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“She is sleeping in my room,” Elias informed Zoey after Romina put the twins to bed.

“Why?” Zoey questioned. “Because she is pregnant,” he blurted and Romina attempted to cover his mouth but he already let the car out of the bag.

“Are you keeping secrets for me?” Zoey asked Romina who bowed her head out of guilt. “Because I am a robot? But this robot is your best friend.”

“I just found out today, trust me you would be the first person I would inform if I had known earlier,” Romina said.


“Who is responsible?” Zoey asked and Romina turned to Elias who smiled.

“You are the father?” Zoey asked looking surprised. “Yeah, and I am ready to take responsibility,” Elias replied with his arm around her.

“Oh,” Zoey mouthed. “Thanks for your understanding, we will love to go to bed now if you will excuse us,” Elias said and Romina slipped out of his grip.

“I can’t go to bed yet,” she said and Elias frowned. “Why? Don’t you want to sleep in the same room with me?” He asked slightly hurt.

“I will sleep in your room, but there is some stuff need to take care of,” she replied.

“Can I help?” He asked and Romina smiled. “You can’t, I will join you soon,” she assured and held Zoey’s hand.

Elias watched them until they were in their room, he sighed and went to his room.

“Zoey, I need you to hack RGC, I want to know what Neil is up to,” she ordered and Zoey connected to Romina’s laptop.

She sent the data to her laptop, Romina went through everything and tightened her grip.

“How dare he?” She growled lowly. “Neil has been embezzling money, he is going to ruin the company at this rate and he is doing everything per your mom’s order,” Zoey informed Romina though Romina already knew.

“Mom would never order him to do such, that is a lie. I am going to stop him,” she uttered and started typing on her laptop.

“How are you going to do that?” Zoey asked. “I will but the company shares,” she replied.

“Where will you get the money?” Zoey inquired. “You are going to hack Neil’s account and send all his money to my account, we will buy the shares under a false identity with that,” she answered with a smirk.

She is prepared to go to war with Neil, she is going to bring him down. Iris would be nothing without him, no one deserves her mercy anyway.

“But he is going to find out,” Zoey reminded. “He won’t, you are going to hack his phone before the transaction. The only way for him to find out is to visit a bank which I doubt he will do anytime soon,” she stated.

“Okay,” Zoey nodded and started hacking his account, after ten minutes she was done with everything.

She created a hole in his account, whenever he sends money there it will automatically be transferred to Romina’s account.

“It is untraceable,” Zoey assured. “Thanks, one more thing,” Romina said.

“I will gladly do it,” she replied. “You are going to have the secret CCTV in the mansion, I need to know what Neil is doing to mom,” she smiled.



Neil and Iris were still in the company at that hour of the night, Iris was still trying to wrap her head around the fact that she was betrayed.

While Neil was working his ass off to get rid of the traces, evidence could point at him as the thief of the missing money.

“What going on in your mind?” Neil asked as he noticed Iris was staring into space

“Romina,” she replied. “Why are you thinking about her?” He inquired.

Iris busted into laughter and Neil wondered if he said something wrong, she laughed for a few minutes before looking serious.

“Don’t you remember how scary she looked? She looked like she was going to chop off our heads, aren’t you scared of her? Not even a little?” Iris asked.

“Romina bluff a lot, she isn’t going to do anything trust me,” he assured.

“We can’t be too sure, we still need to be prepared. What is your plan? You haven’t said a thing,” she reminded.

“We are going to take everything from her, everything she loves will crumble and disappear. Start with this company, her mom, the mansion, even her pathetic baby, we will take everything from her,” he smirked evilly.

“Good, we should do it slowly so the pain will be unbearable,” she added with an anger-filled eye.

“That’s my girl,” Neil smirked.

In the same company, Steve was waiting for Neil to leave so that he can follow him. He wants to bring him down now more than ever after he saw Romina earlier he knew he had to set his feelings aside and do her best to help her.

He sighed frustratedly as he checked his watch for the hundredth time, he was getting pissed.

He wondered what Neil was up to but whatever it is he assumed it can’t be good since he has never done something good.

