WORLDS APART: Episode 1-10

?Worlds Apart?

?Hidden identity?

Episode 2

Are you mad the girl screamed angrily coming out of her car.

I could predict she’s my age mate, and I could see the resemblance between us and seems she noticed it too.

Why do you look like me she asked coming towards me.

I don’t know I said holding my bicycle to.

Oh so you have mouth to tell me that huh, do you even know who you are talking to she asked Rudely.

Am really sorry miss for hitting you car, it was not intentional it was a mistake.

Just shut that thing you call mouth, you this poor thing, you di.sgust me I wonder how am being able to talk to you b@stard she said and walked angrily to her car and drove off.

I smiled out tears, the problem is that I can’t fight back even if I fight back who would support me am always to blame.

I cleaned my tears and entered my bicycle, and rode back, I really needed to be back early.

Why are you coming late my madam asked coming out angrily.

Am sorry ma I got into an accident .

Yes you always get into accident, do you know how many customers I had missed just because of your foolishness and stupidity, everything about you is badluck, I would have listened to those people who said I should not employ you but I was just having pity on a useless girl.

But ma am really sorry I said crying.

Just shut up you this useless girl you are a b@stard that was why your parents left you in the dustbin to rot away she said.

Yes am badluck I said crying, you don’t have to remind me about that I just wanna die and leave this misrable life.

Just get the h.ell out of my restaurant she said.

What about my pay i asked and she threw some cash at me .

I hurriedly picked them up even though they aren’t enough at least it can sustain me today because tonight am ending my life, I would kill myself and everything would end.

Mabel pov

I cu.rsed angrily, I hate talking to those people from the slums how much they dis.gust me I hate them .

Welcome back honey my mom said and kssed my cheek .

Why are you frowning you face, you know princess always smiles my dad said.

Well I met a poor girl and she hit my car with her useless bicycle give it a scratch I said

Am sorry sweetheart but am sure it’s a mistake and stop calling other’s poor and disgusting my mom said .

Well that’s always mom with her useless sermon I wonder why she gave birth to me because we are too different people.

I don’t care mom they have their own world I have mine hope you get it and stop comparing us together you are making me sick I said and stormed to my room angrily ignoring her calls .

I looked at my room it was just the way I left it before I went to study outsides the states but now am back, I so much missed Danny.

I looked at myself in the mirror I got those killer shape but that girl that looks likes me got more, I really hope we don’t cross paths again because she’s not gonna be lucky.

I str!p 0ff my cl0thes as I entered the bathtub so cool, just then my phone rang .

I quickly picked it up as I saw the caller, my exicement knew no bound.

Danny I called immidiately I picked the call.

Hey baby he said in those dreamy voice .

Babe I really missed you I said smiling to myself.

Why don’t we switch to vide0 call I really wanna see you he said.

I immediately Change to vide0 call, s*xy he said as he fixed his eyes on my b0dy .

Love what you see I asked with a smirk.

Yeah of course I wanna fk you hard until you scr.eamed my name for the whole world to hear he said.

Well am all yours .

Ok get dressed am gonna pick you up he said and cut the call.

I hurriedly took my bath I can’t wait for him to be here, am gonna give him all the styles I have learnt so far I really missed him.

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