Episode 7

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“I’m not after your money,” Romina snapped. “I know you don’t want my money but please let…” He paused to observe her expression. “Did you just say you don’t want my money?” He asked in disbelief.

“Yes you heard me, I didn’t save you because of your money,” she replied.”If it wasn’t because of money then, why did you save me?” He asked.

“I didn’t save you,” she repeated. “I know you are angry because you went through lots of trouble while saving me, don’t worry I will give you whatever you want,” he promised.

“Whatever I want?” She asked and immediately he echoed yes! without giving it a second thought. “Just name it and it will be yours,” he said. “Are you sure you will give whatever it is I request?” She asked and he nodded.

“What if I want you?” She asked. “You can have… What?” He freaked and raise his head to have eye contact with her. Is she kidding him? How can she request for him? “I think that is a misunderstanding, I should have added whatever I can, I will try my possible best to give you all you want as far as I have it, so don’t ask for things I can’t give or don’t have,” he said breathing heavily.

” Humph,” she scoffed. “You were blabbering as if the world is your footstool,” she scoffed. “I am not going back on my word, just ask for something else that isn’t me,” he said.

“What if it’s you I want and not something else? won’t you give me? But you just promised to give me anything I want,” she pouted sadly. “I know, but ma’am don’t you think it’s absurd to have me as a reward?” He asked and she chuckles.

“You look cute, it makes me want to have you more,” she said sitting at the edge of the bed. Is she serious? Who could she be? Why does she want him? Is she by chance a p$ycho? Lots of questions ran through Elias’s mind as he watched Romina stare at him. She is giving him a creepy stare which makes him want to run.

“Do you seriously want me? But what are you going to do with me?” He asked confused. “Whatever pleases me,” she replied.

He sighed, right now he is convinced that Romina is a psychopath. How can she say she wants him? He stared at his suit, and wondered how Iris is taking the news.

She is going to be frustrated because her groom is missing on the day of the wedding. What if she thinks he eloped? Iris is so insecure about her feelings.

The twins, those two must be sad too. They are probably picking a fight with Iris blaming her for everything, they are just too stubborn that he wonders if they are siblings. He has to get home as fast as he can before things get out of hand, but first, he should call them.

“Hey,” he said. “Hey? We aren’t friends or anything and you are speaking informally. Was your brain removed on your way here?” She asked and his jaw dropped. How could she just abuse him? She told him not to call her ma’am, and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

“Ma’am,” he called. “I’m not ma’am” she corrected. “What do you want to be call lady!?” He snapped so loud and his anger was obvious.

“Romina that’s my name,” she introduced herself. ” Nice Romina, aren’t I still speaking informally?” He asks. “Yeah, but it sounds better,” she replied.

“I just want to call my family, please let me do that,” he begged her. “I can’t let you do that,” she replied. “Why not?” He queried. “Because we are not done here yet,” she replied.

‘She is a p$ycho’ he concluded. “What exactly do you want from me?” He asked. “Good question which answer isn’t ready to be given,” she replied with a smirk.

“Is this a game to you? Did you save me just to stare at me, I know I am that handsome but I really need to leave. My family is going to be worried,” he said frustratedly.

“I don’t remember saying I saved you,” She blurted. “Pardon,” he furrowed his brows. “You kept on talking about it and I had to get you to reality, I never said I saved you,” she stated.

“If you didn’t save me then, what am I doing…. It can’t be,” he gasped. “Did you kidnap me?” He asked. “Smart thinking, you are faster than I thought,” she said.

“You k!dnapped me? That’s absurd, you don’t look like a k!dnapper,” he said. “Yeah, I don’t dress like one. I don’t need a mask because I have nothing to hide from my victims,” she replied.

“Wow! So good, an amazing speech, if I didn’t know better I would say you k!dnapped me,” he said and she frowned. ‘He is a psychopath, since when are people like him allowed to treat people and get married?’ She wondered.

“You seriously think I’m joking?” She asked and he nodded. “Good, let’s joke all day. Your food is on the table, eat it when you feel hungry,” she says and stood up. She smiled at him and wanted to walk away when he held her arm.

“Are you leaving? Where are you going? Why are you asking me to eat? When we should be contacting my family,” he rushed his words.

“A k!dnapper doesn’t allow victims to talk to their family unless it’s important, in your case it isn’t you might just rat me out,” she concluded.

“Why do you keep calling yourself a k!dnapper? You don’t look like one… You can’t be the ¢riminal,” he scoffed. “¢riminals don’t have specific looks, do they?” She asked.

“I have just been k!dnapped by a lady!” He shouted and h!t his bvm on the floor. Romina just stared, ‘he is a drama king,’ she thought as they stared at each other.



Iris’s eyes were showing different emotions, but none of it was pleasant. She was still in her wedding dress, sited on the couch in her house.

It was hard for her mother to convince her to go home, she wanted to wait, and she believed her fiancee will come back. He was not missing just late, he isn’t going to abandon her.

She stared into space as thousands of thoughts ran through her head, could he have eloped? With who? His siblings, are they hiding him? Those two are dvil’s apprentices, she isn’t going to overlook that.

What could have happened to him? Or is this a test of love? Does he want to check how much she loves and is willing to wait for him? That is still rational, could he be in the hospital?

“Ahhhggg!!!” Iris yells frustratedly. She can’t think of anything useful, it all sounds impossible to her. She brought out her phone from her purse and reread their messages, maybe he could have given a clue about today but she missed it.

Hot tears pricked her eyes as she saw her last five messages as read but no reply, if he read her messages why didn’t he reply.

Could he have eloped? She is going to kill him if that is true, how dare he make her look like an id!ot.

“Iris have some water,” her mother said giving her a glass of water. She ignored her and folded her arms below her bbs, “are you okay?” Her mother asked sitting on a couch close to her.

“I’m not! I’m fking not okay, you don’t expect me to be okay after what Elias did,” she snapped. “Iris we should not jump to conclusions yet, we don’t know the whole truth,” she said.

“No mom, I know enough to figure out that he eloped,” she blurted. ” Don’t say that, something bad could have happened,” Nina said.

“Elias never loved me, I was the only one ¢razy about him. He was not excited about the wedding, we hardly go on dates and his siblings hate me. That is enough evidence to prove his infidelity,” she stated.

Nina knew she was hurt and that was why she said all those words, “Iris you should get some rest,” Nina suggested. “I can’t sleep mom, I’m supposed to be at my wedding with Elias but I am stuck in our house, in my wedding gown because my hubby went missing.

Why did he choose today of all day?
He could have disappeared tomorrow or next month, why did he choose to Abaddon me!?! Why me?!!” She cried.

” Calm down Iris, stop spewing gibberish!” Nina scolded. “Don’t Tell me to calm down mom, because I can’t! I have to find Elias and I will do whatever it takes to find him even if it involves turning this city upside down,” she said. ” What?!” Nina’s eyes widened.

“And I know just one place to find him,” she said getting up. “Where do you plan on searching?” Nina asked anxiously, her daughter isn’t herself.


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