Episode 11

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“The records?” He asked and she nodded. “Why do you want the hospital records?” He asked.

“You must have heard rumors about my fiancee eloping,” she said. “I’m sorry about that,” he apologised.

“Don’t be, I’ll find him and kll the bch that dared to seduce him,” she threatened. He gulped and thought, ‘I would elope too if I were him.’

UNFORSEEN LOVE : EPISODE 11 – 20. Thingscouplesdo

“What has the hospital records have to do with this?” He asked. “I am sure that the bîtch is from this hospital. It’s either a doctor or a nurse, I want to know the females doctor and nurses that were not on duty when my fiancee went missing” she explained.

“I thought you said he eloped,” he said. “It’s the same thing,” she replied.

He chuckle and said, “I’m sorry miss…” He trailed off as he tries to remember her name.

“Drake,” after observing he was confused. “We can’t just show our records to anyone especially, Strangers” he said emphasizing on the word strangers.

She scoffed, ” excuse me chief, I am no stranger, my fiancee is one of the best in this hospital, and there is a possibility he eloped with some b?tch. I want those records now,” she ordered.

He wondered how Elias coped with her, if only that boy had taken his advice he would not be in this situation.

“If you refuse to show me the records, I will burn this hospital to ashes” she threatened. He should not underestimate her, “I’ll give you the records,” he said.

“Good, that bch is so d.ead,” she muttered

He wanted to scold Elias for eloping and not manly enough to end things with her, but now there’s no need for that. He understood why he eloped.

After checking for few minutes she stood up and gave him two names, “I need their address,” she said more like an order.

A nurse was not on duty that day, and a doctor went on leave.



Romina looked tired as she drag her feet upstairs, she saw no sign of nanny Gloria and didn’t bother to look for her.

She wasn’t feeling tired due to work but cause of the message from the unknown. “You startled me!” Nanny Gloria freaked as she bumped into Romina, she was coming from Nikita’s room.

“Sorry, I just wanted to check on mom before going to bed,” she said. “Aren’t you going to eat dinner before sleeping?” She asked.

“I will,” she replies dryly. “Are you alright? You look happy this morning and now, you look lost. Did something happen at work?” She asked worriedly.

“Just a lot to do at work,” she replied. “You should get some rest,” her Nanny suggested.

“I will, when I have less problems,” she said. “When will the new doctor resume, your mom looks worse. Doctor Nathan has not been visiting either,” she said, sounding worried.

How could she have forgotten, she sent a text message to Dr. Nathan telling him about his break. She thought Elias would resume work as soon as possible, but she can’t convince him to calm down let alone tell him his mission.

“I’ll call him,” she said and nanny Gloria nodded, she was about to walk past her when she called her. “Nanny,” she called.

“Please bring my food to my room, twice normal,” she said and her nanny gave her the look that says, ‘when did you start eating so much?’

“I didn’t have lunch,” she was quick to add. “Okay,” that was all her nanny said before leaving.

A sigh left her mouth as she walked into her mother’s room, she stood by the door as she watched her breath with the help of machines.

Tubes fixed to her body, she looked more like a corpse. “I am going to kll whoever did this to us, not a single person will be spared that’s why I need your help mom, I need you to wake up so you can tell me the monster who did this,” she said still standing by the door.

She went to her room and had her bath, her meal was on the table by the time he was done. She wore a simple short gown and took the food to the secret room.

Elias was dressed in a blue ahort sleeves t-shirt, three of his buttons was lose stylishly showing his abs.

Romina could not help but drool at his cool abs, why was he wearing that ugly suit? She would not believe his profession is a doctor if the circumstances around them were different.

He looked like a hero in those indians movie. Romina was brought back to consciousness when he helped her close her mouth, with his finger.

‘When did he get here? He was standing far away minutes ago,’ she thought as she started into his eyes. If it weren’t for the tray in her hand, their body would be touching.

“I see you…. checked the… wardrobe,” she stuttered and he nodded slowly. It was a good thing she didn’t get rid of her dads things in the room.

“It… looks… umm… good on you,” she stuttered with no idea of what she said. ‘It’s working,’ he thought victoriously.

“You like it?” He asked and she nodded. “Don’t you think it will be more perfect if I’m standing by an ocean? With the winds blowing my hair, the water splashing on my body,” he said what came to his mind. He didn’t care if it’s correct or not, as long as Romina is lost in the fantasy world he created.

“I will have to leave this room for you to have that view,” he whispered and she felt her throat dried, she was out of words. Butterflies were hosting a party in her stomach, that was the first time she will be feeling that.

“Don’t you agree?” He leaned closer, his hot breath fanning her earlobe. He walked to stand behind her, his hand on her shoulder.

“I’m sure you agree,” he said and turned to open the door, his hands was on the knob about to open it when he felt something push him.

Before he could comprehend, he was lying on the floor groaning in pain. “I can’t believe I almost bought that,” with that being said Romina locked the door.

“How the heck did you do that?” He asked still groaning on the floor. “When I was in middle school I got bullied a lot,” she dropped the key on the table with the tray.

“My dad made me train with robots so I could h!t my bvllies. I grew up with the mindset of a robot, I detect danger easily. But man! You are good, I almost fell for it,” she clapped her hands.

“It’s just confirmed,” he said standing but with his hands on his lower back. “You have a crush on me,” he concluded.

“A what? Hey! I told you to stop dreaming didn’t I? I have nothing called feelings for you,” she said.

“You were drooling, stuttering, out of words. It’s confirmed you love me!” he shouted.

“You didn’t have lunch did you?” She asked. “Yeah,” he replied sitting on the bed.

“Now I see why you keep saying gibberish,” she said sitting on the chair beside the table.

“What do you want from me?” He asked with a frown. “Your skill,” she answered.

“My skill? What do you mean by that?” He inquired. “I kidnapped you to save a life, that’s all you need to know for the meantime. You should eat something,” she said taking the spoon.

“Am not going to eat that until you tell me why am here or when I’m leaving,” he said with a stubborn pout.

“Good, I will enjoy this food all by myself then,” she said and start devouring the food. He kept swallowing saliva as he watched her eat, his hunger increased in five folds but he is so determine so he didn’t move.

Romina was to hungry to persuade him so she just enjoyed the meal, she was about to take another spoon when she felt a hand on her’s.

She raised her head to see Elias glaring at her or was it at the food. “Are you really going to finish it?” He asked.

“Yes, you are not hungry, are you?” She asked and he took the spoon from her. “Don’t be selfish, you kidnapped me it’s your responsibility to feed me,” he said and carried the tray.

He sat on the bed and are the food, Romina joined him. “We have only one spoon which means we will have to eat turn in turn ,” she said and took the spoon from him.

She ate and gave him the spoon, “why are you staring like that?” She questioned the way he was staring at her.

“We just kssed indirectly,” he blurted and she coughed the food in her mouth, littering the floor. “You are such a pe.rvert,” she said.

“Am I?” He asked moving closer to her.


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