15 DAYS WITH MR ARROGANT: Episode 1-10

? 15 Days With
Mr Arrogant ??

Episode 9

Day 8
Desha’s POV
I smiled as Sasha left the house with Theo staring at me

OK now

Sweetheart!I called walking towards him

Desha what do you want? He asked standing up and I smirked walking closer to him I ran my fingers on his b.are che$t

Believe me when I saw Theo is hot

Like very hot!

Desha?he called removing my hands

Watch out!!! Cockroach!!I yelled suddenly as I watched him ran behind me

Save me!!! Its coming to me!! I yelled again hugging him as I shut my eyes

Suddenly I burst into laughter falling on the couch

Wait!! Did you just play a trick on me?? He yelled in anger as I laughed even more

That’s what couples do”I replied still laughing as he hissed walking to his room

I smirked and stood up walking also towards to his room

Your sister will love seeing us together not knowing you are doomed”I mumbled smiling

Theodora’s POV

I lay down on my bed in frustration as I thought about the trick she played on me

How did she knows I disgust cockroach a lot?


Sasha where on earth did you find this clumsy girl

The door opened and she walked in

Okay now another trouble!!

I watched her as she sit on my bed smiling mischievously

So much courage!!

What? I asked staring at her

Hmm!! I love your bed……. My sweetheart’s bed”she said falling on the bed with her arms spread

Do you love it? I asked now smiling at my naughty thoughts

Ya… Seems like I will sleep here while you sleep on the couch….. Its siesta time’she said and I nodded

If she has the mind to dare me then what happen now??

Let’s do what what couples do”I said smirking as she widened her eyes in surprise


What what did you said? She asked

Let’s do what couples do! I said again smiling as I lick my lips enjoying the scared look on her face

Am out of here”she snapped standing up

Not yet daring!! I said

And before she could talk I placed my lips on hers

Kssing her!!

But then she pushed me away and stare at me

And that when I realize it

I kssed clumsy Desha!!


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