15 DAYS WITH MR ARROGANT: Episode 1-10

? 15 Days With
Mr Arrogant ??

Episode 8

Day 8
Desha’s POV
I woke up and stretched my body as I wonder the look on Theo’s face

I walked to the bathroom and too my bath, brush my teeth and wrapped the towel on my body.

I walked out of the bathroom dripping with water

I stood stunned as I saw Theo laying on my bed with a smirk on his face


How did he come out?

And what is he doing here?

Oh no he has a spare keys!!

And is here for payback!!

God!! I thought as I bit my lower lips

W…… Wh…… What… What are you doing here? I died surprisly stammering

What’s wrong I came to see my darling? He said as he start eye rapping me making me uncomfortable

Don’t stare at me like that and if you won’t mind please leave my room I want to put on my clothes”I said walking to the closet

What’s wrong in seeing my darling’s body? He said smirking as goosebumps ran my vein

Turning to stare at him in anger but stopped when I saw him walking closer to me

I held my towel tight as I started shivering when he stood very close to me

Never know you are scared” he said in mockery as he turned and walked out shutting the door behind

I sighed

That fool!! Mr Grumpy Theo”I mumbled putting on my clothes

Theodora’s POV

I smiled mischievously as I recall the look on her face..

She’s pretty and had a hot body too

Big!! My sister’s tiny voice interrupted me

Hey? Have your breakfast already?

Yeah am off to school”She replied standing up as I watched her clean her mouth and carry her bag

Let me drive you? I said not wanting to stay at home and face Desha again because I don’t really have business to attend

I need some break

Su…… Sasha was about saying when someone cut her short

Sweetheart I will be lonely if you leave”I turned to meet the dev1l herself smirking

This btch!

Why can’t she let me be!!

Must she get on my nerves?

O God please”

Yes bro stay with her”Sasha said smiling


No but… Don’t worry about me the driver will take me to school”

And with that she left leaving me and the dev1l herself who won’t let go of the smirk on her face

God!! What now?

Why can’t this girl let me be?

Did I offend her?

Now am even scared in my own house!

Sasha its your fault!!


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