WORLDS APART: Episode 1-10

?Worlds Apart?

?Unknown identity?

Episode 9

Please don’t touch me I said crying bitterly.

You know your cry won’t move me one bit he said and puffed out smoke from his cigrate.

Derrick please how much do you need I would give you any amount you call I said crying.

All I want us you Rosa, don’t think I would stop after you left me for that btch, because I was poor, but guess what, am now stinkly rich, isn’t it money you had always wanted, well I would be able to give it to you now I said.

Derrick please am not interested I said sobbing.

Do I look like I care, well you can go for today, but don’t try any nonsense, I have my guards, they are watching yo, your husband and your daughter 24 hours so don’t mess with me. Now get out of here he screamed angrily at me and I ran away.

Next morning

Jayden’s Pov

I tried calling Mara yesterday, but her line wasn’t going, I wonder what was wrong but no worries, I would see her in school today.

I quickly dressed up for school, I can’t wait to see her.

Hi bro Danny said immediately I came out from my car.

Danny you came early today I asked shocked.

Yeah I had to dispose some trash he said smiling.

Morning Mabel said smiling.

Hmm why are you being nice today, the last time we checked, you forgot me immediately you started dating Danny I said.

Am sorry best friend I would make it up to you she said and I smiled.

Jayden meet you later, I have somewhere to go with my babe Danny said smiling.

I knew it I said, uhmn have you seen Mara today I asked and their face changed.

Yeah she’s over there Mabel said pointing to the dustbin with a smirk on her face.

What I said and rushed to the dustbin, some students were gathered there, some were taking photos.

I looked and it was Mara lying in her own pool of blood lifeless.

You b@stard I cu.rsed as I hurriedly rushed to the front and carried her into my car and drove cr@zily to the hospital.

Hours later

Doctor how is she I asked scared.

Well she’s fine now, you are lucky you brought her early or we would have lost her he said.

Can I see her now I asked.

Yeah sure you can he said and walked away. Mara I called as I entered the room and she smiled weakly at me.

Am sorry I left you they almost killed you I said angrily.

Come on Jayden am perfectly fine now you have nothing to worry about she said.

I kssed her cheek, I would be back let me go get you lunch I said.

Ok fine but please don’t take too long she said.

Ok I said and entered my car and rushed back to school, I burst into Danny’s office and he and Mabel were kssing immediately they saw me they pulled apart.

You b@stard I screamed and punched him on his l!ps and he spat bl.00d immediately.

How dare you come into my office to shout at me he screamed angrily at me, but before he could complete it, I kicked him so hard and a fight started between us, I could see students watching from outside, but no one dare stop us.

What’s going on here the principal said and we broke apart.

You and this pr0$titute you call girlfriend would pay for this I said angrily.

Jayden you calling me a pr0$titute I thought you were my best friend, we had been friends since our childhood days right.

I don’t give a fk about that, this isn’t the girl I knew as my friend, trust me when I say am done with you guys being my friends I said.

Since when did we turn enemies, I thought we were best of friends we never had a fight before, but immidiately that girl came into the picture we were always having one disagreement or the other Danny said.

I don’t give a fk about what you say am done being friends with a heartless m0nster like you I screamed angrily and walked away.

Fk this d@mn car as I put on my anger on the steering and started driving recklessly, I wonder why I was so mad am so pissed off right now

Do you want to kill yourself a man screamed at me from his car and i regain consciousness.

I rode to a spot and parked I really needed to clear my head.

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