About twenty minutes later Neil walked out of his office with Iris beside him, Steve followed and gently got into his car.

“You are going down soon you son of the d’vil,” he uttered in rage as he watched him open the door for Iris before going to the other side.

Steve scoffed, “I had no idea the d’vil knew how to be r®mantic.”

Steve followed quietly and unnoticed, Neil dropped Iris at her house before heading to his house.

Speaking of traces, he remembered there Is someone who needs to be eliminated.

Steve was nervous as he followed Neil, there were fewer cars in that area and that scared him.

The thought of it being a trap crossed his mind, but he waved it off. He was smarter than Neil, he was extra careful when he realized it was almost the two of them.

Neil parked his car and Steve couldn’t help but opened his mouth in awe, the house was breathtaking.

“Where did he get the money?” Steve asked no one as he watched him get into the house.

He wanted to follow but the thought of Niel ambushing him crossed his mind so he stayed back

He determined to leave after thirty minutes if Neil didn’t come out.

While in the house Neil met Jerry preparing dinner, he sang as he stir whatever it was he was cooking

“You finally decide to visit,” he said as he turned to Neil, he heard him walk in.

“I have been busy and you look good,” Neil smiled and gestured at him.

“I have been having fun, staying indoors is not all that bad,” he replied and Neil smirked.

“Will you love to leave tonight?” Neil asked walking closer.

“You are pulling my legs,” Jerry said finding him hard to believe.

“No, I can get you out of here tonight,” he uttered with confidence.

“You can?” Jerry asked and he nodded. “That is good, I will get my things,” he said and made to leave but Neil stopped him.

“Too bad, you won’t be able to do that. You won’t be able to get your bad nor eat this delicious-looking food,” Neil stated and click his tongue in pity.

“Why? Are we in a hurry?” Jerry asked oblivion of Neil’s plan for him.

“Yes, we are,” Neil replied. “Okay, I will just take this off then,” he said removing the apron.

Neil brought out a gun and pointed it at him, Jerry turned around to find death smiling at him.

“Put that away Neil,” Jerry said frightfully. “Don’t be scared it is going to be fine,” he said and sh®t him.



Neil woke up with a smile the next morning, nothing felt more satisfying than the fact that no one knows his secret anymore.

He went downstairs and met Mrs. Zaragoza drinking tea. “Good morning son,” Mrs. Zaragoza greeted.

“Morning mom,” he replied and went to peck her hair. He turned around and met nanny Gloria setting the table.

“Make me a cup of tea, Gloria,” he ordered and nanny Gloria had the urge to snap at him but for Mrs. Zaragoza’s sake, she fake a smile at him.

Mrs. Zaragoza switched the TV channel to the news.

A lady stood in front of the camera in the same neighborhood Neil dropped Jerry’s body and reported.

*A body was found here yesterday night, it is the same man who was reported weeks ago to be responsible for Mrs. Zaragoza’s disappearance*

Nanny Gloria gave Neil whose expression was neutral the cup of tea and he sipped from it.

“Isn’t that the same guy that was with you when I woke up?” Mrs. Zaragoza asked and Neil’s heart skipped a beat while nanny Gloria looked at him suspiciously.


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  1. I learnt not to pay evil with evil and to be patient also to be careful of friends
    My favourite scene was where they(Romina and Elias) stylishly kissed during the process of feeding each other with the excuse of having one spoon and also when they had sex and where the twins would always throw insult at iris also when the twins insulted neil and my worst scene is where the idiot(neil) killed nikita and zoey
    My favourite characters are The Twins,Romina,Elias,Zoey,Nanny Gloria,Nikita,Nicole,Nina and steve while the worst are neil,iris and jerry. Morever jerry got what he deserves and iris was supposed to die too.
    The only reason why i read this story to the end was because i couldn’t wait for neil’s downfall.
    I would act as Diana or Romina.
    The ending was okay even though it is not that favourable because i was’nt expecting neil to go to jail after what happened in the first place, i was expecting him to be thrown stone to death because who knows he might escape in the future.

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