WORLDS APART: Episode 1-10

?Worlds Apart?

?Hidden identity?

Episode 3

Mara’s Pov

I checked the sky it was already dark, now time to end my life, I looked at my house one last time before coming out.

I walked towards the bridge and sat down I thought about my life, am gonna end it now .

I stood beside the bridge, I ate the last sandwich with me at least I won’t die with empty stomach.

I closed my eyes and jumped in but a hand pulled me back.

Jayden’s Pov

I rode on my car as I washed both side am really bored my girlfriend Alivira refused coming tonight.

I decided to go to the bridge to receive some fresh air, just then I saw a girl about jumping inside the bridge, Holly Molly I ran to where she was before I caught her.

She held on to me tightly .

Do you wanna kill yourself I screamed at her.

Am sorry she said crying.

I brought out my phone and pointed the torch on her face and behold it was her, the delivery girl.

You! Both of us said together.

Am really sorry for all the inconvinces thanks for saving my life am indeed grateful she said and tried going but i dragged her back.

You don’t have to go I wonder why a pretty girl like you wanna kill yourself I said.

You don’t know what I have gone through I said crying.

Well that doesn’t warrant you to kill yourself and you even look like someone I know I said remembering Mabel but you look hot and have those killer shapes I said and she smiled shyly.

My phone rang and it was Danny, just wait for me here I would be back I said and walked away.

? Hi bro I said and picked the call.

?Jayden sup he said.

? Am fine bro I hope you are back now I said.

? Yeah am off to Mandy’s place, you wanna join.

?Oh am sorry I can’t do that, I have someone to take care if I said.

?Oh I see he said in a teasing manner and I smiled she’s pretty right he said.

I smiled Danny knows me more than myself

?Yeah bro she gat that shape that can make every guy go cr@zy I said.

? cool enjoy yourself bro am off bye see you at school tomorrow he said and cut the call.

I smiled as I remembered her, the delivery girl, she must tell me why she wanna kill herself.

I walked to my car but I couldn’t find her anymore I thought I told her to wait here.

How could I have been so careless, what if she tries to kill herself am not gonna forgive myself.

I entered my car and drove back home.

Next morning

I woke up when the rays of the sun found their way into my room .

I opened my eyes slowly and it caught someone standing there.

Alivira I said and jumped up from bed and hugged her .

Babe am dying let go of me she said cutely.

Oh God I missed you, why didn’t you come last night I asked kssing her cheeks.

Well I was busy but I had to make it up to you this morning so am here.

You are just so cute I said and kssed her cheeks but thank goodness you didn’t come yesterday I saved someone’s life.

Really whose that she asked.

A girl a very beautiful one for that matter she got those killer shape I said.

More than me she asked in a sober face.

Yeah but it’s you I love you don’t have to worry I said, but before I came back she already left ..

She’s a poor thing she said putting on a disgusting face.

Yeah a delivery girl I said.

What a delivery girl, I know you hugged her so disgusting you should have just let her die she said shocking me.

What I should have left her to die, you are really unbelievable, I can’t believe am dating a m0nster.

So you are now calling me names because of her, if you get any close to her again I swear we are breaking up she said.

And what are you still waiting for its over btch I said it’s over between us don’t ever come to my house again, get out I screamed angrily at her and she ran out.

I must look for that girl today am no longer going to school it seems she needs my help am coming for you.

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