A DECEPTIVE HEART : Episode 11 – The End




“Yes? You wanted something?” Diane asked as she came out of the room dressed in a nice jeans with a crop top.

Alfred was SHOCKED, he didn’t know that his so called wife was so pretty but he shifted his gaze from her and acted like he was looking at something else.

He finally reply her, “yeah, I got a call from Andy today and he said he was coming in to spend a few days with us to give feedback to mom who wanted to come herself”.

”Fine then, you can go pick him up cause I’ll be busy at work and I’m not sure I’ll be allowed out” Diane responded.

“Yes, that was what I wanted to talk about, can you please stop work or better still ask for some time off? I don’t want him thinking I can’t provide for you and…”

Diane cut in,” so what do you expect me to do huh? Stay at home all day staring at the ceiling or thinking about this marriage which has ruined my life or thinking of lies to tell my mom and your mom when ever they ask after you?!” A tear dropped from her eye but she wiped it and continued. ”I’m trying to be firm with you so please let me be okay!” Then she walked out.

Alfred felt really hurt, it wasn’t as though he loved being that way with her but holding to the fact that he never loved her at first he didn’t bother but now it seemed to bother him for hurting her, he has started growing feelings for her. He sat on his favorite couch with a glass of liquor thinking about Diane and all the pains he had caused her which made him feel remorse but he didn’t know what to do so he agreed to talk about it to Andy when he came over.

Alfred slept off on the couch still dressed in his office attire. Diane came out of her room to refill her jug with water when she saw him laying there. She really felt for him to see him in that position because of the love she had for him. She went closer to remove his shoes and suit when he turned making Diane fall on the couch and he on top of her. He opened his eyes and stared into hers, he came very close to her that she could feel his breath but his phone rang disrupting the atmosphere. Diane got up and told him to change into something comfortable and left.

Alfred checked his phone to see it was Celestina calling, he was so furious and shouted at her.


He woke up early the next morning and made breakfast for himself and kept some for Diane then left for wor. She dressed up and came out to see breakfast laid out on the table. She felt special wanted to settle down to eat but then received a call from her director that they needed to be ready by 8a.m on dot as special guests were coming over. She hurried over the food though she had a little quantity and then left.

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