A DECEPTIVE HEART : Episode 11 – The End




Alfred, Andy, Diane and Isodora had a wonderful time together. They all drove home in Alfred’s car after the day outing. Diane and Isadora were seated at the back side while Andy sat by his friend. They were playing music and talking about other things.

Isadora decided to use the opportunity to engaged Diane in a conversation.

”So did you enjoy today?”

Diane smiled and replied, ”well, it wasn’t that bad as I thought it’d be and Alfred didn’t act harshly”.

”Is that all?” Dora asked.

Diane replied, “how do you mean?”

Dora continued, “haven’t you noticed the way your husband stared at you all through the outing? I guess his behaviour towards you has totally changed, he seems to be in love and willing to make amends for his wrongs. I know you love him a lot and will do anything to make him love you in return even though it’s not as much as you do and that I believe will develop with time”.

“Hmmmmmm, Diane sighed as she looked away, she knew Dora was right after all.

They got home and retired to their rooms to freshen up for the movie night they planned to have. Isadora and Andy were really good friends and will make good couples as well, their voices could be heard as they were laughing from being tickled by each other.

Andy and Isadora freshened up and came out to wait for Diane and Alfred to come join.

Diane went into the bathroom quite sad and troubled, she was confused because she didn’t know what to feel, do or think anymore about her marriage. She loves Alfred but can’t tolerate him anymore. She just felt so down and frustrated.

She was in the bath tub full of foamy water for a while because she was enjoying the cold water as it was giving some comfort.

Alfred changed and sat on the bed waiting for her to come out but she wasn’t, he was hearing the sound of water. Worried that she has stayed beyond the necessary time, he went over to the bathroom door to knock but it opened rather as she didn’t shut the door properly.

He got in and saw her with tears. As soon as Diane saw him, she quickly wiped them off and told him she would be out soon.

Alfred excused himself and left. He leaned on the wall feeling so bad and worried as to why Diane was crying. He knew he caused those tears to drop and he really regretted treating an innocence soul who has done nothing but love him so bad. He didn’t realize when tears dropped from his eyes but he immediately wiped it when he heard the bathroom door opened.

Diane saw quick enough to see him wiping his eyes but was not sure if he was actually crying or scratching his eyes.

In order to be sure, she asked him if he had been waiting for long and he responded yes. His voice sounded cracked and she knew he has also been crying.

She went closer to him and said ”you can go now but be fast so we can join our quests. They must be out already”.

They both left the room few minutes later to join others. As soon as they got out,

Dora teased them saying, “so you both couldn’t wait till night before you started having fun? Forgetting that we are here” They all laughed except for Diane who only gave a broad smile.

They ordered some snacks and beverages to go along with it as they sat to watch a movie. It was a romantic film and they all enjoyed it. Though it reminded Diane of her lonely marriage but all the same she acted along.

As soon as the movie ended she yawned, stood up wishing a good night to them and went into the room. She sat down on the bed looking around the room like it was something new then stood beside the curtain.

Alfred walked into the room and saw her standing beside the curtain, he walked up to her and held her closely from behind. He whispered into her ears,

“I’m sorry”.

Diane turned back to look at him, ”so how is that supposed to help me Alfred? She asked in tears, ever since we got married all you’ve done was caused me pain. I never married you for your money but because you were the first guy I actually fell in love with especially when I saw you treated the women in your family nicely showing them much care. I thought I would also get those treats when your mum and friend told me you were in love with me but you turned to be a wolf in a sheep’s clothing disguising yourself to become who you are not really is.”

Alfred held her to stop her from walking away after saying her bit he was feeling so remorseful for how he had been treating her, he also decided expressed himself.

“I know I’ve never treated you the way you should be treated as my wife and that was because I never loved you from the on set. Before I met you I was a flirt, a Playboy what ever you decide to term it. Just as Andy had rightly said, I was only good in making choices concerning clothes and business related matters and not noticing good people or choosing them. The idea of the marriage and me loving as you were told before were the work of my mum and Andy because my mum really wanted me to settle down so I could stop flirting about. I only agreed to marry you just to make my mum happy and not because I really wanted to. I decided we come abroad because I didn’t want to be committed to the marriage and so my mum, your mum and others won’t see me going about it other ladies, I thought you were useless and a burden to me but I was so wrong, I was so so wrong. I later discovered you are a very strong, caring, loving and beautiful lady who was ready to love me and make me the happiest man. I realized how wrong I have been when a saw you drifting away gradually from me when you got your new job. Am really sorry Diane. You mean a lot to me now and I don’t want to lose you to any man. This is why I got rid of every relationship I had outside our marriage so I can be committed to our marital vows and love you as I ought to. I’m willing and eager to change if only you give me a chance, I love you so much. Please allow me to make up for all the wrongs I have caused you.

Diane with eyes full of tears was short of words and just hugged him whispered, “You are forgiven”.

He was so happy to hear that and hugged more tighter. They remained in that position for a while and were about to kiss when a call interrupted them.

He was about to explain the reason for the call to her but she smiled and said ”don’t worry go handle your business Mr Peters”.

He kissed her goodnight and went to work on his laptop. She laid on the bed happily replaying the event of the day in her head over and over again.

Alfred though not fully concentrating on the work, tried to work as fast as he could so he could join his wife on bed who have occupied his heart and filled his thoughts since morning. He hurried through the work and went to join his wife but when he got to the bed she was already fast asleep. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her cheeks then laid to also sleep.

Diane woke up in his arms while he was still asleep, she stared at him for a while and smiled. He opened his eyes and smiled back at her.

She laughed and freed herself from his grip and asked, ”so you’ve been awake all these time huh?”

He got up and chased her around the room, he finally caught up with her and kissed her neck as one of his hands found her b–b. He carried her on the bed kissing her all over just when he about undressing her, she remembered Bella her friend said she was coming over. She pushed him off her and arranged her nightie properly. He smiled and asked her “are you shy or me or our quest?”

She said nothing but only smiled.

“Then we will have to spend some quality time together at night” he said staring deeply into her eyes.

She smiled mischievously and made a puppy face. She told him to go get ready for work and also informed him that Bella her friend would be coming over.

She got up and picked out a cloth for him on his request before they both went to take their bath.

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