asked angrily and her mother h!t her on the shoulder.

“Mom! Did you h!t me because of those two?” She asked. “Those kids are your keys, we have to pretend to be nice,” Nina said taking a seat at the table.

“I don’t want to, I’m tired of putting up with them. Elias is gone so there is no need for pretence, I can hurt them and make them pay for their brother’s sin,” she said nonchalantly.

“Iris,” she called and pulled a chair for herself, she sat down and held Iris’s hand. “Elias could be somewhere near for all we know, you have to put up with his siblings. You brought them here anyway,” she said.

Iris looked away and withdrew her hand from her mother’s, “what if something terrible happened?” She asked, staring into space with fear in her eyes. If it is true that something happened to Elias she won’t be able to take it.

She might not be on good terms with his siblings and act like a crazy wench sometimes but that does not change a thing about what she feels.

“Something bad like? Kidnapped?” Nina gasped. “Yes, his car was spotted in a bushy area obviously on his way to church. His phone was there too, he couldn’t have headed towards the church if he was going to run away,” Iris stated.

Nina sighed and fidget with her fingers, “if your instincts are right, who would have done that? He isn’t the type of guy you would hold grudges against. So who could have done it?” She asks staring directly at Iris’s eyes, searching for answers.

“I’m not sure,” Iris said and bowed her head, everything is frustrating. “Eloped or k!dnapped, those two know something,” she finalized.

“You are so convinced that they will be of help, what if they won’t be? What are you going to do?” Nina asked. “They know something, the twins are so important to Elias. He must have told them something, a clue about his plans,” she replied.

“What if they don’t tell you? They don’t like us, there is an eighty percent (80%) possibility they aren’t going to tell you,” she said and Iris doubted herself getting them to talk.

“Even if they don’t, Elias won’t abandon them, he Is going to come back for them and when he does I will be waiting,” she said, and her anger and determination became obvious with each word.

Iris lost her appetite after the conversation so she decided to serve them their food, they were sitted on the bed when she walked in, “dinner,” she informed them and dropped the tray on the stool in the room.

“Good night,” she said before leaving the room, she locked the door and went to her room.

She felt her heart sunk when she saw her packed bags, she didn’t plan on spending another night in her room. She thought that night was going to be her first with Elias, she would finally be his wife.

But here she is sleeping in her room alone like always and still single, she removed the ring from her hand and a sad smile crept on her lips.

She remembered how they met, she tried to commit su!¢ide after her ex-boyfriend left her. Elias was on duty that very day, she fell in love with his personality.

Even though her siblings were against their relationship he never made her feel unloved.

The day he proposed to her it was the happiest day of her life, it was like everything she ever wanted was given to her.

She thought today will be much happier but it happened to be her saddest day. She gently climbed the bed and hugged her knee to herself as the hot liquid flowed out of her eyes down to her cheeks.



“Good morning Dr.” Romina greeted walling into the room, specifically towards the table she placed the tray of food.

She was wearing a short white gown with a blue belt around her waist, her hair packed in a ponytail, and a blue heel matching her belt.

“Morning my k!dnapper,” he replied and she chuckled. “My name is Romina,” she said facing him with her right hand on the table and the left on her waist.

“Yeah, but your profession is k!dnapping, *you said good morning Dr. And I replied k!dnapper*,” he explained. “That’s not my profession, I work in a robotic company,” she said.

“I’m not aware of that, but I guess that is what you use as a cover-up, clever,” he clapped his hands. “I’ll bring your breakfast,” she said and left the room.

He bit his lower lip hard enough to bleed but thankfully it didn’t. He still hasn’t figured out how to seduce, he has no way of learning it since he has no access to the Internet.

“I can do this, for Iris, Draco, Diana, and me. I’m not ready to d!e, she could decide to kll me, and I don’t want to d!e a vrgin,” he cried with his mouth pouted like that of a kid.



“Looking extra beautiful, got a date?” Nora asked as Romina walked into the office. “Is that a new way of saying, good morning boss?” Romina ask as she sat on the chair designated for her.

“Good morning boss Romina,” she greeted sitting on the visitors’ chair too. “Got a date?” She asked.

“No,” she replied. “It’s a crime to look this beautiful without a date,” Nora said and Romina laughed. “What’s the penalty by the law?” She asked.

“You have to pay for my makeup every month,” she answered. “Idiot,” she mutter and they laughed.

“Good morning ma’am,” a girl greeted. “Morning,” Romina replied. “This parcel is for you ma’am,” she said and

Romina signaled to Nota to collect it and she did. “You can leave,” she said and the girl walked away.

“What are you still doing here?” Fromina asked Nora who was standing. “It could be a bomb from your brother,” she joked but Romina was not in the mood for jokes so she gave her a warning glare, and she walked away.

Romina was hesitant in opening the parcel, the unknown person always sends it to her, it’s a clue about her parent’s d.eath.

She doesn’t know if the unknown is an enemy or a friend, it is always the same thing *un amigo y un enemigo a veces vienen con la misma cara* a Spanish word which means, *a friend and an enemy sometimes come with the same face*.


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