Episode 2

By Kebby NG Media Services

Elias parked his car in front of the mall Iris described to him, stepped out of the car and brought out his phone to call Iris, suddenly he felt a peck on his cheek,

“About to call me?” Iris asked grinning

” Yes” he replied

“Let’s go the sun is so hot” she pouted as she opened the passengers seat at the back to put the shopping bags.

“What’s that?” He asked

“Clothes and toys, they are for Diana and Draco” She answered walking around the car to get to the passengers seat.

“You know they won’t use it, why do you keep wasting your money?” He wondered getting into the car.

“I have to keep trying until they like me” She replied putting on her seatbelt.

Diana and Draco are twins, Elias younger siblings, they don’t make friends easily and they hate Iris with reasons best know to them.

No matter how hard Elias tries to get them to talk about it, they end up saying anything.

“They will have to accept you, they don’t have a choice. You will be their sister in-law in the next two weeks so they better get use to you” He said already driving home.

“We shouldn’t force them, it may complicate things” She said

“I am sure they will learn to love you once they see what I see” He said.

“Wow, mind telling me what you see? She pouted

“Ummmm” He made some sounds and arch his brow before saying, “No it should be know to me”

“I am really curious, tell me babe”she pouted

“Still a no” he replied

“Fine keep it to yourself” she snapped faking a frown

“You are still curious, aren’t you?”

“No I don’t care” She snapped turning to back him as a blush appear on her face

“I might change my mind if you admit you wanting to know” He said

“Still a..” She turned to face him quickly. “Yes, tell me”

“Nah I still want to keep it to myself” he said

“You are annoying” She said hitting him playfully

“This annoying person will be your husband soon” and she blushed. He loves making her blush, she always look cute.



“Huh” Romina answered as the person turning around

“Dear your brother is here”Nanny Gloria informed

She’s the nanny that has been with her since she was a kid and they bond really well.

Also the only person after doctor Nathan that seems to know about her mother’s condition.

“I will be there, serve him something”She said

“Alright” Nanny Gloria nodded before closing the door

“Mom I will take my leave now, I need to go and hear what he has to say. I have no doubt he is going to cause trouble” she said and peck her cheek.

Neil was standing with his hands in his pocket staring at the family portrait which didn’t include him, his juice was on the stool when Romina got downstairs.

“Excuse me”Nanny Gloria excused herself before dissappearing into the kitchen

“Hey ba$tard”Rachel greeted him. Well that is how they greet each other. Romina hands was folded under her breast, standing on the last stair.

He frowned but quickly replaced it with a smile, he can’t deny the fact that Romima’s voice still has this great effect on him.

“Hi arrogant sis” he said with a fake smile as he turned to face her.

“You look sad, is it because of the picture?” She feigned concern making him scoff

“If you had shown your face earlier maybe your face would have been there, just maybe” She added

They have been like that since the beginning always at each other’s throat, saying hurtful and abusive words to each other.

“Yeah you are right but when I think about it. You might end up looking like the black sheep of the family since I am handsome. I would not want my ungrateful sister to die of depression” He said with a devilish smirk at the end of his word.

“Why don’t you drink your juice to calm you nerves, the feelings of rejection is obvious” She mocked

“Thanks I would not want to be buried next to my father” He said

“Wow the wicked run when no one purses” She said

“I thought you quit church” he said

“I thought you quit being eviI” She replied

He frowned glaring at her from head to toe with a wishful thinking that she will just fall and d!e

“That look does not suit you, it brings out the d’mon in you” She said

“I am not a d’mon” he stated angrily.

“If that is what you say to console yourself I must admit that it’s an improvement” She utter

“I don’t have the whole day you see, I am not jobless like you so tell me what brought you here” she walked closer to him

“At least I am not taking someone else’s position” He blunted

“You haven’t accept the fact that you are a bstard and no matter what you do, RGC (ROBOTICS GROUP OF COMPANY) will never be yours” she smirk in victory after seeing his sour expression

He is just so determined to take the company while Romina is determined not to let it go.

“Just a little patience Romina, just a little, I will take what’s rightfully mine” He assured

“I will be patient to see you fall”he said

“See you around orphan” He wave his hand about to walk away.

“I have a mother” she yelled after him

“Who is missing” He said still walking away

“Id!ot!” Romima cvrse h!tting her leg on the floor angrily

“That bstard makes my bI.ood boil” She muttered



“Kids I am home” Elias announced as he opened the door for Iris to walk inside, helping her with the shopping bags.

“We are not kids” Draco utter typing something on his laptop

“A welcome would have been better” Elias said roughing his hair

“Gosh stop doing that I told you I am not some baby”. He utter with a frown

“Our boy is twelve he’s grown up now” Iris said with a smile

Diana could be seen running down the stairs with so much excitement as she rushed her words. “Welcome Elias I ha….” But she trailed off and stopped half way on the stairs as she saw Iris.

“She’s with you”. She said with disgust

“Yeah and you should greet her too” James said

“I was wondering where the offensive odour was coming from now I know” Draco said shaking his head

“Draco! Elias called warningly

“Hi Iris”. Diana greeted quickly and before she could reply she countined her words.

“I have been waiting all day for your return” She said standing in front of him, raising her head to stare at his face.

“Why? Did something happened?” He rushed his questions with concern

“Yes Casper mistakingly ate my chocolate now he’s sick, he needs medical attention” She rushed her words

“You still have that creature?” Iris ask squeezing her face in disgust

“I see my brother still plans on marrying you” Diana replied

“Di ..”

“Let’s go Elias”. She cut him short immediately dragging his hand

“I will be right back”He said and blew a kss at Iris before following Diana.

“Draco”Iris walk to sit beside him but he stood up went to sit somewhere else.

Iris was hurt but she hid it, she draw the shopping bags close to herself and brought out a face cap with the logo of Hogwarts.

“Look Draco I know you love Harry Potter so I got you this” She said waving the face cap to get his attention

“I can afford that, you know?” He said coldly

“Yeah but I still brought it as a gift”She said

“I am sure the orphans will appreciate it if you take it to the orphanage” he snapped not sparing her a glance

She gulp down wishing she could just h!t him on the head, she has done nothing wrong to the twin but the hate they have for her can not be compared to anything.

She sometimes sit down to calculate when they met and the things she has done to make them hate her.

She really prays their hatred for her won’t cause trouble in her marriage with their brother.

“Thank you Elias, you are the best” Iris raised her head as she heard Diana speak to James as they walked downstairs

“You should stop him from eating chocolate if possible don’t bring any home” He said

“I won’t” she said, “thanks again”

“Diana I brought….” She cut in. “I don’t need them”

“You didn’t even let her finish what she has to say” Elias said

“I know she got me Barbie house” she said and turn to Draco before her brother force her to accept them.

“Draco let’s go play in my room I think you will like the air better it isn’t contaminated like this place” She eyed Iris making it obvious she referring to her

“I don’t think the twin will ever like me” Iris said sadly as soon as they were gone

“Hey don’t talk like that it’s my fault I spoilt them I should have raised them better” He said cuddling her

“It’s been four years now but they still hate me…. My relationship with them is hopeless.”She cried.


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