A DECEPTIVE HEART : Episode 11 – The End




Diane got to work and settled down and later arranged the tables for their guests and told the waiters and other staffs orders she received and what was to be made. Everyone set to work Immediately.

It was 1’o clock in the afternoon that the guests they were expecting finally arrived. She was shocked to see Alfred among them, she felt nervous for a minute as they both locked eyes. She directed them to the table reserved for them. Alfred instead of sitting down stood behind her while she was showing them the Menu her hair flew over her face and he helped her move it back. She just looked at him and walked out without a word. She gave their orders to the waitress who served them the food.

Michael came downstairs and started a conversation with Diane and she seems to be enjoying the conversation as she was just blushing.

Alfred saw how is wife was enjoying the conversation with a male worker and felt uncomfortable. In order to disrupt them, he called Daine been the receptionist to come over and take another order for them but Michael replied, sorry, she’s busy sir, I’ll get you a waiter to take your order.”

Diane couldn’t help but smiled when she saw how angry and jealous Alfred was after Michael told him she was busy, told Michael that Alfred was her husband and that she is suspecting he was beginning to like her as there was no way he’d try to disrupt their conversation if he was not bothered about it.

Michael was shocked to hear that. “He looked like a gentleman and appeared nice too so why was he behaving the way he is behaving?” He asked

Daine only smiled and made a face at him.

“Hmmmmm, I guess that’s a discussion for later right?” Michael said as he smiled at Diane and excused himself.

While the meeting was going on, Alfred received a call from Andy that he was at the airport so he hurriedly end the meeting so he wouldn’t keep his friend waiting for long. After the meeting, while everyone else was leaving, he walked to Diane’s counter and told her Andy had arrived with his girl and he was going to pick them up. Diane only smiled and said that was good.

He pleaded with her to follow him but she refused giving excuses with her work.

This made Alfred angry. “I guess the man you were flirting with is your boss so you can ask him for permission” he said with anger written in his voice.

Diane scoffed and said, “flirting? Oh don’t make me bring up your dirty lining here Alfred, let’s just go before I change my mind, my boss is already aware”.

She walked in front of him leaving the awe struck Alfred behind. He didn’t realize she had become so firm to talk back to him and hold her pain in.

They agreed while on the way to the airport to act like a living couple at the airport and through out the stay of the guests to avoid creating any scene in front of them.

Andy was so happy to see them looking good, he hugged them both as they welcomed him and so did his girlfriend. He introduced his girlfriend to them as Isadora and they all exchanged pleasantries. They then got into the car and drove home.

As soon as they got home, Diane received a call to be back at the office as her attention was needed so she excused herself and left.

Andy was surprised that she had to leave without attending to them so he asked Alfred where she was headed.

Alfred at that point had he opened up to his best friend on all that has transpired between them.

Andy was so infuriated at him and Isadora too. “How could you do such to your newly wedded wife without empathy?” Isadora asked him. You’re very lucky your wife is a good and well brought up lady, some women in her shoes would have paid you back in your own coins just to tarnish your reputation. Thank your star she didn’t even report you to your mum or hers. You brought this on yourself so you got to fix it,” she concluded.

Alfred agreed to fix up things with Diane and make his marriage work, he asked for their help on how to go about it.

They suggested he get rid of what ever he had with his new girlfriend and any other lady outside and he agreed to it.

Before Daine returned from work, Alfred had prepared dinner for her and moved her belongings to his room, he arranged them so beautifully making it look a little bit feminine too. It made the room smelled good too so she might want to stay there.

He waited patiently for her to come back home to see her reaction to everything he did.

Diane was so exhausted after work, when she got home, she just went straight to her room but didn’t see her clothes so she went to Alfred’s room to inquire and was surprised to see the room looking that pretty.

She stepped in and saw Alfred was seated on the bed. He showed her the wardrobe and where her belongings were before she even asked him.

“Why will you move my stuff here without my permission? Moreover, didn’t you say we she have our separate rooms or is this part of the pretense game as well?” she asked faking anger.

Daine, am sorry for whatever I might have said or done in the past, please forgive me. I must say this is no game because I have opened up on how I made our marriage not to work but I want you to stay in my room for real.”

Diane acted like she wasn’t bothered about what he did or just said but deep down she was really happy and wished Andy would stay longer so she could get closer to her husband even if it was an act but little did she knew her husband was in love with her already.

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