15 DAYS WITH MR ARROGANT: Episode 1-10

? 15 Days With
Mr Arrogant ??

Episode 7

Day 7

Desha’s POV
I bit my lower lips in frustration as I stood up and carefully walked to my bed

How dare him?

I walked to the bathroom and changed my dress

Sasha isn’t yet back from school

I tiptoad to Theo’s room and peeped,, he was sitting on his bed and was on call…..I quickly shut the door enough for him to look up

I locked the door from outside and walked away with the key

I will make sure he stay indoor all day

That’s my payback!

Desha open this door!! he yelled from inside as I chuckled

“You need some rest sweetheart,, you look all worked up lately so please sleep as much as you can!I yelled back smiling

You local…… he couldn’t complete it as I heard a voice from downstairs

Aww daring got to go seems like Sasha is back”I said walking downstairs

And don’t forget to catch some sleep”I yelled again and I heard him hit his foot on the door

Aunt!Sasha yell hugging me

And who said Sasha isn’t nice?
She is just pissed up by Theo’s behavior

Seriously Theo doesn’t deserve sasha as a sister….

You are back?I sled pecking her ass she nodded sitting down

Where is big brother?I saw his car outside! she asked and I ran my fingers trough my hair

Uhmm he was becoming nosy so I pet him to sleep he really needs it but don’t worry he will be awake sooner”I replied her smiling

Thanks for taking care of my brother for me though its your first day and I believe you two are getting along cause my brother fall in love easily….I don’t know why he’s being a d**c lately”

Yeah we are getting along he’s so sweet… come on go and take your bath and come back for lunch”I said and she nodded raining upstairs while I smiled seeing the key in my palms

He fall in love easily”

Hmm…..grumpy fellow like him doesn’t even deserve love

I smiled and walked back to my room

Theodora’s POV

(3hours later)

I sat on my bed in anger as I thought of what to do with that Desha of a girl

How dare her lock me up?

I wonder what she told Sasha down there cause am sure she will ask her about me

I tip my foot continuously as I thought of what to do with her

Yes! Tomorrow morning

I texted Sam to get me my spare keys early tomorrow morning

Now let’s see what happens next Desha darling”

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