Episode 6

By : Kebby NG Media Services

Romina stood by the door with her hands folded below her bbs, it seems like she’s in a deep thought. She sighed as she walked towards the bed and gently took a sit at the edge.

She stared at Elias sleeping face with a sad smile, she knows what she did was wrong, but it is what she needs to do.

Elias moved his head sideways, more like he’s struggling to pull himself out of the deep slumber. Romina isn’t surprised he’s struggling to wake up, he was given midazolam injection, it’s used for surgeries. It’s normal if he’s struggling to wake up, he moved again and squeezed his face in discomfort.

‘He will be hungry when he wakes up,’ she thought and stood up. She walked out of the secret room which was formerly a nursery, it led to her parents room which is now her mom’s ward.

Her father turned it to a secret room when she was fifteen, it was obvious then that they have no plan of having another child.

His father stays there when he’s having problems, either with the company or family. He once told her that his company is successful thanks to the time he spent in that room.

If he could see what she’s doing with that room now he would be mad at her, maybe not that mad, she’s trying to save her mother anyway.

“Romina,” nanny Gloria called as she stepped down the stairs. “Yes nanny,” she answered. “Are you alright?” Nanny Gloria asked.

‘Am I acting suspicious?’ She thought. Her nanny is so sensitive, she wouldn’t be surprised if she foresee what she’s up to.

“Am fine,” she replied walking past her. One of the numerous things she learnt from keeping secrets is, *don’t keep eye contact when you are nervous*, her Nanny might just see through her like an open book.

“Are you sure or…,” she trailed off which made Romina more nervous. She hates being kept in suspense.

“Or what?” She asked turning around with a forced smile which made her cheeks hurt. “Are you worried about you mom? Don’t beat yourself up, she will be fine,” her nanny assured and she felt like the heaviest load has just been lifted from her shoulder.

“I’m a bit worried,” she admit taking a sit on a chair at the dining table. “It’s expected, especially now that doctor Nathan can’t help,” she said joining her.

“I am more worried about her because of Niel,” she said. “What has he done this time?” Nanny Gloria asked.

“He threatened to burn the company,” she blunted which earned a gasp from Nanny Gloria. “He what?!” She shouted.

Romina shrugged pulling an empty glass cup closer, she tossed it on the table as if doing that gives her peace of mind.

“What did you do?” Nanny Gloria asked. “Nothing, there was nothing I could have done. It would be considered an empty threat,” she stated.

“I thought he cared about the company, why would he want it burn to ashes?” Nanny Gloria wondered. “He doesn’t care, he’s just after the money. Which is why I can not let him have anything that belongs to dad,” she said.

There was a brief silence which drifted Romina’s mind to Elias, she stopped tossing the cup and turned to her Nanny.

“Speaking of Niel is making me hungry, since I can not devour him I should eat something healthy, don’t you agree?” She asked. “I totally agree,” Nanny Gloria replied.

“You prepared something, right?” She asked. Nanny Gloria nodded and stood up, she took the cup Romina was playing with and disappeared into the kitchen.

‘Phew,’ she breathed out in relief. “That was close,” she mumbled to herself.

Minutes later she walked out of the kitchen with a tray of food, she dropped it on the table and wanted to take the plate out of the tray when Romina stopped her. “I’m going to eat in my room,” she said.

Nanny Gloria furrowed her brows for a minute, “why your room?” She queried. “I have some work to do and I feel like… umm..” She scratch her head as she couldn’t think of any reasonable excuse.

Nanny Gloria decided to bail her out, “I understand,” she said and Romina smiled. “I’ll leave now,” she excused herself and carried the food to the secret room.

Elias was already awake when she entered, he was sited on the bed, with the way he stared around one could tell he’s confused.

“You are awake,” Romina said dropping the tray on the only table in the room. “Who are you and what am I doing here?” He questioned.

“You are in my house and I brought you here on a mission,” she answered. He was still confused, he slowly got out of bed and realized he was wearing a suit, a wedding suit.

“Aren’t I suppose to be getting married?” He asked staring at his suit. “Yeah, I guess,” she shrugged. “What am I doing here?” He asked staring at the room strangely.

“You are in my house,” she replied. “I don’t know you, how can I be in your house?” He asked. “You don’t remember?” She asked. “Remember what?” He replied.

“How should I explain this?” She mumbled as she feast on her lower lip. “Explain what?” Elias asked walking closer to her.

“Your wedding must be over by now,” she blunted. “Why….” He couldn’t complete his sentence when he felt his head getting bigger and heavier, he held it as he hissed in pain.

Romina noticed this and rush towards him and asked with concern, “Are you alright?”

He didn’t respond as he remembered everything that happened.


One Hour Ago

“Congratulation sir,” he greeted and he replied with a smile. “You must be so excited,” he added.

“I am more than excited,” he replied. The guy chuckle and Elias found it strange but decided to ignore him, he’s too happy to play detective.

He walked out of the mansion with the guy behind him, “are you ready sir?” Another strange guy asked and he finally queried. “Who are you?” He asked.

“I will be driving you to the church,” the guy he met outside answered. “You will be driving me?” He asked pointing at him. “Yes sir,” he answered.

“I have never seen you,” he said. “Yes, miss drake hired me today,” he explained and Elias nodded despite his uneasiness.

While he was interrogating the guy who claimed to be his driver, the other guy was drawing some liquid into a syringe. “. Let’s go,” Elias said and gestured at the car.

The driver opened the car door for him to get in, but he couldnot get in as he was injected with a syringe by the other guy. He passed out and fell into the car after an inaudible groan.

The driver guy pushed him in properly before closing the door, ” we should call ma’am,” the first guy said and the other agreed.

He dialed a number and on the third ring the person picked up, “it’s done,” he informed. “Bring him to the mansion,” the person replied and cut the call.



“I was k!dnapped! I was f*cking k!dnapped on my own wedding day!” He shouted. Luckily, the room is sound proofed, if not for that Romina will be in trouble because the noise will draw her attention.

“Yeah that’s what happened,” Romina said. Elias walked towards her and held her hand with a weak smile. “Thank you for saving me, my happiness knows no bound. I’m really grateful, thank you so much,” he appreciated.

Romina stared at him as if he had gone banana, why is he thanking her? Does he think she saved him? How funny!

“Ma’am can I borrow your cell phone, I have to call my fiancee. She must be so worried, my siblings too,” he said and Romina stared in disbelief.

With the way he is behaving it’s more like he lost part of his memory or he isn’t mentally stable. Is Dr Natgan playing some stupid games on her? She is going to kill him if this doctor is not competent.

“Don’t you understand me?” He asked jolting her out of her thought. “Dr Elias, right?” She asked.

“Yes, have we met before? Is that what you saved me?” He asked and she found him funny but held herself from laughing.

“I think you are mistaken, I didn’t..”. He intereupted, “I know you have a lot of questions and explanations but save it for


“That’s not it, I actually..”. He interrupted again, “I am quite popular I admit and I have a lot of fans but I really need to call my fiancee or family please ma’am,” he pleaded.

“I am not ma’am,” she corrected. “Miss, whatever you are called, just let me speak to my family,” he implored. “Before you do I have something to tell you,” she said.

“Don’t worry, you will be reward for saving my life,” he assured and she rolled her eyes as if he’s that wealthy.


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