15 DAYS WITH MR ARROGANT: Episode 1-10

? 15 Days With
Mr Arrogant ??

Episode 3
Day 3

Sasha’s POV
“Brother when are you showing me your girlfriend? I asked chewing my hamburg while he let out a soft cough

“Sooner”He answered not sparing me a glance

I want that waitress to be your girlfriend what do you think? I asked facing him

Stop it Sasha and eat! He said in anger and I nodded sadly facing my snacks but I already lost my appetite

Forget the fact that am 8years old I know more of my age and sometimes i do wish I have grown not just 8years but maybe 18

I know my brother more than any other person and I feel so attached to him……. Him not having a girlfriend was my major problem

I want someone to call “in-law” as daddy use to call brother Xender’s wife and I know my brother fall in love easily and get hurt easily…… He is going to date this waitress and that’s final!!

I don’t know why I suddenly Like her which was quite unlike me but whatever it is I want it to grow into loving her

Theodore’s POV
I pace around the room in frustration…. That’s the question I had been avoiding….. That’s the reason I hardly spend time with her

She speaks more of her age…… Now that she’s obsessed to the waitress she will stop at nothing to make her my girlfriend

G©sh?!! Why now? I mumbled rubbing my forehead as I tried controlling my anger

Laying down on my bed with my eyes closed all I could think was Sasha saying

“I want the waitress to be your girlfriend what do you think? I recalled

G©sh that word “girlfriend” have a very effect on me

How can I date a lady I barely know nor feel for? But if I didn’t date her am losing her again cause she would avoid me totally

” That girl am sure gonna kill her one day”

Day 3?
I yawned tiredly as I blinked my eyes with the feeling of something new

My phone rang and it was my mistress at work…. Jerking off the bed I rush and grab the phone which I dropped on the couch last night

“Good mornrning ma”I greeted

Morning Desha…. Come over to work place now its urgent”

To be continued

Sasha oo ??

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